How to Choose the Right Web Development Consulting?

The online presence of the brand directly impacts its reputation on the market in our fast-paced world with the world’s rapid digitalization. Slow, outdated, and not user-friendly websites can put off potential customers and partners, so there is no excuse for an established company to have an unprofessional website. 

Due to the sky-rocketing demand for interactive and complex websites, as well as the rapid development of technologies, many organizations trust their online presence development to web development consulting providers.

In this article, we will discuss what is web development consulting, what to expect from a web development consultant, and how to find a reliable web development consulting firm to work with.

How Web Development Consulting Can Help a Business Thrive?

According to Forbes, nowadays, companies are strongly dependent on their websites’ positive image more than ever before. The high demand for a strong and stylish online presence, as well as up-to-date techy sites, led to the need for web site consulting services. 

Web development consulting services are usually provided by independent consultants/IT consulting firms with vast experience in website design and development, versatile solutions, the latest tech stack, and global trends. Website development consulting services may include all or some web design and development stages depending on the organization’s needs, from strategy planning to front-end and back-end programming.

Well-qualified web consulting experts can help businesses create an original and well-structured website from scratch and pinpoint the weak loops in the existing site. What’s more, they can advise on the next steps vital for enhancing the online presence of the business.

Investing in website consulting can solve a wide range of existing and potential issues related to the successful growth of the company and the brand reputation online. Consulting experts can provide the company with advice on different aspects of website creation and maintenance. 

Here’s why opting for web development consulting can be beneficial for a business:

  • Analyzing your mistakes. Web site development consulting services may include assessing the current performance of a website, analyzing the drawbacks of the sites, and providing solutions for solving them. 
  • Professional assessment of your website performance.  The expert can identify the reason why you don’t have many site visitors, why visitors don’t spend on the site more than 3 seconds, and why your website is not appearing in the top search results. The assessment can be done both from the technical and SEO sides.
  • Helping with website design/redesign. The consultant can both help you to build a brand new site from scratch or rework the existing one. The professional consultant can create new prototypes of your website, redesign or remake the home page or landing page to make it more eye-catchy and trending, and advise on the right technologies/platforms to use. 
  • Guiding on SEO and content strategy.  Web consulting services can also resolve your struggles with SEO audit and content writing to make the site both interesting for site visitors and correct for search engine bots.
  • Provide you with further web development. The consulting services may include not only building the initial web development strategy but also recommendations for further successful performance of the site. 

Website consulting can be helpful for any type of business. Any company from a small startup or a personal brand to a large corporation with an international audience can benefit from working with a qualified and experienced website programming consultant. A website’s success and strong online presence are never accidental – it is always the result of a comprehensive strategy by those who know how the game works.

Web Development Consultant: Skills & Duties

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of web development experts is expected to grow 8% between 2019 to 2029, meeting the demand for mobile-friendly sites and eCommerce solutions in the first place. Yet, each business is different and, thus, may require a specific web programming consultant to meet their needs.

A web development consultant can specialize in some services or complex assistance, may be an expert in one or several fields, but there are some skills that are common for all of the highly skilled experts.

Besides technical skills, a well-versed website development consultant should also have such soft skills as the ability to emphasize, stay focused, and fierce attentiveness to detail. These characteristics help experts to evaluate the business needs correctly and provide first-class consulting that will cater to all the requirements.

Comparing Hourly Rates of Web Development Consulting Experts in Different Countries

Let’s take a look at the hourly rates for website development consulting experts in different countries. The comparison below is based on ZipRecruiter and SalaryExplorer statistics, plus our Recruiting Team research over several local job portals: 

  • USA – $48.6
  • UK – $36.7
  • Germany – $40.8
  • Switzerland – $73.14
  • Ukraine – $40*

*Rates are provided by the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team over local job boards

Given the same level of expertise and experience, Ukrainian web development consultancy experts have much more affordable rates compared to European and American colleagues. This is one of the reasons why many businesses from all over the world tend to choose website development consulting provided by Ukrainian IT consulting firms.

Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Web Consulting Provider

When selecting web services consulting, it’s crucial to take into consideration the following points:

  • Check the skills and expertise of the candidate. It’s more than okay to ask about education, qualifications, certifications, previous working experience, successful projects, etc.
  • Evaluate the portfolio/case studies. A professional-level consultant will always be ready to provide you with resources proving their high expertise and vast experience in the field.
  • Check clients’ feedback. You may even contact past clients to clarify some points regarding the working process and make sure that the selected services provider is trustworthy.
  • Review the online presence of the expert/company. You won’t expect quality work from an organization that has an outdated and buggy website.
  • Discuss the exact consulting services scope you are looking for. Ask about the desired results and how its successful performance will be evaluated, the timeframes, and the budget. If you see that the consultant is trying to provide vague replies or promises everything in a day, it may be better to look for someone more reliable, even if you liked the portfolio. Search for an honest, dedicated, and professional services provider.
  • Communication is key, especially when working remotely. According to Hubspot, a professional consultant should provide frequent and timely updates on the process, whether it’s an assessment or development stage. Thus, before signing in a contract, make sure to agree on the reporting communication means.

FAQ: Choosing a Perfect Website Development Consultant

To sum up, we created a short FAQ section on why it’s important to hire a skilled web development consultant and how to pick the right web consulting firm to cooperate with:

Q: What can a web development consultant bring to my company?

A mistake made by many companies at the start is undervaluing the importance of their website design and functionality. Businesses may have stunning products and exceptional services, but by saving some bucks on the website development, they may waste a lot more money than expected.

A highly experienced web development consultant can become the integral person that will help the company to avoid all basic mistakes (including cluttered content, complicated navigation, inconsistent branding, no website optimization for mobile devices, and more) and provide a beneficial strategy for the website creating and maintenance.

The web development consultant can not only help you plan your website development but assist on every stage from strategy creation to web development and optimization.

Q: How to choose a perfect consultant?

To pick the perfect consultant that will fit your company’s needs, you need to consider a few aspects before signing with any of the web consulting companies out there:

  • Check the qualifications and expertise of the candidate
  • Check their projects and portfolio
  • Check feedback from their clients
  • Check online reviews
  • Check online presence
  • Check if you are on the same wavelength from the start

Q: Why invest in web development consultants?

To pick the perfect consultant that will fit your company’s needs, you need to consider a few aspects before signing with any of the web consulting companies out there:

Hiring a highly qualified website development consultant with vast experience in your field is a beneficial investment that will pay off in the long or not-so-long term. With the help of a web development professional, you can create a user-friendly and eye-catching website that will help you maintain and grow your business, gain more customers, and establish yourself as a strong player on the market.

If you need a complex web development consultation, the best way would be to work with a consulting agency that can provide you with a dedicated team to achieve your business goals. If you are looking for a short-term consultation or specialized solutions, such as web hosting consulting, you may hire a web development consultant skilled in the needed services.

Mobilunity as Your Reliable IT Consulting Services Company

If you are looking for a reputable IT consulting services company, it is worth opting for Mobilunity services. Mobilunity is a Ukrainian IT company that is well-known on the global market for providing excellent software development and website consulting services to businesses worldwide for 10+ years.

When it comes to consulting in web development, our Mobilunity experts know how to meet your business needs and provide high-quality solutions in a timely manner. Dozens of our clients note our dedicated approach and professionalism in web development services. For example, here are some of our web development projects to check out:

A complex website design and development plus a dedicated cross-platform mobile app to get the latest updates about the American football team, upcoming events, and latest match stats.

A catchy and user-friendly design for a NY restaurant that showcases the place and its offering allows online ordering with an interactive menu and highlights upcoming events at the restaurant.

An interactive multilingual site for a cosmetics brand that was designed and developed according to the latest trends, with an emphasis on the animations that highlighted the benefits of the anti-aging series. 

A premium-level project for a car renting business that included a complex vehicle booking system developed from scratch, a blog, and dedicated car pages to showcase the best options offered.

Should you need high-quality eCommerce web consulting or any other industry-specific consultancy, you are welcome to get in touch with Mobilunity representatives today and receive top-notch assistance.

Looking for top-level web development consulting? Get in touch with Mobilunity experts now!

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