What FashionTech Developers Do

With the potential for integration of most technologies like big data, data mining, natural language processing, and others into everyday devices and environment, fashion is not far behind. The use of technology to enhance and sometimes develop fashion trends and practices have been around for some time and have spanned from augmenting current fashion with small things like adding conductive fabrics to immersive shopping experience that tailors purchases to the customer’s mood, health, and convenience.

FashionTech Developers Trade Tools

Technology can be integrated into fashion in various ways. Boutiques and fashion houses have been improving the consumer services, and, as Belisle writes, online shops come with enhanced user experience. Shopping has become more convenient with the support of information drawn from predictive analysis of fashion trends over time. Arthur cites some of the following technologies have been used and developed by fashiontech coders to improve the consumer shopping experience of a number of fashion brands and boutiques.

  • Data mining
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Hastreiter writes, EDITD and the Worth Global Style Network are just some of the companies with programmers for fashiontech that have worked with fashion houses in forecasting fashion trends as well as improving business practices. With technology, shopping has become immersive, convenient, and more tailored to the individual. Fashion brands and boutiques have also become more accessible to a wider consumer market with their consumer-centric approach.

What FashionTech Developers Create

Aside from enhancing consumer shopping experience, fashion has already integrated technology into everyday accessories and tools. Nowadays, there are wearable technology or clothing technology that provides better understanding of the body, some listed in an article by Edwards.

  • Athos line
  • LumoRun
  • Radiate
  • The PoloTech Shirt Ralph Lauren

Technologies fashiontech developers use

Fashiontech developers use algorithms to process data collected from shirts and transmitted through the cloud. Similar to Nike’s electronic self-lacing shoes, as described by Eden, small things that used to be tedious now has become convenient with the technology. Also, with fashiontech, a different perspective of the world can be had through augmented and virtual reality as stated from Fontaine and Jones.

  • Google Tilt Brush for designing clothes in Virtual 3D
  • Superbright with xAd used augmented reality in Fashion Week.
  • Topshop, with Inition, created the virtual shopping experience.

Fashiontech pushes fashion from just being clothes and accessories to tools that can be used better for understanding the individual and the environment.

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Fashion has become one of the many platforms that highlight the advantages of incorporating technology in other industries. However, combining fashion and technology is no easy feat. At its core, Fashiontech projects need developers with vision; developers with the ability to look towards the future and the possibilities that come with it. Mobilunity has dedicated developers that can put this vision to reality. They offer full cycle custom development for their clients and have worked with diverse industries. Mobilunity offers the opportunity for fashion brands, from startups to large companies, to hire fashiontech developers in Ukraine that would be involved in the entire process of developing fashiontech projects as well as the most cost-effective solution to their needs and vision.

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