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Hire DevOps Consultant

DevOps (Development Operations) is a methodology and a set of practices that help businesses to increase their productivity in terms of software development. It is all about the fastest way to create a high-quality product and release it as well as automate the internal processes. DevOps consultant is a professional that helps to analyze and resolve existing issues by designing and implementing practices that align with DevOps principles.

DevOps implementation consultant can help a software development company to do the following:

  • Increase the development, debugging, and release speed
  • Analyze the existing operational issues and provide a practical solution to them
  • Increase the quality of a product by direct cooperation between development and QA teams
  • Boost employees’ and company’s productivity by implementing automation and clear procedures
  • Reduce costs on development and release

DevOps IT consultancies help to develop and optimize software applications faster. It also helps to increase customers’ satisfaction and support while implementing comfortable and efficient internal procedures.

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DevOps Methodology and Cloud Technology

Professional DevOps consultant has a good command over cloud technology. The reason is simple – it allows implementing DevOps principles and increasing processes automation. Cloud technology allows creating infrastructure and endorses automation of repeatable processes. It increases development’s speed and productivity as it offers smaller wait times. Automation of repetitive tasks is beneficial as it eliminates possible human errors.

The choice of a particular technology depends on you and a Cloud DevOps consultant will help with using its functionality to the full capacity. The major technologies such professionals work with are:

  • Amazon Web Service. AWS DevOps consultant helps to implement cloud technology, automate infrastructure, and deploy a server. Amazon DevOps consultant has a deep understanding of AWS stack, including EC2, RDS, SNS, SQS, EBS. He defines security groups, sets databases, and backups.
  • IBM Cloud. IBM DevOps consultant uses this technology to deploy new apps, services, and virtualized resources, such as compute power, networking, and storage. The technology can be used both as a platform and infrastructure as a service (PaaS and IaaS).  
  • Azure cloud. DevOps consultant works with Microsoft Azure cloud solution. Microsoft DevOps consultant designs and implements cloud solutions; works with 3Cloud Architects. Such a professional has deep knowledge of Datacenter Transformation, Azure infrastructure, cloud automation, and DevOps CI/CI pipelines.  
  • Agile. Agile DevOps consultant works not with specific cloud technology but combines two methodologies – Agile and DevOps. He has many technical skills, such as JEE, Cloud integration (it can be any cloud tech, AWS, Azure, or IBM). He has experience in SaaS solutions and EA modeling tools as well as enterprise security software.

DevOps Consultant Roles and Responsibilities at Different Enterprises

DevOps transformation consultant is a necessary professional for a company of any size. Overall, such a specialist helps to create and maintain collaboration and synergy between Dev, QA, and Ops departments for the provision of better software products.

For a startup consultant cloud DevOps can:

  • Help to build efficient internal procedures between departments
  • Increase the quality and speed of application production
  • Implement automation based on cloud solution
  • Monitor end-user satisfaction and increase the product’s quality
  • Increase the efficiency of troubleshooting and error detection

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For a mid-size company DevOps consultant companies can provide:

  • Business assessment and evaluation of the processes
  • Solution on automation and implementation of the best DevOps practices
  • Efficient collaboration of Dev, QA, and Ops
  • Faster release and troubleshooting of applications
  • Design and implementation of Cloud infrastructure

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For a large company, a senior DevOps consultant helps to:

  • Evaluate and change existing procedures to more effective
  • Increase apps’ performance and end-user satisfaction
  • Boost product releases, make them faster, and eliminate human error through automation
  • Implement practices that help to release software apps and solutions constantly with less time and effort
  • Design and implement a platform or cloud solution to automate repetitive tasks, deployment, testing, and environment management
  • Collect and analyze feedback to improve development and deployment processes

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To get an even better understanding of the responsibilities and necessary skills of such professionals, have a look at this DevOps consultant sample resume.

DevOps Consultant Salary Rates Worldwide

The salary rates do not depend on the particular cloud technology such a specialist works with. So Amazon DevOps consultant salary and Azure DevOps consultant hourly rate would be approximately the same as long as they live in one country. It means that the main factor impacting the rates is geographical location. Look at these numbers on annual salaries worldwide to estimate the difference:

  • USA – $99,604
  • Germany – $70,439
  • Australia – $87,530
  • UK  –  $31,446
  • Ukraine – $28,000 (based on research conducted by Mobilunity’s Recruiting Team over a few popular job boards)

These stats show why outsourcing and outstaffing are such popular options among enterprises – AWS DevOps consultant salary in Ukraine is way lower than in the USA. Businesses that are interested in decreasing the costs spent on DevOps consultant Amazon salary choose top destinations to delegate their projects.

How to Find a DevOps Consultant for Your Company

Excellent specialists are not easy to hire, as there is a great demand for them on the market. DevOps methodology helps any company to get more efficient, so sometimes even an entry DevOps consultant is hard to find. There are 3 main ways to extend your team with such employees:

  • Freelancers. The main benefit is that it is flexible cooperation, mostly timely. Freelancers charge for DevOps consultant salary hourly, which can be both an advantage and disadvantage, depending on the scope of the project. The main con is that such a professional is rarely part of the team and it can be harder to prove their skills and experience.
  • Project-based outsourcing. It is a great opportunity for many companies as it allows hiring excellent professionals for a limited time. Yet, DevOps requires continuity, it is a process. So such a project can take a long time and it is not recommended to change teams. It also requires more direct management and control from you.
  • Outstaffing. Hiring an IT consultant company for outstaffing is an optimal choice for all types of businesses, from startups to big enterprises. The professionals hire the experts for you and provide all management and control. It also ensures continuity of the DevOps methodology implementation.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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