What Is Plugin Development for WordPress

What Are Plugins For WordPress Developers?

Last month we wrote an article  about the best custom WordPress plugin developers in the world, and what exactly qualifies them as the best. This time, we thought that we’d focus on the basics of plugin development for those that are unfamiliar with the topic. Our aim here is to just give a little insight, as to what are plugins and why do we need them from a plugin WordPress developer’s point of view.

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Plugins are ways to extend and add new features to the functionality that already exists in WordPress. They are made to match your specific needs. That’s why there are thousands of them in WordPress, as it’s considered the most popular content management system. WP users prefer WordPress because of the simplicity and quantity of Plugins. Developers in turn create more and more plugins because of the quantity of WP users.

And having more and more custom plugins, that will suit your needs, will lead to the improvement of your  website’s development in general.

Just take a look at this WordPress Plugin Directory that accommodates nearly 1400 pages of plugins. And there are 30 plugins on one page. Do the math. 1,260,000 WordPress Plugins live! 1,260,000, that’s not even considering the plugins in development right now. The figures show that there are more plugin developers than we can even imagine.

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A Few Tips for Creating Your First Plugin. Recommendations From Mobilunity

Mobilunity, as a web development firm, has many advanced developers that work with new solutions every day. We thought it would be nice to share our experience with you, there is also a whole “Writing a Plugin” page on, that you can reference if you need clarification.

WordPress is based on PHP. If you want to create your own plugin, you have to know the language. There are several advantages of being a PHP website developer, but our aim is to create a plugin. So, Why PHP?

  • PHP is the most popular technology for creating websites. Furthermore, it’s the easiest one to learn.
  • PHP refers to back end development, and runs on the server side.

There is another language, you can use to create an even more functional plugin. It is called JavaScript. In our case it is used for better visualization of your plugin. With the help of JavaScript, you can increase the usability of plugins and their speed. That leads to the overall improvement of the load speed of your website.

Another nice technology in plugin development for WordPress is AJAX. It is a set of techniques utilizing many web technologies used on the client-side. The main feature of the technology is that you can work with data without reloading the page. A lot of web developers use this feature in plugin development as it helps to decrease time consumption on changing one or another plugin online. Further you can create beautiful sales page. Give it a try.

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If you don’t want to spend your time on coding or diving deeper into the development of your plugins, sorting out, you can always hire a professional company of web developers Ukraine, like Mobilunity. We have plugin development specialists that work with WordPress everyday.

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