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With full stack development offering numerous advantages over separate frontend and backend development, such as reduced development times and costs, it is absolutely beneficial for a business to consider full stack JavaScript developers for web application projects. Bringing advantages of full stack development even further, the MEAN stack is a set of technologies that further reduces development times and costs because all the technologies in this stack use one common language: JavaScript.

The four technologies in the MEAN stack are MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js, which fittingly form the acronym MEAN. The image below shows the request-response cycle in a MEAN stack application, which depicts the arrangement of each of the four technologies in the application, as well as the flow of data through the application from the moment a user sends a request to the application, until the moment the user gets a response.

Node JS for web development

Request-response cycle in a MEAN stack application

You may read more about Express.js developers and AngularJS developers in the context of MEAN stack development from our blog. In this article, let’s take a closer look at Node.js, the N in MEAN, and find out what it takes to find an excellent Node MEAN stack developer or hire MEAN stack developers.

Node.js Overview

Released in 2009 by developer Ryan Dahl, Node.js is truly a breakthrough in the world of software engineering. Node.js is a run-time environment that enables JavaScript codes to be executed on the server side, thus allowing the program access to the server’s hardware components like its memory and processor. This is not possible with client-side code execution, to which JavaScript was primarily confined prior to the release of Node JS for web development.

Since JavaScript is the client-side scripting language of all web applications, the ability to run JavaScript on the server side offered invaluable advantages and conveniences to web development. It essentially abolished the wall that divided frontend and backend development, making full stack development a unified experience. In his talk at the 2009 JSConf, a European JavaScript conference where he presented Node.js to the world, creator Ryan Dahl received a standing ovation from his audience of JavaScript developers.

Let’s take a very simple example of a Node.js code:

var myHTTP = require('http');
myHTTP.createServer(function (request, response) {
    response.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});
    response.end('Hello World!');

Running the above code with Node.js will run a simple application on your local server at port 8443, and typing http://localhost:8443 on your web browser will display the text “Hello World!”.

An Ideal Node MEAN Stack Developer

The following are some of the important skills that a good MEAN Node JS developer must have:

Ideal Node JS developer for hire

JavaScript mastery

An excellent MEAN stack Node JS developer should have mastered the JavaScript language, no questions asked. Node.js uses a lot of JavaScript concepts, some of them are advanced ones that even frontend JavaScript developers seldom touch on, such as callbacks, promises, and generators.

Asynchronous programming experience

One of the strengths of Node.js compared to other server-side scripting languages is its support for asynchronous programming, meaning different functions or processes can be run and executed independently, without having to wait for the completion of other processes. This greatly increases the efficiency of an application and makes it able to scale easily to accommodate a large number of users. A Node developer must be able to use this neat feature efficiently to take advantage of its benefits.

Knowledge of frontend basics

Being a Node JS MEAN stack developer entails full stack development, so a good Node MEAN stack developer also has to be comfortable with tweaking HTML and CSS codes, as well as handling the many frontend frameworks like Bootstrap and tools like CSS pre-processors.

Strong database skills

Node JS for web development always entails connecting to some database, so any Node developer must be skilled with database management and querying. Since we’re looking at a MEAN full stack developer, he should undoubtedly be skilled with MongoDB, but knowledge of other database systems will also prove useful.

Finding Node JS Developer For Hire

Now, let’s take a look at the different ways by which you can find your ideal MEAN Node JS developer.

Node MEAN stack developer for your project


There are several freelance portals from which you can hire freelance MEAN stack Node JS developers, such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal. Due to the intense competition among freelancers on these portals, this method can be very cheap. However, it comes with some serious risks. You will have little control over your freelancer, and he can opt out of the project at any time for a variety of reasons, so this method tends to be unreliable. Moreover, time zone differences and language barriers may make communication and collaboration challenging.

Local in-house developers

You can also directly hire Node JS MEAN stack developers from your local market through job posting websites, and they will become your company’s in-house developers. This method gives you full control over your project and developers, and will eliminate problems related to time zone and language differences. However, it can be quite expensive to hire full stack developer, as their rates can be high in many countries. Moreover, you will need to allocate physical resources such as office workstations and computers, as well as pay additional fees like taxes and insurance, further increasing the costs. Also, this often involves long-term contracts, so you can’t simply let your employees go once your project is done.

Outsourcing companies

Another option would be to hire an outsourcing company who will be responsible for the completion of your entire project. This involves explaining the entire project to their business analysts and project managers, who will be the one to assign tasks to their developers. This method takes a big chunk of the workload from you, but can also get quite costly due to additional services like project management and business analysis. Moreover, it leaves you with limited control over your project, and is therefore prone to misunderstandings which can cause delays and further increase costs. Also, as with freelancers, time zone and language differences may be a problem.

Offshore development or dedicated developers for hire

You can also hire a dedicated Node JS developer for hire from an offshoring company. With this method, your remote developer will work for you full-time, but will stay in the offshoring company’s office and use their physical resources. This method tends to be very cheap, as a lot of offshoring companies come from countries with a low cost of living, so their rates can get very low. Moreover, you won’t need to allocate physical resources, and payments for offshoring are all-inclusive, thus you won’t need to pay additional fees for taxes, insurance, software licenses, etc. What’s more, this method gives you full control of your project and developers, and you also have control over your developer selection. In addition, with offshoring, you can easily add or remove developers as your project requires, which makes it easy to scale your projects up or down.

Clearly, offshoring proves to be the most economical and practical method for hiring a Node.js MEAN full stack developer. One drawback of this method is, as with freelancing and outsourcing, is that time zone and language differences may lead to difficulties, so choosing the right country and company to offshore from is very important.

Node JS developers for hire

Hire Node Developer now

Now that we’ve laid down some guidelines on what to look for in a good Node MEAN full stack developer, as well as the best method for hiring one, now’s the time to hire. One excellent option would be Mobilunity, a provider of dedicated developers from Ukraine. We have outstanding developers for all your IT needs, and the good news is that we offer very affordable all-inclusive rates. We are proof that the best developers don’t have to be the most expensive ones. You can easily hire MEAN stack developers in Ukraine without spending a fortune.

CV #1 Middle NodeJS Developer


Overall 3 years of professional experience in Web UI development


  • Languages: JavaScript/TypeScript/EcmaScript 2015-2017, C#, SQL
  • Frameworks: Ember.js, Node.js, Angular 1 & 2, Angular Material/Strap/UI, Aurelia, React/Native/Redux, Vue.Js/VueX, Backbone/Marionette, Knockout/Durandal, Common.js/Require.Js/System.Js/Webpack, Rx.Js, jQuery/jQuery UI, Twitter Bootstrap 3 & 4, Handlebars/Jade, Underscore/Lo-Dash, Ext.Js
  • Databases: MongoDB…


CV #2

CV of a Node JS developer for hire


CV #3

Hire MEAN stack Node JS developer


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