What is Better to Hire Dedicated Developers in Finland or in Ukraine?

Finland Developers for Hire in the IT Sphere

Finland is a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world and rapidly developing economy, where IT sector is one of the most promising fields. IT outsourcing is also very popular in Finland. Near 70% of Finnish companies provide outsourcing and IT team outstaffing services offering to hire a formed in-house Finland dedicated team, according to Compubase, Helsinki is a heart of IT sector, so the most demanded Finland developers for hire could be found in this city.

Well-known Results of Ukrainian Development

Nevertheless, Ukraine also has many IT talents and great potential to impress the whole world with great innovations and projects. Below is a list of some of global projects the development of which was outsourced to Ukraine. Of course, you have heard or even used some of them and already had an opportunity to personally confirm the professionalism of Ukraine programmers.

  • Smartling (USA) is an innovative product for multi-language translation;
  • Shape app (Germany) that allows flexible displaying of information on different gadgets;
  • Jelastic (USA) is a cloud information database;
  • Currency Cloud (UK) is a system that allows you to make money transactions quickly and easily;
  • T-Bone Apps (USA) contain a set of popular games for Apple gadgets;
  • The famous game World of Tanks (Belarus);
  • Metro 2033 (Malta) which is also a famous Ukrainian game;
  • AdsWizz (Belgium) is an advertising tool that allows using audio instruments.

Cost of Hiring a Finland Dedicated Team vs Ukrainian One

If you want to hire developers in Finland, you should know that an average developer’s salary in this country is $3,700. Our purpose is to compare salaries’ indicators with the same offers in Ukraine, where average programmer’s salary is $2,400.

hire developers in Finland or consider Ukraine

Comparison of net developers’ salaries in Ukraine and Finland

In order to find an answer to a question whether it is profitable to hire developers in Helsinki, look at the next rates. A JavaScript developer wage is evaluated at $3,500 per month. A .Net developer will ask $3,800 for his work on an average. Monthly salary of a PHP developer is approximately $3,200.

find developer in Helsinki checking the comparison of salaries of programmers

Net payments of developers from Kyiv and Helsinki

Let’s compare the expenses of a Helsinki dedicated team with the Ukrainian one. A monthly salary of a JavaScript developer is estimated in $1,700. A PHP developer is able to receive $1,500 per month. A .Net developer earnings can reach $1,900 on an average per month.

Why Should You Hire Dedicated Team in Ukraine

There are several reasons that make our Ukrainian programmers one of the most demanded in the world:

  1. Low rates but services of high quality compared with global IT-countries;
  2. Strong technical education of our programmers;
  3. Popularity of outstaffing services and suitable conditions for it;
  4. Good location of Ukraine in the center of Europe;
  5. The continuing development of innovations in R&D centers.

Is It Profitable To Hire Developers in Finland?

hire developers in Helsinki or choose cost-effective solution in Ukraine

Even if you had a purpose to find developer in Helsinki, don’t make hasty decision. It is possible to notice that hiring Ukrainian developers is not only profitable solution, but also the best one as you can get all-inclusive high-quality services at much lower rate.

Hire Finland dedicated team or get all the benefits of personal outsourcing with Mobilunity!

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