June 18, 2017 - Cathy

Mobilunity at WordCamp Europe 2017

WordPress community is an extremely addictive ecosystem:) Visiting any WordPress event once is enough to fall in love with this unique movement that gathers people coming from all over the world and building a virtual universe using WordPress. After visiting WCEU in 2016 Mobilunity team simply couldn’t help attending the next event taking place this year. Within June 15-17 WordCamp Europe 2017 united over 1900 participants from 79 countries in Paris, proving the fact that WordPress could be easily spelled as WorldPress!

Mobilunity at WordCamp 2017

One of the things we love about WordCamps is that they always cover topics far beyond WordPress development. The mix of talks touches the questions from WP security and accessibility to managing your own business. No matter whether you are a developer, designer or a marketing person, there are always plenty of presentations and speeches to learn from. And here is our quick overview of WCEU2017 talks, which we appreciated much:

  • Alain Schlesser was very detailed in explaining the process of WordPress bootstrap and how to get so much more from your simple WP website or multisite network. Link to his slides.
  • Otto Kekäläinen shared a bunch of cool tools for investigating the issues causing low WordPress performance and showed how all them work in real world. Link to his slides.
  • Definitely one of the top inspiring speakers John Maeda explained the concepts and differences between 3 kinds of design. He was so much right saying that 90% of designers are actually only “spraying” a nice look over the product, while up to 3% professionals are able to offer computational design with ability to see deeper, understand how the system works inside and unite the logic of components with intuitive UI. Link to his slides (see slide 7 for classification).
  • Mark Jaquith went through the steps of securing your WordPress website emphasizing the fact that security is not a task with specific endpoint, it’s a process, which should be repeated over and over again.
  • Syed Balkhi (the famous founder of WPBeginner, we bet you know his name) blew up Lighting Talks section explaining the steps of re-purposing website content, an incredible guide for any marketer! (We truly wish there was a link to presentation)
  • Adorable Miriam Schwab returned us back to the question of WordPress security (it’s always one of the top issues for WP users) prioritizing all possible actions based on her 10-years experience.
  • Marina Pape shared her unique story about marketing WooCommerce plugin (we think everyone will agree her job is a great success). Always keeping in mind unconscious bias, creating “inclusive” marketing campaigns, connecting to “the who” in real client stories, simply having fun in social media channels and building your brand by responding to tiny things (similar to drawing Georges’ Seurat “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” in small dots) – a list of common marketing things, but her talk was so insightful, since she supported each of these points with a real life story! Link to her presentation.
  • Morten Rand-Hendriksen called all developers to start using CSS grids (together with flexbox and float), since it’s so much more logical than splitting the whole website into containers. Link to his presentation. If you are a developer, do check his website as well, it’s 100% CSS grid-based website.
  • While opening the topic of building local WordPress communities Andrea Middleton drew interesting parallels between open source in general and building the cathedral & the bazaar. She did a great overview of WP communities with several inspiring examples. Link to her presentation.
  • And the most anticipating talk was the live interview with Matt Mullenweg, WordPress founder and CEO. He announced the release of Gutenberg block editor (experience it yourself, it’s very similar to text editor) in form of the plugin now, but it will be built-in together with TinyMCE in the next WordPress releases starting version 5.0. Matt also answered the questions covering the future of WordPress, AMP, and many more. A video with this interview should be soon available at

These conference days were very rich for new connections, talks, ideas and of course fascinating Paris views:) The next WordCamp Europe is going to take place in Belgrade, Serbia. And guess who is going?

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