Wine industry CRM

Wine industry CRM

It is the recent project we have completed for one of our clients – a complex ecommerce marketplace. You may learn more on how to build a marketplace on your own from our posts.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. At its simplest, a CRM system allows firms to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them. So, the purpose of the project was to arrange the correct work as an outsource and in-house business of wine producers and providers.

Our client is a big wine reseller who had to deal with all the providers, orders, storehouses, etc. The main problem was that he wanted to keep everything tracked at one place, as he, as the main distributor was supporting all small re-sellers.

CRM system

After researching the business we’ve brought up the solution to build a CRM system for him, which will include important functionality for business conduction in this field. Below we will give brief description of the major modules that have been developed.

One of the main screens is the dashboard, which shows 4 cards: Products, Direct Orders, Resellers, Financial Transactions. Each card has notifications, which are customised for each department.

dashboard (1)

Direct orders and Resellers

Direct orders are for managing orders from big storehouses, which we provide with our production directly and Re-sellers is for managing orders from wine distributors. From the first sight user can see the amount of new orders, in progress, on hold, closed, etc. on the both of the cards. If we go deeper, the user will see a worksheet with all the details information about each order and client.

Client card

Each customer has a client card, the purpose of each is for the administrator to see all necessary information, contacts, order history and additional notes about the client.

client card


Messages are for managing new order requests. From the first site user can see all order requests as notifications in messages, which need to be approved by an administrator. To look a little further, there is more information there like the name of the requester, the name of the administrator, order status and more.


Financial Transactions

The system also has a module for finances, which are for managing all financial transactions. The user can see the type of billing, operation type, amount, date and status. It is important for us to know, which type of payment was used: Paypal, or Credit Card, for example, so the admin will be informed where to check it.



And of course, the system has its own mailbox, which is for managing communication between admin, customers, employees and other parties. The user can see simple email box interface, which is easy and comfortable in use. All emails can be divided into different departments and can have tags, so user can easily search for the needed information.


In total we’ve spent over 3500 man-hours for this project, including planning, design, frontend development, backend development and QA. We’ve used Yii Framework technology to build this system, and HTML5 & CSS3 for the frontend. The project is in support stage now with new functionality being planned for next version of it.

This CRM was developed specially for wine industry, but can be customized for other types of businesses as well. So if you want us to help you with your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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