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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Microsoft Dynamics Developer?

Microsoft Dynamics is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that integrates multiple software applications into one unified platform to run businesses smoothly on one single platform. This platform, as the name suggests, is developed by Microsoft Corporation, one of the largest IT corporations in the world. As you assess the cost to hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer, take into account the advantages of partnering with a Bootstrap development company, engaging an SAP HANA developer, and understanding how to hire a subcontractor to ensure a well-rounded team capable of delivering comprehensive solutions for your project.

Cost to Hire Microsoft Dynamics Developers: Quick Overview

MS Dynamics offers a unified platform for the businesses – both small and large – to avoid the discontinuity and seamlessness in different business processes, which normally run in the silos. Microsoft Dynamics is a comprehensive platform that has inbuilt features and functionalities of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM).  According to the Datanyze information, MS Dynamics owns a gigantic 21.44% of the ERP and CRM market share followed by the NetSuite with over 13.05% market share. The total number of websites that use MS Dynamics technology is over 11,417 websites.

This platform is also able to integrate other software applications offered by Microsoft Corporation. Among such applications, finance applications, business operations apps, marketing modules, sales, project automation, field services, and many others are a few to name. Other than the integrated modules of this product, MS Dynamics can also be integrated and used with MS Outlook, SharePoint, MS Azure, Office 365, Yammer, and other applications. When determining the cost to hire a Microsoft Dynamics developer, consider the potential benefits to hire freelance NET developer and exploring countries outsourcing Bangladesh, which can provide cost-effective solutions and a diverse pool of talent for your project.

Microsoft Dynamics Developer Salary Rates

Wonder how much does it cost to hire MS Dynamics developers? Like salaries of IT infrastructure engineer in other fields, Microsoft Dynamics engineer salary is also very high in the major markets of the world. The demand for business automation and ERP developers are consistently increasing across the globe because it is now available for medium-sized and even for the small businesses. A few years back, ERP was only concentrated on large corporations and enterprises. According to the Apps Run the World forecast, the software market value of the worldwide ERP software will cross the $85.99 billion mark by 2022. The average growth from 2017 to 2022 is expected at around 0.80% CAGR. This continuing demand in the ERP and substantial growth in business automation, especially in the field of customer relationship management push the Dynamics CRM consultant salary to higher levels and the cost of Microsoft Dynamics developer is way higher now.

Find out MS Dynamics engineer cost in various countries by checking the following graph:

As we can see the average of Microsoft Dynamics salary and cost to hire MS Dynamics developer differ hugely in different parts of the world:

  • Cost to hire Microsoft Dynamics developer in the USA – $89,108 per year
  • Cost to hire Microsoft Dynamics programmer in Germany – $58,866 per year
  • Cost to hire Microsoft Dynamics coder in Canada – $96,500 yearly
  • Cost to hire Microsoft Dynamics engineer in Ukraine – $36,800 per year (based on our Recruiting Team research over a few local job boards)
  • Cost to hire Microsoft Dynamics consultant in the UK – $73,515 per year

Average rates also differ based on the specialization of MS Dynamics coder. Below the graph that shows average annual rates in the USA in 2020 for programmers with expertise in diverse MS Dynamics modules and systems:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX developer cost is $72,701 per year
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV programmer cost is $96,520 per year
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP coder cost is $76,526 per year
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer cost is $122,921 per year
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 engineer cost is $81,711 per year

What Is the Cost to Hire Microsoft Dynamics Developer in Ukraine?

Microsoft Dynamics developer cost is one of the biggest challenges for the enterprise due to the fast-changing arena of IT technology, and increasing salaries of the required tech talent. Meanwhile, competition in the global market is increasing extensively. To survive under such conditions, businesses, enterprises, and even corporations opt for software development cost-cutting, which is possible through remote working. Wonder how much does it cost to hire MS Dynamics developers in countries suitable for outsourcing? Ukraine is one of the emerging hubs of software development, outsourcing, and business automation services. The youth of the country has a passion to learn technical stuff. Thousands of IT engineers graduate every year in the country of just 44 million of the population. The average cost of living is lower in comparison with many other Eastern and Western European countries. Thus, Ukraine offers not only lower-cost tech talent, but a very high quality of work too.

Microsoft Dynamics entry-level salary in Ukraine is just under $10,000 per annum. The average salary of an experienced software developer in different disciplines is just below $2,300 per month. But, when you have a look at the average Microsoft Dynamics engineer cost Microsoft Dynamics consultants, you will find that many countries are 3 to 4 times costlier than Ukraine. As we know that the demand for tech talent with specialized certification is much higher and the average cost of Microsoft Dynamics developer is also very high. But, the enterprises from all over the world can easily benefit from the professional-grade services of MS Dynamic certified tech talent at a very competitive cost of MS Dynamics programmer. Microsoft Dynamics certification salary is also many time lower than the same tech talent in the European or North American countries. To accurately estimate the cost of your project, consider including a Dynamics 365 BC consultant, as their specialized expertise in Business Central can significantly influence the scope and budget of hiring a Microsoft Dynamics developer.

Let’s make sure cost to hire Microsoft Dynamics developers in Ukraine is indeed lower compared to other countries by checking average monthly rates based on seniority levels of such experts in 5 diverse countries.

Cost to Hire Microsoft Dynamics Developer with Entry-Level Set of Skills

CountriesJunior MS Dynamics Developer Cost (per month)

Sources: Glassdoor.com, Nevoo.com and research of Mobilunity’s Recruiting Team (for Ukrainian rates) 

Cost to Hire Microsoft Dynamics Programmer (Mid-Level)

CountriesMiddle MS Dynamics Programmer Cost (per month)

Sources: Glassdoor.com, Nevoo.com and research of Mobilunity’s Recruiting Team (for Ukrainian rates) 

Cost to Hire Microsoft Dynamics Engineer with Senior Level Skill Set

CountriesSenior MS Dynamics Coder Cost (per month)

Sources: Glassdoor.com, Nevoo.com and research of Mobilunity’s Recruiting Team (for Ukrainian rates) 

Analysis of an Average Microsoft Dynamics Engineer Cost

The main factors that directly impact MS Dynamics engineer cost include the demand for tech talent in the industry, living expenses in that country, and the availability of required tech talent in that particular marketplace. According to the recent forecasts, the average growth in the field of ERP and CRM will remain more than 7.2% till 2020 in the major countries of the world, where the demand for tech talent is very high. The functional consultant roles are big in demand, but those roles require very little technical expertise. The technical consultants that work with the deployment and maintenance of the system always demand a higher cost of Microsoft Dynamics programmer.

The living cost and standard of living are very high, therefore the average salary of MS Dynamics or any other discipline of the software engineer is very high. The availability of software engineers and tech talent in the market and the high demand for the same are also the main factors that increase the average Microsoft Dynamics developer cost. The same conditions are also applicable in the case of the USA and Canada, where the demand is very high, supply is comparatively low and the living expenses are higher than many parts of the world. Other Western European countries like the UK and Germany, which are also the hubs of technology and remain in high demand for developers and other technical resources.

The cost of hiring a Microsoft Dynamics developer can vary significantly depending on the scope of Dynamics AX development, as this platform often requires specialized skills for complex business solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics Resume Samples

A great resume of Microsoft Dynamics also contributes to getting a comparatively good cost of MS Dynamics developer to a certain extent in the marketplace. Let’s have a look at the entry-level Microsoft Dynamics resume examples with lower MS Dynamics developer cost.

Entry Level MS Dynamics Resume

Microsoft Dynamics Experience Resume

Microsoft Dynamics Functional Consultant Resume

Hiring a Microsoft ERP consultant might bring you more benefits than hiring just a developer. The thing is that consultants usually take into consideration the whole situation, not just a particular MS Dynamics issue, but your business as a whole. Therefore looking for ways to eliminate the issue in the most effective for your company way while also trying to optimize all the processes within it.

What Additional Skills Should Dynamics Developer for Hire Have?

  • Strong knowledge of web environment
  • Strong knowledge of database management system
  • Knowledge of popular Microsoft development technologies like C# and Dot.net
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Self-starter and a positive attitude
  • Team leader with strong leadership qualities
  • Team player and motivator

Reasonable Cost of Microsoft Dynamics Programmer in Mobilunity

Mobilunity is one of the fastest-growing companies based in Ukraine that offers professional-grade software development services to a wide range of customers from all over the world who want to hire CRM developers. The company offers the following advantages, which make it stand out of the competitors:

  • Dedicated teams fully focused on the quality of work
  • Fully managed and high-quality tech talent
  • Competitive cost to hire Microsoft Dynamics developers
  • Offers fixed prices with no hidden charges at all
  • Offers professional-level management and technical support
  • Central physical location on the globe to reach from all over the world
  • Offers wide pool of tech talents to meet your requirements

Do you want to hire MS Dynamics developer at cost-effective rates? Mobilunity can help to find a talented Microsoft Dynamics for hire at affordable prices!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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