Unity Developers and How They Influnce the IT Industry

In modern society, a large number of people likes to spend a lot of time playing video games. The video game industry has conquered many hearts of completely different age categories, from children and teenagers, to their parents and the elderly. And it does not matter, whether it’s classics like Diablo, for example, or modern games with a multi-million dollar budget. Everything started with the simplest, by modern standards, eight-bit games at the end of 1950th. However, after half a century, the visual component of video games has changed so much that it can compete with animation and feature films. Now there are many different game engines with the help of which games are written, such as Unity, CryEngine, Unreal Engine 4, Phaser, etc. Unity is considered one of the best game engines. Therefore, many game developers, large and small, are looking for Unity developers for hire.

How Many Games Are Launched Today?

There is an Internet resource MobyGames, dedicated to the cataloging of computer games of the past and the present century. The resource has a database with all existing games that have been released since the 1950s. At the moment, MobyGames contains information about, more than 82.5 thousand games. And this number, certainly, grows, especially thanks to modern technologies of video games creation. For example, according to the tweet @Steam_Spy, in January 2018, on Steam were released 7,672 games during the year 2017. However, MobyGames data does not include many video games that were created by amateurs, students and other non-professionals. Nevertheless, the number of more or less professionally designed games is impressive.

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Popularity of Unity Developers

Unity, as the game engine was introduced to the world back in 2005. Initially, it served to create games only for Mac. However, gradually, year after year, new opportunities for other platforms were added. So in 2018 Unity became a cross-platform. Unity provides an opportunity for Unity game developers to create games for platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, different game consoles, and for many others. With the help of Unity, thousands of video games have already been created, since this game engine has many features for game developers and its functionality is constantly updated. Taking into account the popularity of Unity, it’s no wonder that every high-quality Unity developer is well estimated in the modern gaming industry.

The Cost of Unity Developers in Different Countries

Creating games with Unity is a costly affair. However, there are options for saving and preserving quality. Unity developer hourly rate in different countrie based on monthly salary. According to the PayScale resource, the annual Unity developer salary in the USA is in the range between $35,000- $118,000. The average salary of Unity developer in the US is $83,000 per year. According to Neevoo, the average annual Unity 3D programmers in Canada is about $78,000. The annual salary in the UK varies between $40,000-72,000. Among Europe, Unity developer will earn in the range of $35,000-70,000. The annual Unity developer salary in Ukraine is about $25,000 as average.

unity developer salary in different countries

Benefits You Will Achieve Hiring Unity Developer from Ukraine

Many companies around the world have long noticed the potential of Ukraine as an IT service provider. Many Ukrainian companies provide high-quality services for software developers, interfaces, video games, etc. This will also save you a lot of funds. For example, hiring remote Unity developer from Ukraine, instead of Canadian programmers, American, or other European, you will save from 30% up to 80% of annual spending on developers.

What Unity 3D Developers Are Supposed to Know

Unity game development is the creation of new worlds. Some games are developed based on our, the human laws of physics, but there are also many games with alternative universes.

Therefore, each Unity 3D developer must know and be able to work with the:

  • basic movements of the character
  • functions
  • different events
  • data persistence
  • scriptable objects
  • network integration
  • object pooling
  • algorithms

There is also a list of basic skills required from Unity developer. First, you need to be able to program in C#, since Unity is working with this language. Also, you need to have the skills to work with Unity version 4 or version 5. Well, of course, the big advantage is the experience in gaming development.

Interview with the Unity Developer

To give you more information about Unity App Development we have asked our Unity Developer – Maxim, tell us more about this language, its benefits, and opportunities.

Tell us more about Unity. In which situations it’s a better choice for development?

Unity developerUnity is the cross-platform game engine. It provides many important built-in features such as graphics rendering and physics calculating.


Unity is the good choice when project:

  • Being developed for various platforms
  • Has complex 2D/3D graphics
  • Must simulate realistic physics
  • Developed by the team consisting of different specialists: programmers, artists, game designers

Through of built-in graphics, physics, and many useful tools that are common for most of the projects, developers mustn’t spend time on implementing many common features and can focus on the development of more specific aspects of the application/game. Unity is extremely friendly for the small teams so startup projects have a lot of advantages to choosing this engine. Unity has handy licensing and can be used for free during all the development.

What is the best choice of programming language for Unity?

Unity developerUnity Engine supports 3 programming languages: C#, Javascript and less popular Boo language, which is similar to the Python. As always, programming language choice depends on the project goals. Javascript is handy for small projects with simple features that don’t require multithreading and working with the file system. Javascript is suitable for beginners who just started exploring Unity and has no much experience in programming. However, when the project requires high-performance optimization or complex system architecture, C# is the better choice, especially for mobile platforms.

Which Unity feature do you enjoy?

Unity developerIn my opinion, the most powerful Unity’s feature is support of the cross-platform building. Cross-platform building allows to develop the single project in Unity and port it for various platforms: Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation, Xbox and many other operating systems – including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – with relatively small changes. Another useful Unity development feature is the Editor extending. Unity is represented by a user-friendly IDE with the comfortable interface. But it doesn’t cover all specific needs of the certain project. However, in this case, developers can create his own IDE interface extensions to configure project parameters easier. This is also very handy for non-programmers that work on the project.

As a Unity Developer with which difficulties have you faced?

Unity developerThe biggest struggle I had with my first project. It was a racing game running in browsers. At that moment Unity had its own browser plugin that was called Unity Web Player. But after about a year of our development Google Chrome has stopped support of plugins, so we had to port our project to WebGL platform. Unity just started providing it that time so technology was raw and we had to optimize many things because WebGL was using operating memory in a different way.

Should a Unity developer have a Java knowledge for the Android development?

Unity developerUnity doesn’t support Java for programming within it, but Java is important for creating native Android plugins. In general, C# and Java are pretty similar, but if the project requires using advanced Android OS features, Java is necessary to use. Android plugin, written in Java, will be accessed from C# within the Unity project. Unity provides a special API for it – AndroidJNI – which works as a bridge between Unity’s C# code and Android plugin functions.

Can you describe a few Unity Android Plugins?

Unity developerOne of the most commonly used Unity Android plugins in my practice is the AdMob plugin. It is API for using Google advertisement service to display banners and video ads within the game. Showing advertisements is one of the sources of revenue for the developer. AdMob plugin is similar to other networks and provides access to the configurable banners, full-screen advertisements, and videos. Another useful and very common type of plugins – is Android notification plugin. Unlike the iOS, Unity has no straight access to the Android notifications API, so there are various plugins that provide a similar feature to configure and show notifications. Even though this is a simple feature, these plugins save a lot of time for the developer.

Mobilunity Is a Perfect Alternative for Your Unity Project

Mobilunity is a dedicated development teams provider. The company has already become one of the leading providers of web and IT services operating in Ukraine. The staff of Mobilunity consists of highly skilled developers of various specializations, including, also, dedicated Unity developers. The major benefits of collaboration with Mobilunity are relatively lower price, in relation with other countries, and high-quality Unity developers with extensive experience in game development.

If you want modern Unity based game being created exactly for your project – hire a dedicated team of Unity developers from Mobilunity.

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