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Ember JS vs AngularJS Developers. 2 Business Models to Build a Team

JavaScript is the universal language of the Internet, powering web browsers across all devices. On its own, JavaScript is already very robust, but JS libraries and frameworks make JavaScript development exponentially quicker by packaging common functionalities into just a few lines of code. Two popular and commonly used JavaScript frameworks are Ember.js and AngularJS, and in this article, we will do an Ember JS vs AngularJS comparison and the specific of work of EmberJS and AngularJS developers and how we can hire Ember.js developer vs AngularJS programmer.

Angular vs Ember: Pros and Cons

Choosing the right JavaScript framework may be one of the most difficult decisions when creating websites. Ember.js and AngularJS are two frameworks of choice for JS developers, and to make the decision harder, these two also share a lot of common features.

Both frameworks are marketed for creating single-page applications. Both Ember Angular frameworks use two-way data binding, which constantly synchronizes the model and view components. Both Ember JS AngularJS also supports the Model-View-Controller architecture, as well as modular programming. Despite these similarities, however, AngularJS EmberJS still have some significant differences. Let’s put them against each other in an Angular vs Ember comparison.

  • More popular, stronger support
  • Simpler syntax
  • More configurable
  • Uses accessors for improved performance
  • More opinionated for quicker development
  • Dirty checking compromises performance
  • Longer development times
  • More verbose, a steeper learning curve
  • Less popular


Released by tech giant Google, it’s no surprise that AngularJS grew as big as it is now. With 1,600 contributors as of writing, this open-source framework has the largest developer community of all JavaScript frameworks, so if support is a major concern, AngularJS would be the clear winner. AngularJS also has a shorter and simpler syntax than Ember, so it is quicker to learn. Moreover, it provides more configurability, as it assumes very little about the application structure.

Some of these benefits, however, come with drawbacks. In order to achieve syntactic simplicity, AngularJS directly uses JavaScript objects as its model, and this leads to dirty checking which compromises performance. Moreover, its high degree of configurability implies longer development times. Nevertheless, AngularJS is used by a lot of prominent companies like PayPal, GoDaddy and CNet.

Ember JS

 Ember JS is a more modest framework, maintained by a small community of developers and without a big company to back it up. Nevertheless, it has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. AngularJS uses accessors, which eliminates dirty checking and results in performance improvements. Moreover, Ember JS is much more opinionated than AngularJS, so although it offers less configurability, it results in quicker development times.

Note, however, that Ember JS syntax is more verbose than AngularJS, so it involves a much steeper learning curve. Moreover, it is a lot less popular and widespread than AngularJS. Despite these challenges, several big companies like Apple, Amazon, and Target use Ember JS.

Angularjs vs Ember JS Developer: How to Find

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Here are two ways to build an Angular or Ember JS developer team.

Direct Hiring of Ember JS Developer and AngularJS Programmer

You can hire AngularJS programmers on your local market by posting on job boards like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or Indeed. This gives you complete control of your project. However, this can be expensive, as developer rates are generally high in many countries and your recruitment team has to spend a lot of time to find an expert with rare technologies or stack of technologies. Additionally, it involves the allocation of physical resources, taxes, and insurance, all of which could further increase costs. Moreover, it often involves long-term contracts, so you’re forced to keep all your Ember and Angular JS developers even after project completion.

From the general perspective, all operating companies use direct hiring. This refers to the staff who must be in the company on an ongoing basis, for example, a director, business analyst, project manager. However, this model has its pros:

+ you are always in touch with your employees and able to control all the processes of the recruitment process;
+ ability to employ a good and suitable candidate for another position in a company after a good and successful interview;

as well as cons (except those stated above):

you need to provide your employees with a comfortable workplace, the necessary equipment, training, and monitoring;
the process of finding the right employee can be lengthy while the market may have a shortage of this specialist;
an increase in expenses and project delay in case of a lengthy recruitment process.

Ember and AngularJS Dedicated Developers

 You can also offshore or collaborate with the remote developers from a dedicated teams provider. With this model, you can choose and hire a developer from an in-house team of an offshore development company and developers will report directly to you but stay in the offshore company’s premises. This can be a lot cheaper than direct hiring because several countries offer Angular or Ember coders at very low rates. Moreover, with this model, payments are all-inclusive, covering all expenses including the use of office workstations, software licenses, taxes, and insurance. Offshoring also allows you to add or remove dedicated Ember or AngularJS teams as your project requirements change, giving you more flexibility.

This may surprise you, but many global companies turned to services of offshore development companies in order to build a dedicated Ember JS development team. These are such organizations as Github, Alibaba, Upwork, and others. Let’s find out what are advantages and drawbacks of using offshore Ember programming services for your project.

+ One can hire any Angular vs Ember developer for any period of time: short-term or long-term projects
+ It saves money and general recruitment time allowing a company to start a project on time
+ A company or CTO can always take advantage of Ember JS consulting before making the final decision
+ You get a dedicated resource or account manager who deals with staff retention and control.

Although some drawbacks also exist:

 You (and not an offshore development company) are responsible for the whole development process
 You have to monitor the whole process online
 Some cultural differences that hinder mutual understanding.

Either you need to extend the team with an AngularJS, Angular (2, 4 or 5) programmer, or you are looking for Ember JS 2 developer or Ember JS 3 coder, you can choose the best model from two options stated above. Still, at first, you should consider all the pros and cons of these opportunities before making a final decision and building a good development team.

AngularJS vs EmberJS: Salaries’ Comparison Worldwide

Let’s compare the rates of developers skilled in AngularJS and Ember.js in three different countries in order to understand whether there is any significant difference among them. Thus, Angular.js programmer is able to earn $46,700 in the UK, $74,019 in the USA and $19,800 in Ukraine per year. If to talk about Ember JS developer salary, the indicators in this three countries will be as follows: Ember developer salary is $68,169 in the USA, $38,700 in the UK; the salary of Ember developer is rather low in Ukraine and can be estimated to be $22,000 per year.

After comparison of the statistics, we can conclude that the level of Angular.js and Ember.js developer salary differs a bit in Ukraine as well as in other countries. The main reason for this fact is that these are two different technologies although they are often used in the complex.

Below you can check the chart with average rates of developers in different countries of the world:

Average rates of Angular JS developers in different countries

Ember JS vs AngularJS. Get a Developer for Your Project Now at Mobilunity

We have presented an Ember vs Angular comparison that tackles the pros and cons of EmberJS vs Angular, and we’ve explored the ways to hire developers. The next step would now be to hire an AngularJS or Ember JS developer. If this is what you’re looking for, then allow us, Mobilunity, to be your partner. As a dedicated teams provider in Ukraine, we house Europe’s best Angular and Ember programmers with the most affordable rates.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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