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ERP Consulting Services

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software system that, having appeared in 1992, has made the entrepreneurs’ lives much easier and less stressful to live. This software system helps businesses run without a mess. All the processes are united under the ERP flag, metaphorically speaking. Effective ERP system implementation manages enterprises’ data, workflow, and resources. 

Businesses are highly recommended to turn to ERP implementation consulting services so that to know exactly what set of apps is needed for the particular enterprise needs. A successful ERP implementation automates and coordinates core business workflow ensuring seamless functioning and delivering outcomes as they are expected to be. This automation enables managed data workflow providing a clear picture of the current state of events, and generating the general truth of where every department is at. When considering ERP consulting services, it’s essential to evaluate your business needs and decide whether to hire ERP developers who can tailor the system to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient implementation.

Initially, ERP has been using physical servers. Eventually, it has moved to a cloud environment, maintained by the company provider that rents services for the customer enterprise. ERP implementation consultants greatly assist with ERP implementation planning, pointing out the exact apps the business might want to select for the particular workflow optimization.

ERP must not be confused with CRM solutions, though they share some similar features. ERP systems provide a much more complex range of services alongside client interactions, management of processes, and a variety of tasks. The reporting system is made by the means of graphs, metrics, and visuals, giving the customer a comprehensive vision of the beneficial effect of the successful implementation of ERP. 

To hire ERP consultant means securing your business with a specialist who can instantly spot the gaps in the workflow management, suggest the most fitting solutions, and save the budget from extra, unnecessary expenditures. 

There is more to the story further down the line.

The Gist of ERP Development 

The importance of ERP has been touched on above a bit. Those bits have already created an impression that it is virtually impossible to control everything in separation, but the common denominator is required that will hold the monitoring of all the processes to see the progress and growth, or to spot flaws and fix them immediately. The most popular ERPs the world is using now are:

  • Acumatica
  • Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Skubana
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Sage Business Cloud
  • Oracle NetSuite 

Before the netsuite ERP implementation, Microsoft ERP System implementation, or any other ERP implementation, ERP companies provide the following services to cover a full circle of an ERP successful implementation. By doing so the provider focuses on flawless architecture (architecture consulting services are also critical when getting ERP implementation services), immaculate sound operation, and undisrupted third-party integrations.

These services are as follows:

  • Consulting

Technological consulting is essential. When there is an intention to engage in something new, there must be somebody who will guide you through the process. This is a general truth and is also applied to ERP adoption for business. ERP software is believed to serve well for huge corporations, yet small and steadily growing businesses have also experienced the benefits of the system. Different companies’ sizes can benefit from the implementation of ERP systems, and their needs in tech approaches will be different as well. The consulting expert will outline the ERP implementation plan for the peculiar business vector of the company and help the entrepreneurs save on ERP implementation costs. 

  • Design and Implementation

After the consulting stage, the service provider company demonstrates its expertise in building the architecture of custom and platform-based ERP systems from square one. Also, if not architecting from the top, then the company assists in integrating ERP modules and features to whatever environment (cloud or on-premises) they are going to be deployed in.

  • Support and maintenance

When the tech aspect of ERP implementation is delivered right according to the plan of the company’s needs, then there comes well-developed maintenance and support infrastructure for fast and efficient issues resolutions, on an on-demand or permanent basis.

The synced work of the following stages ensures the company with the implementation of ERP that will contribute to business maximization and orderly run processes.

ERP Development Steps

The ERP implementation companies offer effective deployment, continuous customizations, and smooth migrations to new platforms and infrastructures. 

There are the following ERP implementation phases:

  • ERP implementation – The ERP implementation consultant guides through what software should be launched for the enterprise in terms of aligning with its internal industry requirements and standards. In accordance with that, ERP-ready infrastructures, ERP module deployment, custom features configuration, and user training are taking place to ensure proper functioning. 
  • ERP customization – Whether it is a completely custom system ERP or a platform-based solution, ERP implementation company will provide a dedicated team that will deliver customizations fully satisfying the industry’s needs.
  • ERP migration – When there is a need to move ERP to a new environment or the adaptation to the next ERP versions, the tech team will deploy infrastructures, assist with data, content, and integration migration, as well as carry out post-migration ERP fine-tuning.
  • ERP integration – ERP providers leverage both ready-to-use solutions and the designed unique integration software to connect ERPs with other enterprise systems to assure undisrupted processes flow. 

Turning to ERP providers tackles challenges connected with the building and implementing an effective ERP solution.

The Importance of an ERP Consultant

Consulting services facilitated by a talented consulting specialist ensure that the company makes the right decisions and helps the budget to be distressed. An ERP implementation cost significantly drops when the company utilizes the help of a reliable ERP consultant. With the meaningful assistance of such professionals, it is easy for a business of any size to choose ERP apps fitting the exact processes and pay only for what will be used. 

ERP consultants ensure constant guidance, deliver relevant technical overview, requirements correspondence with the processes of development, constant and guided testing, and issues mitigation. All in all ERP consultants make sure that among all the failing attempts to figure out ERP systems implementation on the company’s own, their clients will never be the ones on the list and simply experience flawless functionality matching every single industry need.

Are you in need of a reliable ERP implementation consultant to secure your business workflow synced functioning?

How ERP Solutions Support Business Growth

All the business solutions developed and presented on the market are aimed to help businesses to reach three major goals: enhance productivity, earn more, and spend less. Therefore, how come the experiences of some enterprises are quite opposite to success? And it is not only an unsuccessful experience but also millions of dollars invested in business systems and apps that were promised to bring outstanding results. 

The problem is that trying to tame unknown power requires time, energy, and efforts…supernatural efforts. Does the present-day market allow so much time for the business to remain on its niche ladder at its full marketing potential? Sorry to disappoint, but the answer is “no”. 

The solution is simple: instead of multiple times of trying to implement software solutions of high and intricate complexity on the company’s own, the entrepreneurs should connect with ERP consulting providers and benefit right back, double, or triple from all the investments made. Planning, implementation, updates, maintenance, training, and support are key concepts of success in ERP adoption when addressing the issue to a high-profile ERP consultant.

Benefits of Partnering with ERP Consultant

The advantages of hiring an ERP service provider company have been a leading motive throughout the article. However, as much as business people enjoy operating with abstract thinking, they would still prefer a well-organized list of benefits that will trigger more motivated decision-making.

Let’s sum up what the company gets when applying for consulting services in terms of implementation of ERP system. 

  • Professional guidance and expertise – cooperation with a specialist reveal the real benefits of the system under discussion.
  • Analytical review of the company – an ERP consultant will have an eye for checking through your company profile from the point of various modules (financing, HR, production, distribution, shipment, etc.) and see what solution might fit the processes most optimal functioning.
  • Convenient cost of ERP implementation – with proper guidance on matching the services with the business needs saves money from unnecessary payments and delivers transparency in the budget matters.
  • Monitoring of the ERP development stages – control of every development phase in order to assure the delivery of the full-stack requirements.
  • Implementation, support, and user training outline – consulting services do not cease to exist when the product is delivered to the client-company, they continue contributing to successful and beneficial usage of the system apps.

An ERP consultant watches over all of the steps of ERP implementation in the way they align with the client company’s needs.

Why Organizations Should Choose ERP Implementation Consulting

Whether we talk about netsuite ERP implementation, Sage Business Cloud ERP implementation, Epicor Kinetic ERP implementation, or some other ERP solutions, it is essential to partner with an ERP implementation consulting services provider, because with their solid expertise and proven experience it is possible to achieve the outcomes that ERP systems promise (effective functioning, growth, and total order within processes in the departments). Figuring things out on the company’s own, applying the proficiency of the in-house specialists “that is close to what is needed” might cost the company not only money but a trustworthy image alongside clients.

ERP Consultant Pricing in Different Countries

Let’s have a look at the monthly compensation wanted for the grand services that the ERP consultants deliver in different parts of the world.


*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Hiring an ERP consultant is cost-effective in terms of paying once for excellent service delivery that promises revenues that can quickly return everything invested in an increased amount. It is becoming even more cost-effective when the company hires these services from countries that can offer excellent expertise at quite convenient prices. Ukraine might be the country to look at. It has gained quite a fame in regards to its excellent IT sphere potential, strong IT expertise, and respect for western values in terms of doing business and maintaining professional relationships. 

Mobilunity is a Reliable Provider of ERP Consulting in Ukraine

When considering Ukraine for providing ERP consulting services the companies might look closely at Mobilunity, a Ukraine-based services provider with an excellent profile on the global market underpinned by 10+ of successful experience in satisfying businesses’ needs in terms of staff augmentation and service delivery. If you are looking for IT business consultant, we are happy to welcome you to Mobilunity’s Professional-level IT business consulting services.

Fruitful cooperation with more than 40 clients in different countries (i-doit, XPLG, Zenchef, Paidy, Camptocamp, BYG-E, and ICUC are among those) keeps on going due to pleasant costs, security, reliability, and dedicated approach. 200,000+ specialists compile the talent pool of the company, delivering excellent outcomes, and transforming requirements into exactly fitting solutions.


ERP consulting services are essential for businesses to ensure their profitable present and prosperous future. Implementing ERP solutions provide companies with the perspective of growth and enrichment. ERP consulting companies make sure that those perspectives are achieved by the means of their sincere, transparent, and unbiased services.

Are you in need of a reliable ERP implementation consultant to secure your business workflow synced functioning? Get in touch with us!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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