WordPress Ukraine? Time to Try It Out!

It could be stated that these days some cities tend to lack qualified technical talents, which has boosted the idea of outsourcing. It has become such a huge thing that even some online outsourcing marketplaces have been launched. Although the idea sounds promising, it is still challenging to outsource, as you should learn more about who you are paying before you sign a contract. Within a constantly growing interest in WordPress development, most seekers want to build their websites in WordPress, and there are number of reasons for this. For more information about WordPress facts 2015, check out this link. Thus, WordPress Ukraine could be the one option you have been looking for so long. The academic environment here has brought a lot of IT specialists, who are no less talented than their colleagues from other countries. Ukrainian programmers can bring you the software development process of high quality, which makes a great value in the long run indeed. If you are still hesitating, with regard to web development Ukraine, there are some tips and tricks, which might help to test the proficiency of the programmers.

Outsource to Ukraine

How to Approach Ukrainian Programmers?

Although one of the main targets of web development overseas is cost saving opportunity, there is always thing to remember as if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Ukrainian programmers should not be perceived as the last league specialists, who could be paid less than Indians or others. The fact is that the services they provide are widely admitted to be efficiently working. However, it is hard for non-technical person to estimate the quality of skills he could potentially receive. For this reason, there are some simple tricks for you if you decide to go for WordPress Ukraine:

wordpress ukraineCoding test. It will show how good your developer is, in terms of his professional abilities. To write a simple program should not be a big deal for them, so it is definitely worth starting with. What is more, there is a test called FizzBuzz, which would be completed by a good developer in a few minutes. Waiting for more than 10 minutes is also a bad sign within an uncompleted test!ukrainian programmers

wordpress ukraineBe clear. Even though Ukrainian specialists will definitely answer all of your questions and provide any suggestions that you need, their approach to work might sound “rude” to someone, but in fact, it is more about going straight to the point. Unlike some of the Indian colleagues, you will not find overused “sir, madam” approach here. Indeed, any expert advice is welcomed, however, an understanding of your budget and objectives, as well as your targeting technologies, should be adequate.

wordpress ukraineHire a project manager. Being non-technical is tough, and will cause lots of misunderstandings about the work process. Therefore, if you are not ready to rely only on the developer’s portfolio, you can hire a project manager, who understands code. Obviously, it is essential to share your business goals with your project manager.

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WordPress Ukraine: Where to Go?

Being aware of the points mentioned above, you might be probably prepared for the step of web development Ukraine. Once you try working with the Ukrainian programmers, you will never turn back! Mobilunity is one of the Ukrainian greatest outsourcing companies having the team of highly educated and experienced professionals. To make sure, check out our portfolio.

Consult our Ukrainian programmers for your WordPress development today!

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