What Is Web Application Testing Checklist

Web Application Testing Checklist. Why Do We Need It?

Quality assurance, as a way of preventing mistakes or defects, can’t be done without a list of what exactly must be checked. It might sound simple, but the truth is – it isn’t. There are plenty of things that must be checked before going live. In other words, every QA expert has to know web application testing checklist, which consists of:

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Browser Compatibility Testing
  3. Performance Testing
  4. Security Testing
  5. Production Monitoring
  6. Usability Testing

You can put this list in any order, the point doesn’t change. All of these items must be checked. Making gap in any of them can lead not only to malware but to the fact, that the consumer of your product won’t be satisfied. In result, you won’t receive profit. Sad Story, but as you see, quality assurance must base on website testing checklist.

Six Main Parts of Website Testing Checklist’s start from the first one. Functional testing. The main aim is to verify that the product or website  meets the intended functional requirements. In this part we need to test the features to ensure that the consumer gets what we want.

There are more than 20 parameters in the list, but we can arrange by groups:

  • Links
  • Forms
  • Cookies
  • Database

Each of the mentioned above groups has up to three testing elements. Just look at names and think how much time it can take to test all of them. And it’s only first of the six parts of website testing checklist.

Testing checklist browserBrowser Compatibility Testing, is important part of testing as you need to check not only all browsers, as you might think according the name. The main accent here is – compatibility, and you need to check whether your product works on all Browsers, Operating systems or hardware. Another important thing here is to check mobile device compatibility. Especially when your main product is web based, as Google looks on this component when locating your website in SERP.

Testing checklist performancePerformance testing. If we are talking about website, as a product, there are three main parameters to check:
– Web Load testing
– Scalability testing
– Stress testing

Here, we need to check servers and the pressure on them under high levels of load. Usually, performance testing is made by automated web application tested tools. But it’s another story.

Testing checklist securitySecurity testing. It’s important part of testing as here you need to do everything to prevent malware. If it wasn’t done properly, you can end up without a website in the best scenario. The least you can do is to check CAPTCHA fields on registration forms. But in practice there is whole niche in QA calling web application penetration testing. You can find a lot of information about it.

Testing checklist productionProduction monitoring. What else do we need to say here? The main component of the testing is user experience. UX is a very comprehensive field of IT, that is not only used in quality assurance. But, don’t forget to check whether your website or design php application is working equally around the globe.


Testing checklist usabilityUsability testing. As for me, it’s the most interesting part of whole web application testing checklist. Here, we are looking at design and appearance of the product. And believe me, it’s first thing that your customers will see and judge. There are more than 15 usability test scenarios. But we can split them on:
– Test for Navigation
– Content checking

Test for navigation is very important on website, so customers can move from page to page with ease. Be sure that they can find instructions when needed. Content checking requires more time, because you need to check spelling errors, styles, frames, fonts, images and sizes. Imagine how much time it can take when you have tons of information.

Do I Need Web Application Testing Tools?

There are a lot of them on the web. There is even a list on Wikipedia. But being in the list, doesn’t mean the professional approach. When approaching the web application testing checklist, remember that almost all of them could be done manually, without any software. Of course, if you have some in your pocket, good for you. But all of them are paid, so if you have one website better to use free software, I mean trial-versions or free web checkers. But, if you wish, here you go a list of popular testing tools:

  • Load Runner
  • Borland Silk Performer
  • Apache Jmeter
  • WAPT
  • Rational Performance Tester

No need to thank. You can find more, which will fill your needs, on the web. And don’t forget that Quality assurance is important part of your business.

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