Making Customers Love Your E-shop

At Mobilunity we provide more than IT solutions for eCommerce, we provide opportunities to grow quickly and effectively. We are not just a team of developers, we are eCommerce business analysts, logistics consultants, warehouse and payment systems integrators, CRM and Customer Support managers, and marketing and SEO specialists. Our ultimate goal is to create an eCommerce solution whether it be web or mobile (iOS, Android or Hybrid) that your business can leverage and that your customers will enjoy.

Secure Solutionsin Practice

Make sure that your business has everything it needs to keep up and surpass the competition. At Mobilunity we build platforms, provide all-inclusive eCommerce website development, and design services for medium-sized, and large companies all over the world. We serve global brands and wholesale suppliers that look for custom web and mobile development solutions for their businesses. Our analysts and logistics specialists provide analysis and tech consultancy for eCommerce businesses defining what platforms, technologies, software or modules are the most suitable for their business needs. We understand your eCommerce needs and offer solutions to fulfill them such as:

eCommerce and Shopping Platforms Design and Development

Web and Mobile Application Development

Large-scale eCommerce and Auction Platforms Integration

Tailored CRM Development

Payment Gateways Integration

Website and Sales Funnel Management and Optimization

Helping Your Business Sell More

Our Customer Support team comprises of 30+ flexible and skilled representatives working with medium-sized and large eCommerce platforms all over the world. Together with our SEO Team that helps businesses improve their online visibility by applying the most successful promotional tools and strategies, our representatives help companies earn more. Whether you need help with payment procession, support or retention of customers, leads, vendors, or distributors, cross-sale and upsell management, product feeds submission to price aggregators, online reputation management or simple traffic boosting; hiring Mobilunity is a one stop, all-inclusive solution to your needs.

Supervision of ResultDriven Team Players

The best results are achieved not by individuals but by a goal-oriented team that is committed to excellence. At Mobilunity each stage of an eCommerce project is managed and supervised by such people.

Our Business Analyst translates business requirements into technical ones and defines goals that a development project has to solve. This key person understands logistics, marketing, revenue generation and can shape your requirements into a clear development strategy.

With years of experience in working on eCommerce projects our Project Managers are those who undertake the organizational development of a project. They form the team, plan the budget, schedule the scope of work, report on the progress, consider risks and predict potential project obstacles.

Our full-stack Engineering Team fulfills the operational part of a project, as planning and strategy moves to implementation. They code, develop, test, and if necessary fix each and every feature so that the customer is guaranteed a quality product.

Ecommerce Conversion Analysts together with Online Marketing Experts follow up with the development and implementation process to advise on the sales funnel, its tracking and optimization, creating a plan for a winning marketing campaign.

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