Why Are Software Development Agencies in Demand?

Importance of Development Agencies Nowadays

Software developers have begun to wield incredible influence over business activities and the personal lives of people in every walk of life. The reasons are simple. Software development has had an impact on home life as much as it has proliferated into business activities. Statistics from Statista indicate that there are now over 2.4 billion smartphone users around the world. Everything from iPhone apps for personal entertainment to enterprise apps for resource planning runs on software.

These conditions create a voracious appetite for software by businesses in every conceivable industry. A good app development agency or software development agency can directly change the fortunes of their clients and stakeholders. This is the core driver of today’s insatiable demand for computer programmers and software development agencies.

What Is Meant by Custom Development

Many companies, both large and small, rely on software development agencies to develop custom software, on demand. By “custom software”, we refer to programs that are not sold as part of a mass-market, standard package. These packages, instead, are developed precisely according to the needs and specifications of a single client. This differs from a mass market package such as Oracle database in that the custom package targets just the one client who pays for it.

Examples of Custom Development

Since there are so many different platforms in use by businesses, the need for custom computer programs has exploded. For example, businesses targeting different platforms will demand custom programs of the following kinds:

  • Android – Businesses that want their own mobile apps for clients to use will need custom Android mobile app development. For this use case, they will need to hire development agencies that use Java, Android SDK, and related technologies to develop Android apps.
  • Web applications – These are applications available on the web through web browsers on desktops, laptops or mobile devices. Development agencies use a wide variety of technologies to develop web apps, ranging from ASP.NET to Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Clojure.
  • Systems – Systems range from operating systems to low-level foundational interfaces for hardware. For example, embedded software to run on a robot is one example of a systems program. Systems are typically developed in a low-level language such as C, Rust, or Assembly.

Major Advantages of Working with Custom Software Development Agency

Custom software development can help give your business an edge compared to others in your industry. Typically, businesses turn to this solution for the following pros and advantages:

More Flexibility

More FlexibilityPrograms developed to spec, for the requirements of a single client, can be much more flexible about the functionality of the package. For example, suppose your company needs a web application to handle file storage requirements in your business. A custom software development firm can develop features not available in standard mass-market file storage solutions such as Google Drive, Evernote, or Dropbox.

Easy to Maintain and Support Long Term

Easy to Maintain and Support Long TermMany development agencies will build your programs using open source libraries and tools such as Python, PHP, Java, Django, and others. The advantage is that it makes maintaining the software easier in the long run. With a closed-source software package, however, you are dependent on the vendor for long term support. If the vendor goes under or changes direction, you could be exposed, with an unsupported package.

Own the Intellectual Property

Own the Intellectual PropertyBesides the functionality advantages, custom development also gives you the opportunity to own the intellectual property. This gives you tremendous power which you lack if you just buy a standard mass-market software package. With the rights of intellectual ownership, you can customize the program further in any way you see fit. In addition, you can license the program to others or sell it. You gain ownership over a range of opportunities to monetize the software as you wish. Typically, with a mass market product, these rights only belong to the original developer of the program.

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Pros and Cons of Different Types of Vendors

There are multiple vendors that can help your business with custom program development. Each comes with advantages and disadvantages. The main ones are listed below.

  • Freelancers – Freelancers work individually or as part of your team. While freelancers are often highly experienced developers, the scope of projects and responsibilities they can handle is inherently limited. If you need significant custom software programming help, agencies will be a better fit.
  • Onshore software agencies – These are companies located in offices near to yours, or within the same time zone. The major advantage of onshore agencies is their ability to collaborate with you in real-time so that there is no time lag in communication. A disadvantage is that you have to spend a bit more time on due diligence to find the best onshore software agency.
  • Offshore developers – Offshore developers are typically located in other continents half a world away. An advantage of an offshore custom software company is the ability to find custom development at low prices. A potential disadvantage is that your work rate might be slowed somewhat by working with developers so far away from your location. Time zone differences and communication present sizable challenges.

Benefits of Ukrainian Custom Software Development Solutions

Among the world’s tech centers, Ukraine has emerged as a winner in the realm of custom software and other sophisticated development services. According to the BBC, the country has between 100,000-150,000 software developers and is now at a stage where more product companies are flourishing.

Data from InfoShare shows that Ukraine has the second largest population of developers in Central & Eastern Europe, ahead of other countries such as Hungary, Greece, and Romania. The country has an intense focus on I.T. development, with the industry experiencing an explosive growth phase.

As a result, businesses from all around the world are eager to take advantage of the opportunities for collaboration with Ukrainian developers to create custom computer programs.

Advantages of Custom Software Development Agencies in Ukraine

Ukrainian developers, in particular, offer these important advantages for any business in need of custom software development:

  • Fully remote teams – Working with Ukrainian developers means you hardly need an office for developers anymore. You can move your core staff to a smaller office and save money on rent, with your Ukrainian custom software agency working remotely.
  • Save on salary costs – Salary costs tend to be lower in Ukraine than in Western centers such as Frankfurt, London, or New York. As a result, you can save on talent costs. That extra cash you save can now go to marketing or other core business activities.
  • Highly experienced developers – Ukraine has some of the most skilled and experienced developers the world over. The high-growth Ukrainian tech market has led to a wealth of developers with experience in the major, globally-demanded technologies such as Java, C++, C#, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and many others.
  • Experts at Math and Science – Ukrainian developers tend to be highly educated, with many majoring in math, engineering, and other scientific subjects in their university education. This makes them a fit for working on highly challenging software projects in fields such as A.I., robotics, self-driving cars, and others.

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Benefits of Hiring Custom Software Developers at Mobilunity

Besides these sizable positives, developing with Mobilunity, one of Ukraine’s leading software development agencies, gives you even more, including:

  • Risk-free development – Mobilunity has developed numerous custom software projects from beginning to end. With a track record of success at meeting the demands of clients, you can assure your peace of mind by commissioning the company for your software development needs.
  • High quality standards – This software and web development company is among Ukraine and Europe’s highest-rated software development agencies. We work with high quality standards such as Agile, SCRUM, and others that guarantee software success.
  • Cutting edge technology – Mobilunity uses the latest technologies for software development. This keeps you ahead of the curve, whether you need rising technologies like React and Node.js or older tech such as C# .NET.

To top it all off, Mobilunity can get your project started at nearly a moment’s notice. Get started faster, and be assured of finishing your custom software development project ahead of schedule.

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