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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Android Developer?

Before digging into the “cost” part, let’s first determine the current Android mobile application development industry situation. And what can describe it better than the numbers? 

Recent statistics show Android holds about 70.9% of the global market for mobile operating systems. It is a popular choice among businesses and individual developers because Android development provides flexibility, is open-source, and has many users. There are over 3.5 million apps that you can find on the Google Play Store. 

Since there are a lot of users and the number keeps growing, businesses see Android development as a valuable investment for looking to reach a wide audience. This results in a big demand for Android app development and highlights the industry’s need to hire dedicated android app developers. By the virtue of simple installation, desktop and mobile users can now play games, connect with friends through multiple social media sites, capture memorable moments, and even track your health. And it’s only one reason why each enterprise needs a mobile application development team to scale up the business.

This article will guide you on how to hire a well-skilled Android developer for your project, what the Android expert rates are, and how your company can benefit from hiring an Android developer.

What Affects the Android Developer Cost?

Android, which is the most popular mobile operating system, is used by a large number of devices all around the world. The statistics provided above have clearly shown this point. Many businesses find it challenging to determine the best way to hire an Android developer and determine the costs involved.

The cost of developing an Android app can vary based on several factors. These include the developer’s skill level, where developers are located, how complex the project is, and the current trends in the market. For now, we’ll take a closer look at two widely-used factors when evaluating the cost: expertise and location

Cost Analysis Based on Android Developer Expertise

Understanding the various skill levels of Android developers is crucial. Each level has a standard scope of competencies, knowledge, and tasks that directly impact the project’s final outcome. 

Once you know the difference between the three main levels of expertise (Junior, Middle, and Senior), it’ll be easier to figure out what kind of Android expert your project needs. 

  • Junior Android Developer

Junior Android developers are usually professionals who are just starting out in their professional careers and have about 1-3 years of experience. Even though they are relatively new to the field, they have a good grasp of important fundamentals such as Java or Kotlin (the main languages used for Android development), XML for creating front-end layouts, and the Android SDK and APIs.

You can hire offshore android application programmers at the junior level to handle tasks like fixing bugs, keeping the code in good shape, and helping with basic UI development. Typically, they work with guidance from more experienced developers, which makes them well-suited for simpler projects or larger teams where they can continue to learn and grow. However, since they have limited experience, they might require additional time to achieve results and could encounter difficulties when dealing with complex project components.

  • Middle Android Developer

Usually, middle-level developers already have around 3-5 years of experience and a deeper understanding of Android development. In addition to their expertise in integral Android programming, they have experience working with various data storage methods such as SQLite and Room. They are also skilled in using third-party tools and implementing sophisticated APIs.

These developers have the ability to work on moderately complex projects on their own. By following best coding practices, developers can design and implement a strong app architecture, improve performance, and ensure a smooth user experience. In addition, they may have experience in managing teams and can provide guidance to junior developers. Middle developers have more advanced skills, which allows them to take on projects with cutting-edge demands and higher complexity.

  • Senior Android Developer

Senior developers have over five years of experience and have mastered Android application development. In addition to demonstrating advanced technical skills, they have a profound comprehension of business requirements, making them invaluable in strategic decision-making, not just the coding process.

Senior developers can effectively manage complex projects solving essential tasks such as designing and implementing complex algorithms, integrating complex third-party services, and ensuring data security. They have the capacity to lead teams, juggle multiple projects at once, and are frequently requested to solve complex technical issues. However, their extensive skill set and expertise come at a higher price, which is crucial for businesses with limited resources to consider.

Let’s take a look at how the monthly Android app developer cost may vary based on these three levels, for example, in the USA.

Junior Android App developerMiddle Android App developerSenior Android App developer

When figuring out what kind of expert you need, it’s important to consider how the developer’s expertise level matches your project’s requirements, complexity, and budget. This will ensure that the final result meets your company’s expectations.

Cost Analysis Based on Android Developer Location

The cost to hire Android app developer can also be significantly influenced by their location. Several factors contribute to this, including the cost of living, how competitive the local job market is, and the country’s overall technological and economic situation.

  • USA: The IT market in the USA is very strong, well-known for establishing trends and following innovative approaches in any type of development. The industries widely using Android development services are fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, and entertainment. So, how much does it cost to hire Android app developer in the United States? Because of the high cost of living and the tough job market, salaries tend to be higher than usual.
  • UK: Being a major European IT hub, UK tech businesses primarily focus on fintech, artificial intelligence, and software development, which includes Android. The cost to hire Android dev is high given the current high demand for coders, the thriving economy, and the expensive cost of living. 
  • Switzerland: Switzerland is known for its high standard of living and strong economy, especially in the banking, pharmaceutical, and IT industries. Even though developing Android apps may not be the main focus of the IT industry here, there is still a big need for skilled Android developers in apps for finance and healthcare. 
  • Germany: The country’s tech industry is doing really well, and it covers many different areas like automotive technology, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and software development, including Android mobile development. Even though the country’s standard of living is relatively high, salaries for developers are checked to ensure they remain reasonable. 
  • Denmark and Netherlands: The green technology, biotech, and software development sectors of the IT markets in these countries are rapidly expanding. Many skilled workers relocate to the area because of the great quality of life and the tech-friendly policies. Compared to Switzerland, development rates here are lower due to a balance between supply and demand and lower living costs.
  • Japan: The tech industry in Japan is quite diverse, with a strong focus on robotics, electronics, and software development. The demand for Android development is high because many people in the country use smartphones, and Android-based devices have a stable hardware development. However, Japan has a complex market, and cultural peculiarities can affect communication gaps. 
  • Ukraine: Ukraine has become a key center for IT outsourcing during the past decade. A vast pool of qualified developers is available for a lower salary because of the country’s lower cost of living and its strong educational focus on IT. Many Ukrainian Android developers gain valuable knowledge and expertise by participating in foreign initiatives.
USAUKSwitzerlandGermanyDenmark and NetherlandsJapanUkraine
Middle Android Developer$11,742$6,564$8,351$8,298$6,631$3, 614$2,000

When you’re deciding on a developer from a specific location, it’s important to consider factors like time zone differences, aspects of culture and traditions, and how well they can collaborate with your existing teams. By evaluating these elements thoroughly, businesses can be confident that their projects will function smoothly and improve the essential key business metrics.

How Your Project Can Benefit From Hiring Android Developer

Once you have created a big plan for app development, you need to build a team that will bring the project to life. And it can be quite challenging, starting from defining what specialist you need and proceeding with the recruitment, hiring, and other stages. But, of course, the advantages of having a skilled Android developer on your team outweigh the recruitment shortcomings, as benefits go beyond just improving your coding process.

  • Getting major market share: Android is the leading operating system in the global smartphone market, attracting diverse consumers. When you hire an Android developer, you have the opportunity to build applications that thousands of people can use. By implementing this strategy, you can significantly expand the audience and interaction with your product.
  • Flexible and innovative approach to development: Android development is ideal for meeting specific business needs due to its flexibility and open-source nature in customizing applications. A skilled Android developer can utilize this feature, implementing creative ideas for unique features and functions to make your app stand out in a big market.
  • Scalability of the projects: Experienced Android developers can create scalable apps that can easily evolve and deal with more tasks as their user base expands.
  • Preparing your business for the future: Hiring an Android developer is a smart decision to bring long-term benefits. As 5G technology gets more advanced, Android is expected to play a significant role in developing applications that can comply with it at the best level. When you have an experienced Android developer on your team, you’re prepared for the upcoming wave of digital transformation.

Recommended Android Developer Staffing Options and Their Cost

Choosing the right staffing option to hire Android programmer is a very important decision that affects the financial and overall success of the project. Each option has its objectives, the scope of work it can deliver, and a special pricing model. 

1. Dedicated Teams

A dedicated team is a group of experts, such as Android developers, who commit to focus exclusively on your project. They function like part of your in-house staff since they support the same cases and have the same end goals.

Clients pay a consistent monthly rate for a dedicated workforce. The developer’s pay and other overheads like infrastructure and support services are typically included in this estimate. The main benefit of this strategy is that costs can be predicted, simplifying financial planning.

A specialized staff delivers technical expertise and extensive experience to your project, guaranteeing high cooperation and unity. It’s a great option for projects that will last a while and need regular updates and maintenance.

2. Part-time Consultancy 

Depending on your project’s needs, you can hire an Android developer for a required quantity of hours or days each week. Here, the cost of Android programmer is hourly-based; this pay-as-you-go plan is appropriate for companies with limited resources or for projects with shifting workloads. An advantage of hiring consultants on a part-time basis is that they can offer new ideas and expertise to your project yet be budget-effective. In times of high demand, they can speed up development or help with specific problems.

3. Pure Recruitment Service

In this model, a recruitment agency will find and evaluate Android development candidates for the client. The pricing model for pure recruitment services involves clients paying a recruiting fee. Typically, this fee is a percentage of the developer’s annual salary, and you will need to pay it once the candidate is successfully placed.

This model is designed to save you time by streamlining the hiring process and helping you find qualified candidates more quickly. It can be really helpful to hire someone with highly specialized skills, especially if you have the capacity to oversee their work but don’t have the time or expertise to go through the hiring process.

The Advantages of Hiring Android Developers With Mobilunity

Mobilunity is a company that helps businesses connect with talented software developers from around the world. We offer personalized solutions, have a large pool of skilled developers, and deeply understand the global market. Mobilunity has established strong partnerships with over 40 worldwide customers.

  • Extensive Industry Experience 

Mobilunity has been in the industry for more than ten years and has built a reputation as a reliable outsourcing partner. Through this experience, we have gained a deep understanding of the market and developed expertise in effectively meeting clients’ diverse demands.

  • Time-Effective 

The services provided by Mobilunity cut down on the amount of time spent on recruitment efforts, freeing up companies to concentrate on their primary business activities while guaranteeing that the hiring process is managed by qualified personnel.

  • Cost-Effective 

Through the provision of outsourced staffing solutions, Mobilunity assists businesses in avoiding the costs that are involved with the maintenance of an internal recruitment team, which ultimately results in significant cost savings.

  • Included HR Support 

Mobilunity can give clients a solution that encompasses all of their human resource needs by providing not only recruitment services but also comprehensive HR assistance. This support includes employee retention tactics and the onboarding of new employees.

At Mobilunity, we make sure to choose only the most qualified candidates for our team. Our careful screening and selection process helps us find and keep the best candidates. Mobilunity has extensive experience in various markets, including Japan, Switzerland, France, Germany, and others. When you choose Mobilunity, you’re not simply outsourcing your recruitment process. Instead, you’re getting a partner who truly comprehends your vision and is committed to supporting you in making it a reality.

Once you hire Android developer offshore at Mobilunitym you’ll get to work with talented dedicated coders solely committed to your project. Even hire Augmented Reality developers.


Understanding the different levels of expertise among developers and navigating the global IT market are important factors to consider when making hiring decisions. We at Mobilunity are ready to assist you in forming your ideal team and making the recruitment process easier for you.
Find your perfect developer
Junior<2 years
Middle2-4 years
Senior5+ years

While calculating the cost to hire an Android developer, it’s important to also consider the value of engaging an application support developer, an SAP Crystal Reports XI developer, and an Angular developer freelance specialist, as they can contribute diverse expertise to your mobile app development project.

Contact Mobilunity now to hire an Android app developer that will cover the needs of your project and will deliver crucial results.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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