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Hire Security Software Developer

When customers decide to interact with a product or a service they no longer search for some unique offers. They all go now for the business that will offer the most secure services, knowing that the sensitive information they share stays safe and highly secured from any breaches.

Given the situation, a security software developer has become a quite coveted position on the job market in the IT sphere. Businesses want to assure their clients in having their information free from stealing, ransomware activity, or phishing. 

This is why specialists that handle security matters the way it is guaranteed next to 100% are gaining momentum. Software security consulting has evolved into a common practice that no product can do without.

General Overview of Security Development 

So that to enhance the importance of the security development concept and the crucial need for every business to employ security software developer, let’s have a look at the following numbers:

  • In 2021 Android banking has detected malware increase (T1 got it up by 158.7%; T2 had it 49% up).
  • In reference to the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021, pilfered user credentials were the most commonly applied attack that is held accountable for 20% of incidents, causing the loss of 4.37 million.
  • In 93 percent of cases, an external attacker can violate a network perimeter and obtain access to local network data (takes no more than 2 days to intervene). 
  • The USA businesses lost more than $6.9 billion in 2021 because of cyber violations. Only 43% of organizations are financially ready to stand up to cyber-attacks in 2022. 
  • Three out of five companies in 2021 have experienced software supply chain attacks.
  • According to 82 percent of CIOs, their software supply chains are vulnerable.
  • Business Email Compromise has led to the loss of US $43 billion since 2016.
  • And according to TechRepublic, many managers have admitted not being prepared for the cyber-attacks and data breaches that lie ahead.

The numbers mentioned in the statistical data above are quite impressive and may serve as a great impetus for some solid action plan on how to stabilize the safety situation and keep customers feeling safe while interacting with a service or a product. The last point of the stats is nothing but a call for security development encouragement. 

With the given negative tendencies in the cyber security realm, software security developer, as security expert, has gotten a massive push up the IT careers ladder. Businesses from around the globe have increased comprehension of how software developer intersects with cyber security and what the valuable asset cyber security software developer is for business growth.

Software development and cyber security are keys to gaining and maintaining trust among existing customers and potential prospects. Here are some meaningful reasons why safety in development is a critical area for the companies to direct their resources to.

  • Systems security is a foundation for business

The company will not be trusted if the sensitive data can get easily penetrated by an unauthorized user. Fortified systems are required. Making sure that the security matters are seriously taken during the development process will reduce exposure to the breaches in the outcome.

  • Safety of users’ assets

With the exponential tech upgrade, personalization and connected devices have increased the sensitive data collection (banking, healthcare, location, etc.). Security software developer skill set contributes to developing software that has security as a priority at the initial stages of its development life cycle. 

  • Safety vs Usability

Software developer security lifecycle is determined by establishing the balance between usability and security. That’s where the security analyst vs software developer may unfold. The security analyst focuses on making and implementing the secure code whilst the rest of the development and design team keep on enriching the usability. 

  • Crypto elements easy integration

Software developer cyber security specialists have their ways of selecting, integrating, and scaling the right tools when it comes to crypto elements and SDK. Those algorithms, when implemented correctly, assure the security of the end-product and make it easy for the team further down the line.

Trying to avoid any data leaking, businesses catch on to the opportunity to cooperate with a dedicated professional who can plan, implement, manage, and monitor for any breaches and eliminate them easily. Since cybercriminals do not lag behind with what they can do, the companies must strengthen the software developer job security department.

Things to Look at When Hiring Security Software Developer

When hiring a software security developer, the hiring managers must clearly understand what specialist they are actually looking for. To describe in brief, this security expert is accountable for implementing security elements in any given software product. 

When talking about a more advanced level of security engineering, we may refer to software developers who are directly engaged in security software development (where the companies might be willing to hire cloud security architect), or perform as consultants, delivering insights on how each certain security feature should be integrated.

Software security specialists must possess skills of the development skill set (knowledge of programming languages – for the security software developer java and Python might be quite a base-, relational and non-relational databases, networking protocols, technologies of virtualization, etc.) as well as they should have strong expertise in providing security analysis, defenses, countermeasures, and security optimization at every stage of the development process.

Technically every developer should be aware of how to ensure a powerful security system. Yet, the safety of the software is not something of general knowledge. It should be trusted by security engineers who have the eye for detecting, solving, and providing ways to enhance the security system. It is not about software developer vs cyber security, where two of these should not intersect, leaving the job to the pros. It is more about an enhanced approach to dealing with safety matters, where one might miss something, and the other one will take it from there and fix it.

What Does a Security Software Developer Do?

Preventing data breaches from happening, assessing risks, and defining pitfalls are some of the security troubles a security developer deals with.

What do cybercriminals aim at when launching an attack:

  • Financial data
  • Personal information
  • Personal data
  • General data that is valuable for the company 

To achieve that, the users are being attacked in various ways (cracked passwords, spyware, third-party data breaches, data leaks, vulnerability exploits, etc.). Therefore there must be a team of security specialists who can tackle any harm and provide solutions on how to prevent that from happening again. Security developers and security consultants develop solutions and provide their constant maintenance by:

  • managing and leading security incident reports
  • participating in designing reviews, integration, and quality control
  • troubleshooting security and network issues
  • identifying threats 
  • defining sustainable safety measures
  • evaluating breach exposures of both hardware and software
  • enhancing data cloud storage configuration
  • implementing specific security practices
  • customizing the existing security software to satisfy the business needs

Security software experts deal with a myriad of tasks, paying scrupulous attention to even the least visible detail.

Questions to Ask at a Cyber Security Developer Interview

When looking at a security software developer’s resume, one might have either a clear picture of the kind of specialist there is or still needs certain clarifications to be done. One way or another a hiring team will have to come up with a question-set that not only helps to reveal the general expertise level of the candidate, but also how well that expertise might fit the exact company’s needs.

Let’s have a look at what usually is asked:

  • What is the firewall’s importance?
  • When was the last time you handled a massive security breach?
  • What does the CIA model consist of?
  • How do you see your security developer role in the team?
  • Is there any difference between vulnerability and exploit?
  • Name the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption.
  • How do you secure a server, name step-by-step guidance?
  • What does PBKDF stand for and what is it used for?
  • How do you deal with salted hashes?
  • Is there any difference between a block cipher and a stream cipher?

The field of interest might look this way for the interviews. Seeking the best-fitting candidate for the job might take tons of time, energy, and money. Sometimes the company finds it quite unbearable to cover the recruitment processes with the limited time provided.

Addressing BPO providers for assigning a specialist for the job will be quite a sensible idea adding benefits to the process. Dealing with remote specialists (a remote network security engineer, a remote IT security consultant, a remote security analyst, etc.) is a common practice for businesses of different sizes. The trick is to find the most reliable and trustworthy outsourcing services provider. Finding one will solve all the staffing needs exactly as the requirements have it.

Software Developer vs Cyber Security Developer

Both freelance cyber security consultant and find fintech developers must be excellent in coding, understanding networks, developing apps and software, and familiar with software architecture. The skill sets of the given specialists hugely overlap. Yet there are several differences. Though the working realm for cyber security engineers might be a bit narrower than the software developer’s one, it demands more immediate moves in providing solutions (data at stake permits little time to procrastinate).

Cybersecurity software developers must learn fast what the threat is and how to conquer it by creating and implementing the right software. Vigilance and presence at the moment, permit them to have solutions for alleviating the threats. A hacker’s knowledge (for the sake of the system safety) also defines such an engineer giving him/her insights on the next potential cybercriminal move. Immediate and urgent response to the cyberattacks ramifications and alert sent to the team is also a prominent, distinguishing trait of the cybersecurity software developers.

Cyber Security Software Developer Salary

Thinking of hiring a security software developer (and it is highly recommended for the business to survive) the company must plan the budget that will include a security software developer’s salary and produce a smart resource allocation experience.

It is important to mention that having access to hiring remote specialists gives a golden opportunity for the companies to get a strongly skillful employee for a very reasonable price.

Let’s see what are the net annual salaries of security engineers in various parts of the world:

Switzerland $138,818

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

In the given list, it is easy to observe that if one shifts the focus of searching to the countries in Eastern Europe (Ukraine in our case), one will get an opportunity to work with top tech specialists who possess impressive expertise, access to cutting edge technology and creative solutions to implement. Also, they dearly share western values, therefore they demonstrate ethical and mental compatibility.

When thinking of hiring a senior security software developer, be ready to pay a bit bigger numbers:

Switzerland $172.536

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Yet, this cost is enhanced by quite a profound skill set, certifications, and experience. Looking for hiring such a specialist in Ukraine will save your time and money, yet provide you with a specialist who can be trusted with the exact performance of security assessments on web apps, libraries, and cloud misconfigurations; who handles architecture documents verification; who is skilled with running penetration tests and preparing incident response plans, etc. 

Mobilunity Is a Trusted Cyber Security Specialists Provider

Looking for a reliable company that can cover IT  staffing demands via providing dedicated, highly professional specialists at a reasonable cost, then Mobilunity company will definitely match your inquiry. Ukrainian-based nearshoring company ensures access to 200,000+ software engineers from Ukraine, giving the opportunity for the client to retain total control of the development processes. 

More than 10 years of experience, over a thousand completed projects, worldwide customers network alongside top-notch specialists are the living proofs of Mobilunity  running the philosophy of business being done by people and for people. Focusing on human relationships and cherishing them as the most valuable asset to the success of their mission. 

Given that, the company has managed to cooperate with persistent, loyal, and ambitious specialists, who are capable of building meaningful working connections with the clients, while maintaining the quintessence of the company. Assuring full dedication, meaning that the IT professional is assigned only to an exact project and no extras are possible, provides customers with high-quality employee performance and excellent outcomes.

A software security developer is a must to have on the Rust development team due to his/her expertise in preventing, detecting, and providing an action plan for fighting the next potential attacks. Clients and businesses have to have their data secured. This matter by no means allows overlooking or postponing.

Hiring security specialists via staffing agencies will spare valuable resources and let the employment burden fly off the shoulders of the company, dedicating the time and energy saved to the more business-specific details. When hiring a remote specialist, consider the rapid growing IT industry in Eastern Europe (Ukraine in particular). This will assure an outstanding experience of having a real professional on the team that will not cost you all the money in the world.

Thinking of maintaining software development security and having clients feeling safe about data sharing? Contact us!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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