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September 28, 2017 - Olena

Where to Hire BioTech Developers?

Biotechnology is not a new phenomenon, but with the quick pace of information technologies, it acquires quite new features nowadays. Biotechnology is about the implementation of living organisms and biological systems for development of various useful products, as it it is defined in Forbes.

In 2016, the market size of the global biotechnology was estimated at $369 billion and will continue to grow, as Grand View Research reports.

Biotech companies focus mainly on the development of the new techniques and their successful implementation. Biotech developers mainly work in various industries such as pharmaceutics, medicine, biomaterials, military, agriculture, biotech and computing, – as it is explained one website of The National Academies of Science, Engineering, Medicine. This sector usually comprises not only biotechnology companies, but other institutions such as state, educational and institutions funded by government, together they form biotechnology clusters. According to Forbes, the iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF which is the biggest biotech EFT claimed the yearly total return of 15.1%. Mainly, Grand View Research states that nanobiotechnology is the new trend of the industry since 2016.

Specifics of Biotech IT

Since biotech refers to as “biology based on technology”, most of the biotech coders should have knowledge in biology of course. For example, engineers design programming languages that can change the circuits of the simple bacteria, as GEN informs. Another article suggests that upstream technologies boost the development of the following sectors in biotechnology as:

  • data analysis;
  • media optimization;
  • matching hardware and software;
  • pushing cell-density limits;
  • geometric dissimilarities.

Moreover, biotech is about creating new programming languages that are able to work in various biotech machines, as Popular Science informs.

Yet the sector requires knowledge of a number of programming languages, such as C, C++, C#, Java, Perl and Python, as the study revealed. Moreover, biotech coder should be experienced in data collection and analysis, servers and algorithm management, be familiar with HTML/CSS & JavaScript frameworks, Spark and distributed computing, experience of Windows/Unix/Linux.

Sometimes devs are expected to participate in design development and technology improvement processes.

hire biotech developer for your project

The Best Platforms to Look for Biotech Programmers

If you plan to hire biotech developer for biotech company, there is a number of places where you can find them.

  • Freelance platforms such as Upwork,, LifeScience, Job sector in the New-Scientist, BioTech-careers. They offer long lists of names when you type in ‘biotech developer’ in the search field. However, their key drawback is that you will spend much time on your search and eventually you will not be sure that the people you hire have enough experience.
  • Specialized companies that offer outsourcing for biotech programmers. They can offer great dedicated teams of professionals, but you will have to pay huge bills for this service.
  • Outstaffing firms like Mobilunity that will look up for the best candidates for your biotech company according to your hiring requirements.

best platforms to find biotech programmers

Choose the option of hiring dedicated developers for your biotech company at Mobilunity, and you will get the quick and quality outstaffing service with the team of skilled and experienced developers for your biotech project.

Mobilunity biotech devs have a significant international experience, proper knowledge the sphere and will become your best dedicated team.

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