What Skills Enterprise Developer Should Possess in 2018

During the past one decade or so, a huge surge in the demand of remote developers has substantially increased the remote software developer salary in the marketplace around the world. Many research studies suggest that the increase in the demand of software developers is greatly driven by the increased productivity, reduced development cost, the improved software delivery time and many other desirable factors.

Every enterprise software development company demands for the latest skills and expertise in the modern development methodologies and tools with every passing day for better positioning in the marketplace. Let’s explore some of the major factors related to the enterprise application software development.

Enterprise Developer & Software Development

The enterprise software development commonly referred as enterprise application software (EAS) is a domain of software development with a specific focus on the enterprise solutions software development or the business software development in a large scale corporate environment. EAS development provides a comprehensive software solution to cover all aspects, processes and functions that a large business entity requires to accomplish. A unified enterprise software platform that can integrate different enterprise and business process modules like enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and many others is known as a unified enterprise solution software platform.

All companies don’t work the same way, many enterprise software companies need numerous custom enterprise software solutions to fulfill their business requirements. The enterprise software development industry has gone through numerous changes in the past; and it is also expected to go through many such changes in the near future too, as mentioned below.

Major Changes in the Past 3 Years

Almost every big enterprise app development company has noticed the following major changes during the past few years, especially during the past 3 or 4 years.

Data Analytics

Data analytics has become of the most disruptive change in the enterprise development in the past few years. Every enterprise development company adopts it as the core component of the software development. Every business generates a huge amount of data that needs to be processed for better and data driven business decisions.

Development Agility

Agility in over software development is in the marketplace for quite a few years now; but during the past few years, it has been extensively adopted across the industry. Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery (CD) are a few examples of the same. Small modules of the applications are developed in the shape of sprints and integrated through APIs that provide a huge agility to the development lifecycle.

Fast Release Cycle

Nowadays, every business has become an information-based business, you need to grab the latest information quickly and implement that business information in the shape of fast release of software feature to make your business competitive and successful in the market. The fast release cycle is one of the fundamental components for a better software development nowadays.

enterprise solution software changes

Expected Major Changes in the Future 3 Years

The trends of the changes that took place in a few recent years are going to remain more aggressively in the coming years. If you choose the top 3 major changes that the enterprise software development will undergo in the next 3 years, they are mentioned here:

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence will take over the slow processing of the data analytics, and will take it to new heights in the next few years. The software skills like computer learning, machine learning and big data processing will remain critical in the next few years.

DevOps Development

DevOps development is going to remain for a long in the enterprise software development field. It will be very difficult for an enterprise software company to thrive without aggressive adoption of DevOps development to create a greater competitive edge for the enterprise clients. DevOps based business automation will be the core idea of software development and smooth operations of business processes in the future.

Cloud Computing Platforms

The cloud-based enterprise solutions are the next big thing, which has already started, but will pick up the high speed in the domain of enterprise software design and development in coming years. Many small and medium sized businesses have already switched to the cloud based enterprise software development platforms through public APIs to develop the custom applications and tools that suit their businesses.

Top 5 Reasons Why Enterprise Software Development Is Great

Unlike the old software development methodologies, such as waterfall methodology and the likes in which the code writing, testing, integration and operations would be used in silos and in a hierarchical order. In such conditions, the risk of project failure and the increased cost were two major factors, which would impact the software development directly.

In the modern enterprise software development methodology, many great things have replaced the old loopholes in the enterprise software development process. The present day enterprise software development is really great due to the following reasons:

Implementation of Test Automation

Implementation of Test AutomationIn the modern enterprise software development the testing starts all along with the development of the first line of code or even before that. The modern enterprise software development starts with the creation of tests based upon test driven development TDD or behavior driven development BDD.

By using these automated techniques with the help of different test automation tools, the source code is verified for the work it is meant for. Thus, the automated testing keeps verifying that the code development is going in the right direction from the very first step.

Implementation of Continuous Integration (CI)

Implementation of Continuous Integration (CI) The continuous integration (CI) is another automated process, in which the CI/CD tools are used to consistently monitor and check any new version of the source in the code repository. Once the new version of the code is released, it is automatically downloaded and compiled on the separate machine and then, unit tests and integration tests are performed to make sure that the code produces the expected results.

After sufficient test coverage, the code is deployed to the test server for end-to-end comprehensive automated testing. The complete testing with respect to user criteria is done before sending to production server.

Implementation of Continuous Deployment (CD)

Implementation of Continuous Deployment (CD)The continuous integration and continuous deployment are normally used in combination with the help of one single or more than one automation tools. Once the API tests are completed successfully, the code is automatically sent to the user acceptance test (UAT) server, where the performance testing is implemented. After successful completion of acceptance testing, the code is finally released on the production server.

There are numerous continuous integration and continuous deployment CI/CD tools available in the marketplace for continuous development of enterprise software. A few of examples of CI/CD tools include, TeamCity, BuildBot, Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI and others.

Automated Development Infrastructure

Automated Development InfrastructureThe modern enterprise software development became so great due to the automated development infrastructure based upon the cloud servers and automated infrastructure tools, such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, Dockers and others. You can add a few configurations, and make an automated development infrastructure.

The software code is deployed on a resilient array of servers powered by the configuration tools. If any of the servers develops any error, it is killed and kicked out of the array to maintain the smooth operations of the entire software development and operation process.

Small & Dynamic Teams

Small & Dynamic Teams Working in small and dynamic teams of a few developers, one QA engineer and a product owner is all that a dynamic team of modern enterprise development deploys for a particular task. It is really a great feeling to work with such a dynamic and independent team. Every team member is his own boss and works in a collaborative environment in a single sprint. This makes the enterprise development a great fun.

Top 5 Enterprise Software Development Trends

The rapid CHANGE is the only constant in the domain of information technology, where the trends set and die out very fast. One technology sets the trend, the other changes the way it does. But at the end of the day, the technology maintains new trends consistently. Let’s have a look at the top 5 enterprise software development trends in 2018.

trends of custom enterprise software development

Smart Software Development

The enterprise software is not just the software tools to input the data and get the output reports. The enterprise software is much more than just to handle a business process. The modern software development integrates the artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis, and business trends and many other innovations and ideas. So, the smart software development is one of the major trends to see in 2018.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things (IoT) is another big trend in the modern enterprise development. The IoT is getting big grounds rapidly in all sectors of the businesses. The internet based home automation, security system, industrial automation, aviation and many other sectors are the major contributors to this domain. To cater this demand enterprise development focuses mainly on the internet of things.

Cloud, Cloud and Cloud

It is quite a long time since the cloud is available in the enterprise software marketplace. This trend will become more aggressive as the time passes. All native enterprise development is shifting to the cloud, especially in the large corporations, which have been reluctant to adopt the cloud in the past. The future trend of enterprise development will remain with cloud based services and platforms, such as SaaS, PaaS, FaaS and others.

User Experience Focused Development

The cutthroat competition in the marketplace is continuously forcing the enterprises to focus mainly on the creation of great user experience and customer satisfaction through UX oriented software development. This trend will continue to remain in the enterprise software development. The enterprise software development will mainly focus on the interactive and responsive designs of the software platforms to create great user experience.

Unified Process Automation

Many enterprises have been advocating the business process automation for quite a long time now, but the unified business process automation is the new trend that is getting wider grounds in the domain of enterprise development. The automation in silos is advocated anymore. The unified automation of multiple business processes simultaneously on one unified platform is the new trend in the enterprise software development, where no process or data is isolated from the other departments of the businesses in a company or in a group of partner companies.

Major Responsibilities and Skills of an Ideal Enterprise Software Developer

The major responsibilities and skills of an ideal enterprise software developer are summarized below:

Professional Responsibilities

  • Understanding and assessing the business problems and devising the suitable solutions
  • Assessing and developing the business requirements for the solution
  • Development of enterprise development architecture
  • Selection of right development and configuration tools
  • Defining the patterns of the business processes
  • Understanding the future trends of enterprise development and industry best practices
  • Devising comprehensive business automation architecture to facilitate workflow automation, documentation and business process automation
  • Deeper understanding of multiple enterprise and business processes
  • Understanding of enterprise development regulations and industry trends
  • Interacting closely with the users and converting their requirements into the software solutions
  • Development of user interface and user experience designs into the software solutions

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Technical Skills

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Hibernate
  • Apache Axis
  • Restful APIs
  • SOAP
  • DOM
  • XML
  • Angular JS
  • React JS
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • Python
  • C#
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Business Processes
  • Application Server
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Agile Scrum
  • TDD
  • BDD
  • UX/UI
  • IoT
  • Cloud Computing

Sample CVs of an Enterprise Software Developers

Junior Level Enterprise Developers Resume

The resume of a junior level enterprise developer should possess the following technical skills, professional experience and academic qualifications.
junior enterprise application software development resume


Middle Level Enterprise Developers Resume

The middle level enterprise developer should possess the following technical skills, academic education and profession working experience.

middle enterprise developer resume sample

Senior Level Enterprise Developers Resume

The senior enterprise software developer resume should include the technical skill set, academic education and working experience as described below.

senior enterprise developer resume sample

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