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CRM Consulting Services to Implement the Right Solution

CRM (customer relationship management) software has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years. The global revenue of the CRM market is expected to reach $64,522.66 million in 2021. It means 12.47% of annual growth, which is an impressive number.

Why is CRM consulting and implementation so popular? According to statistics, 65% of businesses adopt such software in the first 5 years after their launch. And 74 of respondents claim that such solutions provide better access to customer data. As a result, they can offer a more personalized service.

CRM is great not only to collect and analyze customer data. It also connects all internal departments working on the buyer’s funnel, from marketing and sales and up to business analysts. It also allows accessing various reports and data metrics in real-time. When seeking CRM consulting services to implement the right solution for your business, the ability to hire CRM developers with the skills and expertise to tailor the CRM system to your specific needs becomes a critical factor in achieving successful customer relationship management.

All of that is in better customer experience and effective collaboration of departments. For example, a customer reaches out with a question about a product. This request is registered and appointed to a CS specialist. After that, it can be delegated to a sales representative to seal the deal. All of that happens while the gathered data is consistently collected and personalized communication.

Here is an even more simple example. A returning customer reaches out with a new request. An employee that answers it can see all the information on previous purchases, requests, and communications. This way, they can make this communication personalized, efficient, and comfortable for a customer.

CRM consulting services help to choose a specific solution, implement it, customize it, and use all the beneficial features effectively. Whether a business wants to implement ready-to-use software or develop a custom CRM product, it needs the assistance of one of the best CRM consulting companies to make that flawlessly.

After all, a customer-centric approach is a proven way to business success.

Reasons to Hire CRM Consultants

CRM consultant is an expert who helps businesses enjoy all the advantages of said solution. Consulting CRM services are all about providing maximum value at reasonable costs. For example, experts can evaluate and analyze business processes, conduct an audit of existing software solutions, and create a roadmap of future implementation. They can advise on what solution to choose and how to customize it for your business’s particular needs.

CRM implementation consultants make sure that a company gets a system that automates its processes and enhances performance. They also help with data migration, system configuration, deployment, and usage.

Here are the main reasons to hire a certified CRM consultant:

  • Cost. You need a software solution that will fit your business needs like a glove. Ready-to-made systems feature a lot of functions that you might not need. It is simply unreasonable to pay for something you are not going to use.
  • Consulting on integration. CRM software consulting ensures the integration of all software systems and networks. For example, if a company needs to integrate new software with an ERP system they use the main communication channels or any other software of their preference. Consultants advise how to connect all of them to keep data consistent and available across all departments.
  • More features available. Your business is interested in custom product development or creating specific features/plugins/apps for your processes. In this case, you need CRM software consultants to apply best practices and assist in drafting the architecture of such software.
  • Safety. CRM implementation consultant ensures safe data transformation and migration from existing systems to new databases, whether you want an on-premise or cloud-based solution.

To put it simply, a professional CRM consulting firm is necessary to develop, implement, and deploy an effective system for your company. It is like building a house with or without a construction agency – the results will differ dramatically. 

Services of the Top CRM Consulting Firms

To illustrate the consultants’ areas of expertise more, let’s go through the services a professional CRM software consultant offers. These are:

  • CRM strategy development. An experienced CRM business consultant is responsible for developing a useful strategy for a client. It means evaluating business processes and needs to choose the solution that fits them perfectly. Strategy concerns the performance of the said solution, its usability, and maintainability. If there are any CRM gaps, they will be covered with the software to optimize customer relationship management.
  • CRM implementation. At this stage, a CRM consulting company or an expert will help to implement the chosen CRM platform. Any needed data migration is also taken care of. CRM technical consultant is also able to provide employee training on using the new system correctly.
  • CRM customization and configuration. Every business is unique in its goals, processes, and ways of doing things. That’s why customization and configuration of CRM software is a big part of consultants’ responsibilities. It is possible to develop custom plugins, workflows, dashboards, or reporting metrics. All of that is crucial to make the most use of the software.
  • Data migration and transformation. An ERP CRM technical consultant assists in data migration as well as its consolidation transformation and cleaning duplications. Data is one of the most essential assets a company has. It should be gathered and stored securely.
  • CRM integration service. Another service a consulting CRM software professional offers is an integration of various software and subsystems together. It assures the interconnection of all apps and platforms for maximum productivity.
  • Custom CRM development. If none of the existent solutions fit your needs, it is possible to develop custom CRM software. A consultant works on drafting this solution with all the particular functionality one needs.
  • Business processes automation. Another thing a consultant CRM will assist with is the automation of processes your team deals with on a daily basis. This allows employees to focus on major tasks instead of fulfilling routine and mundane tasks.
  • CRM Support. After implementation and deployment, the system is ready for use. But it still needs some level of maintenance and updating. Both of them are taken care of by consultants that can also train staff on using the solution.

Types of CRM Consultants

Based on the solutions they work with, there are several types of CRM consultants:

Dynamics CRM Consultant

Dynamics or simply Microsoft CRM consultants focus on this cloud-based platform, which is a part of the enterprise suite by Microsoft. The suite offers both CRM and ERP functionality that is very advantageous for the consistency of customer operations.

Dynamics allows automation of marketing, sales, support, operation, and finances. And it works perfectly with other Microsoft products (Outlook or Excel for example). It is paid based on subscriptions (licensed users of the platform).

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SAP CRM Consultant

The SAP CRM consultants also help to ensure a smooth and consistent customer experience but with the help of the SAP platform. It is also a part of the suite that integrates with the ERP system. Except for the CRM functionality, there are also features based on machine learning and big data for more insights and advanced information interpretation. SAP suite also automates marketing, sales, and support operations.

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Salesforce CRM Consultant

A Salesforce CRM consultant helps to enjoy all the best features of this solution. It includes the mobile interface of the platform, automation of daily operations, as well as management of leads, opportunities, accounts, and contacts. It also has many essential reports as well as pipeline forecasting functionality.

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Zoho CRM Consultant

As for Zoho CRM consultants, they also assist in implementing a cloud-based system for optimization of sales, marketing, and support operations. It differs from the competition with an intuitive interface that shortens the learning curve for users drastically. There is also great functionality regarding sales pipeline management and workflow automation.

Zoho offers reporting, AI sales assistance, and email/social media marketing tools. If you want to hire Zoho developer, Mobilunity is eager to provide you with the best specialists in the field.

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Quickbase CRM Consultant

Quickbase allows full customization as well as all advantages of this cloud-based platform. Another plus of this software is a short learning curve for end-users. There is a drag-and-drop interface available. The development of a custom plugin is also comparatively easy.

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Benefits of Hiring an ERP CRM Consultant

Whether you are looking for a freelance CRM consultant or a consulting firm, experts can bring such benefits for your business as:

  • Selection of the right platform and solution;
  • Saving the budget with the elimination of all unnecessary functionality or features;
  • Getting the best out of the functionality you do use;
  • Optimization and customization of the solution;
  • Employee training;
  • System support.

Consultants are active participants in the process, from evaluation and planning to deployment and support.

Roles and Responsibilities of CRM Consultants

The role of a CRM consultant entails the provision of operation services regarding the choice, implementation, customization, and configuration of customer relationship management systems. They act as auditors of business processes and CRM gaps, as advisors of available solutions, functions, and platforms, and as configuration experts.

The responsibilities of a CRM consultant include:

  • Audit and evaluation of business processes;
  • Signifying daily operations that can be automated;
  • Collaboration with representatives of all departments involved;
  • Advice on the optimal solution to resolve all issues evaluated before;
  • Creation  of implementation and customization roadmap;
  • Gathering of business requirements and configuration of the system;
  • Testing;
  • Data migration;
  • Integrations alignment;
  • Training for end-users;
  • Support and updates

Here is a sample of resume for a CRM consultant:

CRM Consultant Salaries

The salary of CRM consultants depends not only on their skills and experience but also on the location. The monthly rates differ hugely from country to country. For example, compare the monthly net salaries of CRM consultants in 5 countries:

  • USA – $9,583
  • UK – $5,546
  • Germany – $5,820
  • Switzerland – $9,935
  • Ukraine – $3,100*

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

CRM Consulting FAQ:

Mobilunity Is a Trusted Provider of CRM Consulting Services in Ukraine

Mobilunity is a Ukrainian company with more than a decade of experience in cooperation with international partners. We offer high-quality consultancy services and hire dedicated CRM consultants and offer services such as Odoo development for to clients all over the globe.

We are proud to offer access to the top-notch Ukrainian talent for all companies in need. We have successfully cooperated with consultants many times before and are ready to bring the same experience to you.  

If you are looking for excellent CRM software consulting, contact our representatives today!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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