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Hire OpenCV Developers

Just a few decades ago, the field of artificial intelligence development and machine learning development was nothing more than overhyped software that actually offered very little intelligence. With advancements in technology, however, the processing power of computers quickly improved, and this paved the way for creating machines that more closely resembled the idea that AI created in people’s minds. Now, we have machines that can see and learn through the methods of computer vision and machine learning. In this article, we take a look at OpenCV, a popular tool that brings computer vision, machine learning in the hands of many developers, ways, and methods to hire OpenCV Android engineer or even hire AI programmers.

An Overview of OpenCV

Initially launched in 1999, OpenCV’s goal is to aid in the creation of computer vision and machine learning applications by laying down a common infrastructure for such applications on which developers can build and develop. The tool is an open-source project first started by Intel’s research lab, but support for the project has since been taken over by OpenCV.org, a non-profit foundation.

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Technologies OpenCV Developer for Hire Should Know

With over 2500 algorithms, the OpenCV software library is capable of performing several computer vision and machine perception tasks based on the labeled data, including:

  • Facial recognition and object identification
  • Iris recognition
  • Motion tracking
  • Human action classification
  • Building three-dimensional models of various objects
  • Stitching images together to create large, high-resolution images
  • Finding images similar to an input image
  • Removal of red eyes from images captured with flash
  • Eye motion tracking
  • Scenery recognition
  • Overlaying surroundings with augmented reality using visual markers

The library is written in C and C++, but has bindings for other programming languages such as Java, Python, and MATLAB. Furthermore, it has wrappers for other languages such as C#, Ruby, Perl, and Haskell. It also supports various operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. When hiring OpenCV developers, don’t overlook the potential benefits of engaging a freelance iOS programmer and collaborating with a skilled Microsoft Dynamics AX developer, to create a well-rounded team with diverse expertise capable of delivering innovative and efficient solutions for your computer vision projects.

OpenCV Usage Statistics

OpenCV has been downloaded over 16 million times and has a community of over 47,000 users. Its GitHub repository has received over 18,478 stars and has 782 contributors as of writing. Among the prominent companies that employ the library are Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, IBM, Intel, Toyota, and Honda.

Examples of Projects Completed by OpenCV Developers for Hire

Here are some interesting sample projects that use the OpenCV library:

  • 3D(ollar) Scanner – In this project, the developer created a 3D scanner for only around $3. With the help of a camera and OpenCV, this project can give you a 3D model of different objects.
  • Cassapa Augmented Reality Pool Game – This project uses OpenCV to help you in a pool game by detecting and analyzing your position and the table’s configuration, calculating the angles, and providing you with the right angle at which you should hit your cue ball via a projector.
  • Face and Eye Detection Using OpenCV – This project uses OpenCV running on Raspberry Pi. It uses some machine learning algorithms to detect and recognize people through their face or even just through their eyes.
  • Smart Gates – This project utilizes OpenCV’s character recognition algorithms to automatically read a vehicle’s plate number and check if that vehicle is registered or not. If it is registered, it automatically opens the gates to let the vehicle in, otherwise, it will notify the administrator that an unregistered vehicle is at the gates.
  • Autonomous vehicle – This project makes use of various sensors to enable a vehicle to drive autonomously, and it allows the vehicle to follow street lanes, avoid obstacles, park, and overtake other vehicles.

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Pros and Cons of OpenCV Usage: Is It Worth to Hire OpenCV Engineer?

Though there are many benefits to using OpenCV for computer vision tasks, the technology may also have its own set of drawbacks. Let’s explore some of its advantages and disadvantages.

OpenCV Development Pros

  • Open-source – Since OpenCV is open-source, it’s free and offers the support of its online community of developers
  • Fast – Since OpenCV is natively a C/C++ library, it can be very quick and suitable for real-time applications, especially when used with these languages
  • Portable – OpenCV can be installed on many different operating systems and even supports mobile devices
  • Supports Multiple Languages – OpenCV has bindings and wrappers for a lot of languages other than C and C++
  • Mature – OpenCV has been around since 1999 and has seen continuous research and development, so its technology has had enough time to mature and stabilize

OpenCV Programming Cons

  • May be Difficult to Use – Since OpenCV is a software library, it will require a lot of coding regardless of the programming language chosen
  • May Have Memory Leaks – Since OpenCV is based on C/C++, it inherits some of the problems of these languages, most notably memory leaks

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Java OpenCV Developers: A Closer Look on 2 Technologies


OpenCV is a library that aids in performing computer vision and machine learning tasks. It contains over 2,500 algorithms for computer vision and machine learning. Written natively in C and C++, the library works well in these languages but also supports many other programming languages. For instance, it provides bindings for Java, Python, and MATLAB, and it has wrappers for C#, Ruby, Haskell, and Perl. Moreover, it supports various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. OpenCV is now in its third version, OpenCV 3, the latest release as of writing being OpenCV 3.3.0. Let’s take a look at how an OpenCV face detection C++ code would start. Below is a sample OpenCV C++ code with function normalize_image to process and normalize an input image, the first step in any facial recognition OpenCV application:

static Mat normalize_image(InputArray input_image) {
    Mat input_mat = input_image.getMat();
    Mat normalized_img;
    switch(input_mat.channels()) {
    case 1:
        cv::normalize(input_image, normalized_img, 0, 255, NORM_MINMAX, CV_8UC1);
    case 3:
        cv::normalize(input_image, normalized_img, 0, 255, NORM_MINMAX, CV_8UC3);
    return normalized_img;

You may see the complete OpenCV Java face detection sample code in the official OpenCV documentation.


Java is arguably one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It was first released in 1991 by a group of developers from Sun Microsystems, now under Oracle Corporation. Mainly an object-oriented programming language, it showcased a “Write Once, Run Anywhere” philosophy, a goal that was considerably ahead of its time and is still being pursued by many programming languages and technologies today.

Java’s syntax is largely influenced by C++. However, the former introduces several improvements over the latter and solves many of the serious flaws that plagued the latter. For instance, Java features an automatic memory management system that automatically performs object allocation/deallocation and garbage collection, so that the developer doesn’t need to worry about these tasks. This eliminates what had been common sources of error for many C++ programs.

Moreover, Java is much simpler and more consistent than C++. Whereas the structure of C++ is a combination of different paradigms that can easily confuse developers, Java’s architecture is consistently object-oriented. Furthermore, Java eliminated confusing low-level functionalities present in C++ such as pointers that were prone to misuse and errors in usage. These things make Java far easier to learn than C++, so unless you’re hard set with C++, implementing OpenCV 3.0 computer vision with Java is a good option.

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How May Your Business Benefit If You Hire OpenCV Java Developer?

With all these advantages, developers should therefore not be confined to C++ when using the OpenCV library, and luckily, OpenCV has bindings for Java. Here are some OpenCV Java examples of actual projects, programmers have written in Java:

  • Face Detection – An application that utilizes face recognition biometric technology from web camera video footage.
  • OpenCV Stitching – An application that stitches multiple images into one high-resolution panoramic image
  • Tennis Ball Recognizer – An application that recognizes tennis balls from a video and tracks their motion
  • OpenCV for Android – A project to help jumpstart the use of OpenCV in Android applications
  • Image Segmentation – An application to perform image segmentation, including edge detection, of different objects in images.

Demand for OpenCV Java Face Recognition Programmers

Facial recognition is what we can find on new iPhone X like Face ID, Facebook uses it to tag people on photos, Google Cloud Vision API detects faces in an image, and this function is very crucial for security issues. First appeared in the 1960s, facial recognition technology was further improved in the 1990s in the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Java is the most popular programming language for facial detection. Yet, there are many other coding languages used for building facial recognition apps and features: Python, Matlab, C/C#/C++. What is more, the OpenCV platform is widely used for the implementation of facial recognition features into apps.

Today, the demand for Java facial recognition developers is getting higher, however, not every country can boast a wide developer pool. We’ve analyzed demand for Java face detection engineer or coder for Java projects in various countries of the world and have found out the following stats:


The USA. Demand for OpenCV motion detection Java developers


Germany. Demand for an OpenCV Java face recognition programmer


Ukraine. Demand for a facial recognition Java developer (OpenCV)

The chart clearly demonstrates the demand and supply for developers who have the necessary skills for work on OpenCV face recognition Java projects. In the USA, the demand for OpenCV motion detection Java developers is the highest of all the countries included in the research. The demand for Ukrainian developers with OpenCV skills is the lowest as the companies do not tend to implement the up-to-date features to their apps and websites. Still, there are a lot of Java, Python, Matlab developers who work on foreign projects as the supply is much bigger for such developers than demand in Ukraine.

Skills to Look for If You Need to Hire OpenCV Android Programmer

With the current advancements in technology, the possibilities for computer vision and machine learning are nearly limitless, so it would be highly beneficial to hire OpenCV C++ developer and invest in OpenCV programming. Here are some additional skills to look for in a good OpenCV developer.

  • Machine learning algorithms. OpenCV has many machine learning algorithms available at the disposal of the OpenCV developer, but these algorithms might not be fully utilized if not understood properly. A good OpenCV programmer must understand the purpose of each of these algorithms in order to know which ones to use for each application.
  • Proficiency in the language. OpenCV has support for many different programming languages, and whichever you choose for your project, the developer must be highly proficient in that language in order to use the OpenCV library with ease.
  • Electronics. Since OpenCV is typically used with some hardware such as a camera and some Arduino or Raspberry Pi kits, the developer must have at least some knowledge on how to operate and connect these hardware components together.

OpenCV Developer Resume Samples

To give you a better picture of developer’s typical background in OpenCV development company, here’s a sample OpenCV developer resume.

Although natively written in C++, OpenCV also works well with Java because Java offers many advantages over C++ and thus, due to them, is chosen by any Java OpenCV projects engineer or coder. We’ve looked at the cost of hiring a Java OpenCV coder in different countries and seen that Ukraine is the most economical choice. If you’re looking for OpenCV Java programmer for hire, you’ve come to the right place! We are Mobilunity, a Ukrainian provider of dedicated developers, and we offer Europe’s brightest developers for incredibly affordable rates. Here you get to know how good OpenCV Java developer resume looks like:

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OpenCV Developer Salary Rates: How Much It Costs to Hire OpenCV Programmer

When hiring an OpenCV Java programmer, one of the first points to consider is the cost. Different countries offer vastly different costs for a Java OpenCV programmer, so picking the right country to hire from can lead to huge savings. Let’s compare the estimated cost of hiring an OpenCV Java engineer or coder in different countries to determine where it would be wisest to hire OpenCV programmer. In this comparison, we obtain our information from PayScale, a website that gives average gross salaries in different occupations based on self-reported figures. We look at the salaries of software OpenCV engineers in general, and although this may not be accurate estimates of OpenCV developer and Java OpenCV engineer salaries, it will nevertheless give us the relative rates of developers in different countries.

According to PayScale, the average gross annual salaries of OpenCV engineers in various countries are as follows:

Comparison of Average Gross Annual Salaries of Software Engineers in Different Countries (Source: PayScale)

From the above figures, Ukraine clearly stands out as the country with the most affordable rates to hire OpenCV developers. Compared to hiring an OpenCV programmer Toronto or hire developers India, for instance, hiring from Ukraine will give you over 57% savings. Needless to say, if you hire OpenCV Java developers from Ukraine, it will be the most practical option.

Machine Learning (OpenCV) Developer Salary in the USA and Europe

As it was already stated above, before hiring OpenCV developers, conduct short research on an average monthly, annual, or even hourly rate of an OpenCV developer worldwide to understand what it will cost you to develop an app, a website, or a project with face or motion recognition features. Still, except for an OpenCV developer salary in the US, Germany, UK, and Ukraine we have also researched rates of software engineers skilled in machine learning (as OpenCV is very often applied in this industry) in order to let you compare them with the rates of Java experts.

Salaries of developers skilled in machine learning (Source: PayScale)

Thus, according to PayScale an OpenCV programmer salary in the USA is approximately $103,000. An average annual salary of OpenCV experts in UK is $49,300, while German developers get $70,400 annually. Swiss experts skilled in machine learning get $90,000 yearly and the salary of OpenCV programmers in Israel is almost the same $88,000/year. Belgium is a bit cheaper than Switzerland and Israel as here software developers skilled in machine learning get $83,000/year. Ukraine is one of the countries where developers have much lower rates than in most European countries. OpenCV developers is not an exception. According to a Ukrainian job portal for IT experts DOU.ua, average OpenCV developer salary in Ukraine is $1,500-1,700/month and only senior developers can get $3,000-5,000/month.

Based on the information provided above, we assume that the highest salary rates for OpenCV developers are in the United States, and the lowest OpenCV developer rate is in Ukraine. So we advise you to search for the OpenCV experts or hire OpenCV Android team in the country with a skilled talent pool, low demand, and compatible salaries.

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How to Hire OpenCV Java Engineer: 3 Ways to Find OpenCV Developer for Hire

Whether you’re looking for an OpenCV Java engineer, programmer, or coder there’re always a few options you can choose to get the most qualified worker or a dedicated team for your project. Which one to choose depends on your final goals, availability, and financial capacity. Key methods to hire OpenCV Java programmer or coder are the following ones:

Find In-House OpenCV Java Engineer for Hire

Local hiring is time-consuming and expensive, actually, the most expensive among the three hiring methods listed above. For example, if you hire OpenCV Java developer locally, let’s assume in Germany with an annual salary of $55,900, be prepared to pay medical benefits, add office rent and some other expenditures, and eventually, your OpenCV Java engineer, programmer, or coder might cost you $5,000 plus. Moreover, the hiring process might take you quite a long time, even if your HR manager posts job openings quickly. Analyzing CVs, interviewing candidates will take at least 7 days, and there will be no guarantees that you will find an OpenCV Java engineer, programmer, or coder with a required skill set.

Outsource OpenCV Development Tasks to OpenCV Android Developer for Hire

Outsourcing is a business model that is used to improve the company’s efficiency or reduce expenditures. It is about shifting projects and tasks to an external OpenCV Java programming company for a certain or undefined period of time. For example, a US-based firm is seeking for an expert to work on creation of an app with face recognition features and can outsource this task to an OpenCV projects engineer, programmer, or coder for 6 months choosing the suitable OpenCV Android development company located in Ukraine.

Hire Dedicated OpenCV Java Team

Hiring a dedicated development team or developer(s) is a popular practice in the sphere of information technology. Companies hire OpenCV Android developer on remote basis to work on specific tasks or projects either long- or short-term. Whether you have a small office or launch a new project that has a limited budget, you can easily consider hiring a remote team of OpenCV Java engineers, programmers, or coders in the countries where such experts get lower rates.

For example, you can hire an external OpenCV dev team to work on a new OpenCV facial recognition app for a security software project. It will be cheaper, since you don’t have to pay taxes, provide facilities, and you get access to a wider developer talent pool than if you find OpenCV Java engineer locally. Additionally, you can save money if you extend your development team with a Java OpenCV engineer or coder from Ukraine, where salary rates are lower, but the quality is proven to be one of the best in the world. No matter what project you’re about to launch, you always have an option where to choose qualified OpenCV Java developer for hire.

Hire OpenCV Developers at Mobilunity

OpenCV is a very powerful library that brings artificial intelligence into the hands of developers and features the latest in computer vision and machine learning technologies. For instance, it features a face detection technology that works in various languages: whether you need Python face recognition or a face recognition algorithm in Java, it has everything you need. Now that you’ve learned a great deal about the technology and the OpenCV development cost, how much is to hire OpenCV engineer, it’s a good time to start! Here in Mobilunity, we have exceptional developers skilled in OpenCV and many other state-of-the-art technologies to help bring all your ideas to fruition. Located in the heart of Ukraine, we not only have the best talents across all of Europe, but our rates to hire OpenCV Java team are one of the lowest in the continent, too!

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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