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Hire Oracle® NetSuite Developer

Oracle® NetSuite is a cloud-based online service for companies that need to manage all the business processes in one system. If you want to use the services of NetSuite, you need no hardware, complex setups, upfront license fees or maintenance fees associated with software or hardware. You need to hire Oracle® NetSuite developer, when you want to apply the platform to your business application quickly and without gaps in the working process.

Brief History of NetSuite (Oracle® NetSuite Global Business Unit)

NetSuite is a software publisher, which provides small and medium-sized companies with cloud-based applications. Business owners used to hire IT contractors to implement those new technologies in their enterprises. Oracle® has completed the purchase of NetSuite on November 7, 2016. Now the company helps to run the business of more than 19,000 clients. It provides enterprises from more than 200 countries with the applications for omnichannel commerce, Enterprise Resource planning, and cloud-based financial control.

How Popular Is Oracle® NetSuite Programming Nowadays

Remote NetSuite consultant is the in-demand position today: many businesses use this technology. According to the data from BuiltWith, 9,610 websites are active NetSuite users. 615 websites from the list are in the Top 1M. According to the information from the SimilarTech, 7,277 websites on 4,185 unique domains have integrated Oracle® NetSuite for small businesses, and this amount is increasing every month.

Top industries where cloud business software from Oracle® is used:

  1. Computer electronics and technologies – 7.19%
  2. Business and consumer services – 3.92%
  3. Heavy industry and engineering – 3.52%
  4. Health – 3.19%

Oracle® NetSuite programming is widely used in the US. According to the statistics of the SimilarTech, it is the first country to use it. Other countries:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. India
  5. China
  6. New Zealand
  7. Philippines
  8. Brazil
  9. Mexico

How NetSuite Oracle® Solutions Consultant Can Improve Your Business

Using Oracle® NetSuite platform the entrepreneur gets a single view of marketing, CRM, office and financial operations. It is a way to scale smarter and grow faster through the automation of the business processes.

It can be profitable to hire Oracle® NetSuite developer for such purposes:

  • reduce headcount and overheads
  • receive real-time analytics and get the insights to run and grow business
  • improve decision making
  • monitor the important KPIs
  • manage inventories
  • host e-commerce stores and maintain CRM systems
  • track financials

NetSuite Oracle® solutions consultant usually recommends integrating a full stack of cloud applications and platform services, because a fully integrated complex solution gives more control over the business processes of the enterprise. Business owners get high profit from fully implemented solutions:

  • Single database. All the corporate information is held in one place. Remote NetSuite developer creates a customizable dashboard and has access to all key performance metrics.
  • Automated end-to-end processes. The application combines a back-office accounting system, customer-facing CRM, E-commerce capabilities, and self-portals for partners. You get all the fragmented data united for easy administration.
  • The reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). NetSuite implementation consultant will help you to implement the system faster and cheaper than numerous traditional business apps. You can easily adjust the system to the needs of your company thanks to the modularity.
Advantages of Oracle® NetSuite
Efficient organization processYou automate invoicing, orders management, cash collection, fulfillment, financial consolidations, expense approvals and more
Improved visibilityYou get access to the information anytime, from any device – without wasting time and resource for data copying or extraction
IT cost and time savingsYou don’t have to spend additional time and money for installation and maintaining multiple systems and integrations between them
Accelerated growthYou easily expand to different locations with the unified administration system, open additional sales channels, improve upsell and cross-sell

When Do Businesses Require NetSuite ERP Consulting Services?

With its comprehensive range of functionalities, including order and billing, supply chain and inventory management and financial planning modules, NetSuite ERP is one of the best cloud ERP suites for businesses. Before we look at the many reasons why businesses may require NetSuite ERP consulting services, let’s look at exactly what these services entail: 

  • What are NetSuite ERP consulting services?

These services are specialized solutions offered by NetSuite ERP project consulting firms or independent consultants. They provide NetSuite ERP consulting services that are designed to suit different business needs. They give advice around, and assist with the successful implementation of Netsuite ERP solutions

Now, let’s consider the reasons why businesses may need NetSuite ERP project consulting services: 

  • When they want to make better decisions

NetSuite ERP consulting services can help businesses access operational, financial and transactional data from across the business. They can obtain reports and visual analytics to get a summary-level overview or an in-depth look into business activities.

  • When they want to simplify their business

NetSuite ERP consulting services help businesses manage inventory, accounting, distribution, operations and more from a single application. They can also automate manual processes to free up resources to better serve customers, save time, recognize new opportunities and outperform the competition.

  • When they want to ease operations

With NetSuite ERP implementation consulting services, businesses can effortlessly handle numerous subsidiaries, business units and legal entities in one go. They can also get real-time visibility of local and regional levels, and standardize processes across all business divisions and subsidiaries. 

  • When they are looking for automation

NetSuite ERP consulting services free up time for businesses and allow them to operate more effectively by automating certain core processes. 

  • When they need more visibility

To make decisions, businesses need to have real-time visibility. Due to this, information can be accessed from anywhere and anytime with NetSuite ERP implementation without wasting resources on data extraction. This makes all the processes more accurate and faster.

  • When they want to scale

NetSuite ERP implementation consulting services, businesses can easily scale. These services allow for an expansion to several locations and make it possible to have additional sales channels that can be done more efficiently because of the unified order and the simple accounting management processes and data. It also helps businesses upsell and cross-sell for enhanced satisfaction for existing customers.

  • When they want to save time and money on IT

With NetSuite ERP solutions offered by consultants, IT departments no longer have to install and maintain many systems as there are different integrations in between. A reduction in operational costs can also be realized when the original time spent on IT is used to improve the operations of the business.

  • When they are looking for user-driven innovation

When businesses invest in NetSuite ERP project consulting services, processes change and daily business users can apply their practical expertise for tailoring processes and applications in a way that will assist in improving performance.

  • What Type of Business Is NetSuite For?

NetSuite is designed with an advanced business system that works from the ground up in the cloud. This means it’s highly scalable and agile enough for continued growth. All businesses from small to enterprise-size companies can run their most important operations on NetSuite because of its highly customizable and large range of functionalities for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies in many diverse industries and verticals.

With its system available in real-time and accessible across different smartphones, desktops, and tablets, businesses can be run anywhere and at any time.

What Software Solutions Offers NetSuite

The NetSuite Oracle® solutions consultant can implement various solutions for business management:

  • CRM – a customer relationship management system gives you a full view of your customer’s needs, wishes, tendencies.
  • ERP – enterprise resource planning runs key financial processes: supply chain, accounting, inventory, and more.
  • E-commerce – web store is unified from order management and sale to the marketing campaigns and clients’ support.
  • Manufacturing – product production and delivery is controlled, the manufacture gains agility for scalable growth.
  • Retail – cloud-based software solution helps to stay connected with customers through multiple channels.
  • PSA – professional services automation helps to plan, track, and execute projects neatly and accurately.

Why You Should Hire Oracle® NetSuite Developer: Benefits for the Companies

If you want to integrate the Oracle® NetSuite platform, you will need to extend your team with the corresponding specialists. The developers will tailor NetSuite customization services to the special needs and processes of your business: they will design and develop integration and automation solutions, that will suit your business processes, using the possibilities of the platform.

5 Benefits You Get Extending Your Team with Oracle® NetSuite Developer

  1. All the applications are configured according to your needs. All the record or application forms and fields are user-friendly: just point and click.
  2. The workflow management engine helps to control all the departments and even every employee. You easily optimize it and fix problems.
  3. Administrators and developers create flexible business-logic processes in the NetSuite environment.
  4. Oracle® NetSuite developer unites platforms with various applications and builds integrations with your websites.
  5. If you already use NetSuite for some time, the specialist will give recommendations to improve performance and optimize your scripts.

Which Skills Should Have a Professional Oracle® NetSuite Developer

The success of Oracle® ERP Cloud NetSuite implementation campaign highly depends on the professional skills of the consultants and developers you hire. You can hire a technology consultant to help you with making a choice. We also recommend you to hire specialists with such or similar skills, background, and working experience:

  • 5 and more years in the field of IT. The specialist with such background is able to customize platform using SuitCloud platforms, NetSuite SuiteCommerce advanced, and JavaScript APIs.
  • Extensive experience in creating technical design documents. Specialist captures workflows, cases of technical use, creates diagrams and configurations.
  • Huge experience in using Suite Flow, Suite lets, Client, User Event and Scheduled scripts, Restlet. With these technologies, NetSuite contractors can implement efficient workflow solutions.
  • Deep understanding of ASP.NET, Hands-on MS SQL Server and similar technologies, and experience in work with them.

5 Criteria to Pay Attention at While Hiring Remote NetSuite Developer

We’ve tried to put together and highlight the criteria indicating a professional remote NetSuite developer.

  • Understanding of the inner problems. The professional consultant knows how to find the pain points of the company and find out how all the business processes inside should work.
  • Ability to build relationships with clients. The specialist of NetSuite consulting services constantly interacts with the clients: it is the only way to find solutions to their problems.
  • Ability to work under pressure. Fast-paced businesses and huge ERP projects may be sources of stress. The professional is able to stay attentive and patient with the clients, keep them informed, and offer solutions.
  • Business vision. For the successful implementation of Oracle® NetSuite ERP, the consultant should analyze the current situation in the company, find out the goals and provide opportunities for optimization and scaling.
  • Certification. The certificate indicates a credible and determined expert. The certification must be renewed once a year. It adds a lot to the professional image of the specialist.

NetSuite Developer Resume Sample

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NetSuite Developer Salary in Different Countries

Choosing the specialist for your company, don’t hurry to look for recruiting agencies in your city because you can broaden your options’ pool in a couple of steps. It is easier to find the corresponding employee on outsourcing. And the first task here is to compare prices:

  • The US$70,000 in a year
  • The UK£42,500 which is about $55,330 on a year
  • CanadaC$78,000 which is about $59,252 in a year
  • Germany€57,647 which is about $63,530 in a year
  • Switzerland₣103,990 which is about $106,880 in a year
  • Ukraine – ₴511,690 which is about  $20,679 in a year

Best Countries to Hire Remote NetSuite Consultant

If for some reason you can’t or don’t want to find the corresponding specialists to extend the in-house team – IT outsourcing is a worthy alternative. And the first step here is to find out what is the best country to hire NetSuite certified SuiteCloud developer from.

HackerRank has made a list of the countries with the best developers. Among the top countries, there are Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Canada, and Ukraine. Ukraine is in the 11th position with a score index of 88.7%.

Why Ukraine is the best country to hire remote NetSuite consultant:

  • Reliable service. The thriving tech industry promotes the growth of the number of IT specialists. And the high competition assures quality: every IT service provider tends to be the best and to beat competitors.
  • Vast talent pool. According to the official statistics, there are over 185,000 developers, currently working in Ukraine. And this number is growing every year.
  • Solid expertise. Ukrainian developers have solid experience in Oracle® NetSuite implementation services and are ready to meet even the most challenging task.
  • Convenient location. Ukraine is located in the middle of Europe. It takes about 3 hours of flight to get here almost from any European city. It also has a convenient ait communication with American and Asian countries.

Why Choose Mobilunity as a Great NetSuite Developers Provider

If you are choosing the programmers to provide you with NetSuite development services – Mobilunity is one of the most trusted and efficient companies in the Ukrainian IT-market. Here you will find well-qualified coders, who will help to rich your business-goals and get the most out of NetSuite services.

Clients of Mobilunity choose our service because we:

  1. Analyze your business, determine goals and stick to them, creating a project plan;
  2. Understand your objectives and deliver functional ideas on how to reach them;
  3. Design the applications and systems, which address your special needs;
  4. Configure platforms and solutions so they stick to your particular business processes;
  5. Optimize the solutions making them user-friendly so that you and your team can use it easily.

If you plan to set up or develop a business, and you need Oracle® NetSuite consulting or Azure programming specialists of Mobilunity are here to help. We’ll become your secure partner and provide you with the solutions, used by the best enterprises.

Contact Mobilunity experts right now, get professional IT assistance, and hire Oracle® NetSuite developer, who will help your company to grow. Extend your team with great specialists in the field!

Disclaimer: All the trademarks used in the article above are the property of their respective owners. Our company is not affiliated with Oracle® in any way.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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