Building a WP Website with a Membership Function

Create a membership website, and it will give you a great opportunity to earn money online. A membership is a so-called gate, which is placed on your website to hide some specific content. This information can be accessed by users through subscription or registration, which can be free, paid or mixed. The membership area itself may be set-up with the help of numerous plugins, if you use WordPress, for example. Building a membership website from scratch may require different technical skills, because you will have to work with: web server (Apache), hosting (GoDaddy or else), SSL certificates (Comodo SSL, for instance), CMSs (WP, Joomla), frameworks (PHP, JavaScript or else), content delivery networks (Ajax libraries, for instance), databases (MySQL or MongoDB), email services (Google Apps for Business), etc. Building a website requires not only technical knowledge, but good marketing skills and nice research of the chosen niche. If you are on the initial stage of creating a business and wondering what’s eCommerce about, we offer you to get familiar with the huge post about online eCommerce marketplace Mobilunity made for this case.

Types of Services That Choose a Membership

Nowadays, membership is a great way to become a part of community, access hidden functions and content, buy clothes, software, services and many other wonderful things. As practice shows, your business can be a popular, trendy field or of a narrow specifics, you will find your customers anyway.

Create a Membership Website
The table showing the number of active users on the membership services

Solutions for Websites with MA

There’s a choice for you to make: whether your membership will be free, paid or mixed. We can help you to make this choice. Firstly, decide on the target audience. The questions you need to ask yourself will probably be:

  • What’s the main idea of your business/ which people your business is made for?
  • Will there be one type of users or several? For example, eCommerce websites have ‘vendors’ and ‘buyers’, communities and forums have ‘pros’ and ‘newbies’. They can get a membership on different conditions.
  • Are you creating MA to make it the main profit, or you are already making money on retail/ services?
  • Are users of your website young/ students? If they are adults, will they be able to pay for the hidden content?

Answering these questions you are likely to finally decide what kind of membership is appropriate for your business. The next step will be development of the strategy, namely the content/ functionality you’d like to hide. It may be:

  • Digital products
  • Ebooks and webinar packages
  • Tutorials
  • Software utilities
  • Order tracking function
  • Ability to comment

Let’s take CreativeLive educational community website as an example:

  • It has compulsory sign-up membership
  • After registration you have the access to free and paid courses, and ability to leave comments
  • Access live or ‘on demand’ courses after sign-up
  • All brief materials about the courses are available on the free basis
  • It has a great function ‘Give as a gift’, which allows you to buy a course for your friend
  • It has holiday discounts and the special ones for active members

Great Membership Plugins for WP

Choosing the right, high quality platform is crucial for your business, if you want to have more opportunities for growth. Now let’s have a more detailed look on how to create a membership website with the help of WP plugins.

WordPress Membership Plugin

Plugins which will help you to create a membership area

  • Simple membership plugin

With its help you can create protected content on the free or premium basis, depending on your choice. This membership WordPress plugin itself is well-documented and customizable. It allows you to set up login, registration and join us pages. The great bonus for you – it is free.

  • MemberPress

It is one of the most popular membership plugins on WP. With its help you can restrict access to the content of any kind either these are posts, files, categories, or tags. The other great feature of this plugin is a content dripping.

  • Restrict content Pro

This WordPress membership plugin comes with built-in integrations while for other plugins additional cost is required. It is easy to use, but doesn’t have the feature of content dripping yet.

  • WooCommerce

It is created by the folks behind the WP plugin for eCommerce. This one can be useful, if your website’s core is WooCommerce. The membership plugin is powerful and well-integrated.

As long as we are talking about WordPress, it can also be interesting for you to read more on security topic as this one is always up to date.

Membership WordPress

The Experience of Mobilunity Team

We would also like to share our successful experience in working with a membership function for the Unlock Codes Generator. The website provides users with an opportunity to unlock their phone and gives big list of carriers, brands and models. In order to use the service, you should become a member of the platform. You place the order, receive login details via email and the tracking function becomes available 24/7. As simple as that!

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