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Hire .Net Developer

.NET Framework is a free open source development technology, introduced by Microsoft back in 2000. The main feature of the .NET framework is writing code using different languages, such as C#, Visual Basic, Visual C++ or F#, that can be integrated and used simultaneously. The main question is – what can you use this framework for? With time and growth, .NET Core developers can perform a wide variety of tasks – from website development and mobile application to the creation of interfaces and its components.

Benefits of Having a .NET Developer for Hire in Your Team

Currently, companies are rushing to get at least one .NET programmer on their team as having such a specialist often comes with a number of benefits:

  • Due to object-oriented programming .NET programming requires less coding.
  • .NET has been on the market for more than 15 years which ensures high reliability of the developed applications.
  • .NET offers its users enhanced security protocols and ensures the safety of all the data.
  • The versatility of the development process – with .NET it is possible to create applications for desktop, browser, and mobile purposes.
  • High cost-effectiveness of the development process.
  • Fast development.
  • Easy integration process.

Simply saying, .NET developers allow companies to create business applications more efficiently and cost-effectively. For even greater results a business can also hire a WCF developer, who will ensure easier integration of the created application and develop service-oriented applications.

Things to Consider Before You Hire Dot NET Developer

Hiring a .NET developer offshore is an excellent way to find your best match overseas. Similar to a traditional method of hiring, you are required to scan developers’ resumes to find the one. Despite the fact that outsourcing vendor does all the routine with hiring, it would be beneficial for you to be aware of the following aspects to make sure they will hire you the right person.

  • Get a coding mentor. If you decide to hire a junior .NET developer outsource specialist, it is crucial that they will have a mentor to supervise their actions and help them grow professionally. Having a mentor will also be helpful in terms of getting a new member of the team to accommodate faster.
  • Look for a highly motivated candidate. When a .NET developer remote specialist is highly interested to provide the best result possible the project development process will go more smoothly and considerably faster.
  • Circle out a set of necessary skills. Of course, you should be looking for a specialist that will be more suitable for your particular project, however, there is a set of Core skills that every Dot NET developer WCF should possess.
  • Prepare a test. It is important that you will not only determine what tech skills you are looking for in your Mono programmer, but also will be able to test them out. Carrying out a prior test will also give you a chance to assess how your Mono developer follows the standard rules of coding.
  • Test their soft skills. Soft skills are very important, especially for a .NET developer with WinForms. Such tests will show you how stress-resistant the candidate is, how they can manage tasks priority, how well they can perform as part of the team and sole Dot NET developer with WCF.

Having followed these 5 rules it will be easier for you to prepare for an interview with your potential WinForms developer candidate.

Core Skills to Look for When You Hire a .NET Engineer

.NET developers, especially a full stack .NET developer , are in high demand now, which means that there are plenty of such specialists out there and possible clients have to be aware of a .NET developer for hire core skills and responsibilities to employ a professional. So a good senior .NET developer must have the following skills:

  1. C# proficiency. C# is one of the Core languages for any .NET Core developer out there. Even though this framework allows writing code using different languages, C# still remains to be among the most popular ones.
  2. Flawless coding skills. A Dot NET development company senior specialist must not only be able to write their own code so that another specialist could understand it, but also work with someone else’s code. It would be a huge advantage for a senior .NET developer to be able to write multithreaded code.
  3. Familiarity with the ASP.NET framework. It’s desirable to have experience of using the SQL server and its design and architectural patterns. Mobilunity has an extensive experience in providing asp net development services.
  4. Experience in working with Microsoft Architecture. It will help to build desktop solutions that maximize customer engagement.
  5. English proficiency. A high level of English is a strict requirement at most companies as it is necessary for a client to be able to have clear communication with their team of Dot NET Core developers.
  6. Strong soft skills. It is essential for any Dot NET development firm specialist to have strong soft skills such as the ability to work in a team, knowledge of a proper communication way with the client, ability to plan things and evaluate the amount of work. Soft skills are especially relevant for a junior .NET development company specialist as seniors often have a strong portfolio to back up their skills and knowledge.

What to Look for in .NET Developer Resume

Before hiring any type of specialist, checking out their resume is a must, especially when it comes to Mono developers. While choosing the right candidate you typically have two options – delegating the task to a Dot NET development agency or trying to find the right one by yourself. The first option is surely easier, however, if you do not have a chance to hire a .NET development agency, searching for the developer yourself can also be a good option.  As we have mentioned before, while analyzing the WinForms developer resume you should be focusing not only on technical skills but on soft ones as well. For anyone who decides to hire WCF developer, or any other kind of IT specialist in this field, it is important to get familiar with the typical junior and senior developers’ resumes.

How Your Project Can Benefit From Hiring NET developer

For the successful implementation of the project and the quality of the final product, the company needs to hire a net developer who will take on the implementation of the technical part of the project. The choice of a specialist is an essential stage of the project because it affects the implementation of the idea as a whole. It is best for a company not to limit itself to one developer, but hire net developers, who will form a group of specialists, thereby distributing tasks and functions among themselves to perform the task faster, efficiently and effectively.

Meanwhile asp net developer for hire have a lot of advantages, which directly affect the company’s work and the effectiveness of the final product – in turn, a product of this level has a positive impact on the status and overall image of the company in the global market. Equally important is the fact that a quality final product pays for itself fairly quickly and brings profit to the company to which it belongs.

  • Speed of project completion

As it was mentioned before .NET programming requires far fewer lines of code than other popular programming types. Thus, the specialist does not need a lot of time to write code – what in some frameworks takes thousands of lines, in .NET will take much less volume. The speed of the project also ensures that the specialist will not need to spend a lot of effort on the creation of the final product, and due to the size of the code they will be able to identify and fix bugs faster.

  • High professionalism

Most experts have extensive experience because .NET is already a very well-established framework in the global market. If a company decides to hire .net developers to work on a project, it does not need to worry about the efficiency of the final product, because it will be implemented perfectly. In addition, many years of experience provide the specialist with a large amount of documentation, which makes their work easier. Years of experience allows specialists not only to cope with difficult tasks, but also to easily adapt to client requirements and create a quality product within the allotted time frame, which directly affects the efficiency of the project.

  • All data is protected

If a company wants all of their project data to be protected, the best solution is to hire dot net developers who will provide complete confidentiality of any project information. They know how to work with advanced security protocols that will not be leaked to the network by ill-wishers. This is an important point that can not be ignored, because the loss of data is not only harmful to the confidentiality of the customer, but not infrequently endangers the whole company.

If a company is determined to hire a dotnet developer, it is also important to find the right provider who can provide highly qualified professionals. Both on the Ukrainian and global markets, Mobilunity stands out because it is not only a client-oriented company, but also will help hire dotnet developers for any project. Working with us not only brings the desired result and helps to implement the idea, but also contributes to an increase in profits through the implementation of the final product. The client is able to take into account all the wishes and needs of the client, who will receive a finished and high-quality product. The customer will be able to hire a net programmer, who will do the job perfectly and at the best level for an affordable price and in time.

When exploring options to enhance your development team’s capabilities, considering C Sharp developers for hire is a strategic move, particularly for projects requiring .NET expertise, ensuring your project leverages the full potential of .NET technologies.

Dot NET Development Services Costs: How Much Does It Cost to Hire .NET Developer

When it comes to having any type of IT services outsourced, the price can differ. Here are the most common reasons for that:

  • Different countries. Each country has a different economy as well as slight to significant differences in currency exchange rates. Rates at one .NET Core development company can be different from another even within one country, for example, the price tends to go higher in the capital.
  • The technology stack. The price for your developer’s services will depend greatly on their specialty. For example, hiring a full stack .NET developer might cost you more than hiring an iOS developer.
  • Skill level. If you want to hire ASP.NET developers with a high level of expertise – be ready to pay more. However, think of this as an investment, more experienced developers will be able to perform better and finish the project faster.

Now that you know about all the reasons that might affect the final price for hiring a Dot NET programmer, let’s take a look at the comparison chart of such developers’ rates in different countries. All the given data was taken from Payscale.

 USAGermanyCzech RepublicSwitzerlandUkraine
$ per year$84,000$55,000$24,000$95,000$20,000

All these countries are popular outsourcing destinations, however, one of them, Ukraine, stands out the most in terms of the Dot NET expert rates. Let’s find out why is that so.

Ukraine as .NET Development Outsourcing Destination

You can get a .NET expert for your team practically anywhere, however, if you are looking for a great combination of skills and price – take a look at Ukraine as one of your possible outsourcing destinations.

When most companies turn to outsource practices they keep in mind cost-efficiency and high level of performance and Ukrainian Dot NET developers might be the best choice in such a situation. Why is Ukraine such a popular outsourcing destination these days? There are, in fact, quite a few benefits:

  • Vast talent pool. With over 180,000 IT professionals Ukrainian IT industry is at its peak now. Considering its location and highly-educated specialists, Ukraine attacks clients from the United States, Australia, West Europe, and some Asian countries.
  • Profile education. Most developers in Ukraine have a profile education as long with all the necessary official certifications. This way a client can always be sure of the skill level of their Dot NET programmers.
  • Cost-effectiveness. There is no secret that Ukraine offers one of tashe lowest prices for IT services. That is mostly explained by this country’s state of economy and differences in currency rates. These two factors determine the difference between Ukrainian and other countries developers’ wages. However, low rates do not imply low-quality services which means you can hire .NET Core developer for a considerable cost.
  • Easy-to-reach outsourcing destination. Ukraine is located in the heart of Eastern Europe which makes it very easy to get to, reducing the time travel for most clients to just a few hours.
  • Over 35,000 IT graduates each year. Ukraine has made it to the ‘top 10’ of the countries with the biggest number of annual IT graduates, according to the data given by the World Economic Forum. More than just that, young people from all around the world are welcome to join the Ukrainian tech community if they are aiming to become IT specialists at a high level.
  • English-speaking IT community. It might seem like a little thing to worry about, but having an English-speaking Dot NET engineer is actually a big deal. You see, in the software and applications’ development industry every little detail matters so it is always best to try and avoid any chance of miscommunication by hiring a specialist that speaks your language.

As you see, Ukraine has a huge potential in becoming the main European outsourcing center, both – in terms of price and quality.

Get Your .NET Development Services at Mobilunity

As it was mentioned previously, Ukraine is a wonderful outsourcing destination, especially if you are looking for a Dot NET development team. Out of the many companies that offer their services for those, who need an outsourced team of developers, Mobilunity probably stands out the most.

  • Cost-effective solutions. By cooperating with Mobilunity you can be sure that you will be getting the best solution for a very considerable price. More than that – you will be given a detailed invoice so that you will know what exactly you are paying for.
  • Convenient location. Mobilunity’s main office is in the heart of Eastern Europe – the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Due to such a convenient location, potential clients do not usually spend more than a few hours on the road.
  • Professional developers. By hiring a Dot NET developer from Mobilunity you can be sure that they will have a profile education, all the necessary certifications and at least a few years of relevant experience in the field.
  • Swift recruitment process. It will not take more than 4 weeks for your Dot NET developer remote specialist to start working on your project.

How do you start the cooperation with Mobilunity? It is quite simple – just leave your request on the website and in no time you will get a callback. Right after that Mobilunity’s recruiters will start looking for perfect Dot NET development outsourcing candidates for you. After the first screening round is done the client can personally interview the selected .NET programmers and make the final decision. This follows the document signing part and shortly after the client can finally have their team working on the project.

So if you want to hire Dot NET developer and aim for the best quality – contact Mobilunity and have your team set up in no time!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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