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#StaySafeGlobal: How to Say “Stay Safe” in Different Languages

Recently, our CEO has started a small flashmob to support the mood during these hard times. We gathered equivalents of “Stay Safe” saying in 19 languages. If you wish, comment the post yourself, and be sure we will feature you here on this post in a timely manner.

You may see the actual post here.

How to Say “Stay Safe” in Different Languages

“Stay safe” in Ukrainian

“Stay safe” in Belarusian

“Stay safe” in Bulgarian

“Stay safe” in Chinese

“Stay safe” in Czech

“Stay safe” in Danish

“Stay safe” in Dutch

“Stay safe” in English

“Stay safe” in Finnish

“Stay safe” in French

“Stay safe” in German

“Stay safe” in Hebrew

“Stay safe” in Italian

“Stay safe” in Japanese

“Stay safe” in Norwegian

“Stay safe” in Portuguese

“Stay safe” in Romansh, French, German and Italian

“Stay safe” in Turkish

“Stay safe” in Uzbek

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