WordPress 2015: Trends, Stats and Facts

Evolution of WordPress in 2015

In web development world, everybody knows that WordPress is the most popular content management system on the world. And that’s not a myth. This saying is beyond numerous wordpress stats and facts that are out in 2015. We’ve seen 3 major updates of this CMS throughout the year. And the last one, called “clifford” was released on 8th of December. But let’s go back to the beginning of the year.

WordPress 2015 Trends Stats and Facts

The first update of WordPress that came in 2015 is called “Powell”. It was released on April 23 and was 4.2 version of WordPress. The world saw major improvements of it, but the greatest are:

  • New “Press This” Features
  • Improved characters support
  • Emoji support
  • Improved customizer
  • New embeds and updated plugin system

After 4 months we saw another update for WordPress in 2015. 4.3 version named “Billie”. It was released on August 18 and was focused on mobile experience, better passwords and improved customizer as well. However, it had a wide list of bugs after WordPress 4.3.1 update. Fortunately for us, we knew how to solve them and protect our projects from these bugs.

Last update of WordPress in 2015 year is called “Clifford”. It was released earlier this month, on December 8th. WordPress 4.4 received new default theme, responsive images (Pretty nice improvement, as it depends on the website load speed), better embeds (like videos, tweets and facebook status) and a lot of new development features. Unfortunately, WordPress 4.4 isn’t perfect. It has many possible bugs and issues to expect. We are ready to solve them as soon as they appear.

Domination of WordPress in 2015 Continues to Grow

As on 18th of December WordPress has 58.7% of CMS market share. That’s more than a half of the market around the globe in 2015. Let’s talk more about WordPress stats in 2015. WordPress has 25% of absolute usage of CMSs. Next goes Joomla with only 2.8% of absolute usage and 6.6% of market share. On the third place stands Drupal with 2.1% of absolute usage and 4.9% of market share. As you can see WordPress is ahead pretty much.

Besides the domination on the CMS market, WordPress has some similarities with iOS. I am talking about the percentages of websites using various versions of WordPress all over the world in 2015. And as you could find out, version 4 is dominant, and has over 83%. Previous version 3 has 16%. Version 1 and 2 have 0.7% on the whole. People using WordPress like the updates.

Interesting WordPress Facts in 2015

Here you will see a lot of numbers. But all of them show why WordPress is the most popular content management system in 2015. Previous version of WordPress 4.3 was downloaded 25,946,957 times by 11 November 2015. There are 145 version releases of WordPress. So, you can imagine the quantity of work, people do to provide you the most convenient way to have a website. And there are more than 74 Million websites on WordPress around the globe. One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular CMS is of the plugins. There are 35,418 plugins available and 820,209,707 downloads as of September 2015.

People are writing something everyday. The number of new posts on WordPress blogs monthly – 56.6 Million. But more people see the WordPress websites. The number of people who view WordPress blogs monthly – 409 Million. That’s enormous number.

Furthermore, more and more well known brands and celebrities use WordPress in 2015. you can see BBC America, Vogue, Ted Blog, Sony Music working on WordPress. Besides such artists as Katy Perry and Beyonce use WordPress as well!

WordPress 2015 Stats

WordPress Trends in 2015

WordPress has its own trends. It doesn’t stop expanding daily. Just imagine the quantity of websites made with WordPress. That means that people trust this content management system till now. And they will trust it in the next year for sure. If you want to be one of the trendy people, no problem. Mobilunity can help you to create beautiful WordPress website and do the correct WordPress reinstall without any doubts!

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