How Can You Benefit from Rust Developer in IoT Sphere

The Internet of Things or IoT is beginning to shape the digital world, with smart devices like smart homes, smart vehicles, smart watches, and even smart buildings being the new marker of modern technology. These devices have sensors that collect useful information from their surroundings and are connected to the internet, which serves as the transportation channels through which these data may be transmitted and analyzed to improve the Internet of Things industry.

While popular programming languages like C, Java, C++ and Python are common choices as programming languages for IoT development, there are a couple of less-known yet highly promising languages that might just be what many developers need to solve their challenges with IoT development. What’s more, there are demanded such positions in IoT sphere as Rust, Go and Microsoft Azure consultant. In this article, we take a look at Rust, one such programming language that, while relatively uncommon, is a great fit for use in IoT programming.

Rust Overview for the Rust Developer

Rust started out as a side project by Mozilla employee Graydon Hoare in 2006, and it was eventually sponsored by Mozilla in 2009 when it proved to be mature enough for use. It is free and open-source, and is maintained by a community of Mozilla and non-Mozilla employees, with 2,039 unique contributors as of writing.

Rust offers a lot of benefits that make it highly suitable for use in Internet of Things programming. For instance, it allows the simultaneous use of multiple channels, so that it can send and receive data through multiple sources, and these channels can share information with each other. This makes Rust support highly concurrent systems and allows for faster processing times. Moreover, it is deemed to be memory safe, as it adopts measures such as the disallowing of null and dangling pointers, strict variable initialization procedures, and adoption of a specialized syntax to manage object lifetimes.

hire rust developer for IoT project

Rust Developer

Rust is categorized as a systems programming language. In the context of IoT development, a Rust programmer is therefore responsible for coding the embedded system for the IoT device itself. IoT Rust programming therefore often involves tasks that aren’t typical in application development, such as memory management and direct access to hardware components. It is also critical for an IoT Rust coder to be seasoned in optimizing codes and algorithms, as slight dips in optimization may result in high performance costs.

Rust is highly regarded by the developer community, and it is actually the most loved programming language by developers according to the results of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey.

Rust Developer Salary

Now that you’ve learned about the Rust programming language, it will be good to learn where it would be wisest to hire Rust programmers from. Let us compare the typical salaries of Rust coders from different countries. For this, we get our data from PayScale, where we compare the salaries of software engineers. Although the scope of work of IoT developers in general may not be exactly the same as those of software engineers, they have large regions of intersection and require comparable skills. That being said, the typical pay for software engineers in various countries are:

rust developer salary in different countries

The above numbers show that Ukraine offers a far lower rate for software engineers than do other countries, with its typical rate at least half of what other countries require. We can infer that this extends to other similar jobs, such as Rust developers. As such, if you’re planning to hire Rust developers, your most practical option would be to hire from Ukraine.

Rust Developer Sample Resume

Here’s an example of an actual Rust developer resume if you wish to get a clearer picture of what the typical background and skills of Rust programmers are.

rust coder resume sample

Hire a Rust Developer Now

The current technology landscape seems to be leading to the automation of nearly every imaginable object, and the Internet of Things is just this, plus more. Rust is one programming language that’s highly suitable for IoT development as it offers a good number of advantages over the more popular languages. We’ve seen some details on Rust developers, their typical salary, and the typical background of a good Rust coder. Now, it’s a good time to hire!

If you’re in search of an excellent Rust developer to help you out with your IoT project, we’re here as your innovation partner. Here at Mobilunity, we have a healthy group of dedicated Rust and IoT developers who can do the job for you. Not only are our developers among the best in the world, we also offer one of the lowest rates across all of Europe. For all your IoT development needs, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us now and let’s begin the IoT project to bring your business to the front of the pack with our talented Rust developers!

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