YouTube Video Optimization for Better Ranking

According to Alexa, YouTube is the world’s most popular video hosting site, and is only second after the search engine Google. Each of us use Youtube. This is not just a place where you can watch and share videos with friends, relatives and all users around the world but it is also a place where you can advertise your product or business, this is a  powerful tool that can be used to attract visitors and potential customers to your web site. But then the question is, how to implement it?

How to Optimize YouTube Video

Many people from all around the world, upload hundreds of thousands of videos a day. Some videos instantly gain thousands of views. Mostly, these videos are uploaded by popular channels with many subscribers. What if your account is new, and you do not have a sufficient number of subscribers to make your video views grew steadily?

Today, we will talk about ways that easily help us earn many views. We conducted a little experiment, which showed that you can earn views on YouTube, without a paid promotion of your video.

YouTube Video Optimization

Below are list of factors that have influence on how videos are ranked on YouTube:

  • The first thing you have to pay attention for is a correct title. You have to come up with a catchy title and add a proper keyword.
  • Description is a very important factor as well. Description should also have keywords and its length have to be at least 150 words.
  • Tags are also important. You have to look for profitable keywords that are relevant to your video and add them as tags.
  • The higher video quality, the more chances to get to the top. Therefore, upload your videos in HD.
  • Likes, a number of views, social shares also important when you want to rank higher.
  • Adding custom thumbnail to your video may help you as well. But remember, you have to upload a high-quality picture.


YouTube Video Optimization ChecklistThe goal of our experiment was to get more views and higher ranking of our video on YouTube by using Google search engine. You may ask how Google helps to rank higher on YouTube? It is quite simple. YouTube has high authority on Google and good videos will appear in search results of Google.

Our YouTube Video Optimization Experiment

We did YouTube search engine optimization using common practices and tips from the industry experts. Our marketing team began adding to the YouTube video description section small articles that are relevant to the content of the video. These articles will tell more about what user will see in the video and will give some useful tips. We added couple keywords and links inside the description and that was all we have done. The description should be long enough with 150-200 words. We also noticed that videos will rank better if we will add to the title, description keywords like: How-to ( “how to write a code”), Reviews ( “WP theme review”), Tutorials ( “Setting up plugins to WordPress”).

Optimized YouTube Video Description

Optimized YouTube description

Videos with such descriptions are indexed in the search engines and give users an idea of what he will see in the video. As a result, user clicks a link from a search engine and watch video on YouTube.

During our experiment, we were faced with a little problem. The problem was that descriptions haven’t been updated in Google search engine. The solution was quite simple. We added each video in Google search console and after a while, all descriptions have been updated in Google. Youtube Search Engine Optimization Before

How YouTube description looked in Google before update

Youtube Search Engine Optimization After

How YouTube description looked in Google after update

The amount of views was 100+ before the experiment. But 1 month after we saw, that number of views have been increased and it was more than 400. We believe that the results of the experiment are successful and we will use a similar YouTube techniques in the future. But such descriptions are not solution to all your problems, it only helps you to get more views at the beginning. You have to remember that, you should always be able to adapt to all sorts of updates that affect the ranking of the videos on YouTube. Also, do not forget about the proper optimization of your YouTube channel.

If you want to rank better on YouTube, ask for YouTube video optimization from our professionals!

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