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How to Hire .NET 5 Developer in Eastern Europe

Different development platforms are available right now, and one of the most popular development platforms is .NET framework 5. Professionals know .NET 5 vs .NET Core and will know the differences thoroughly. The popularity of the .NET 5 is expected because of the things that it can do. Those who use .NET framework 5.0 can expect versatility, easiness in usage, and multi-functionality.

This can be used for web projects and creating software. The only issue is it can be hard to look for the right .NET 5 developers. Companies are looking for professionals who are experienced in details that are related to this development platform.

Companies can either look for a lone .NET developer or create a team of developers focused on creating the best web project or software. To know more details about the most used frameworks, you can look at Statista outlook.

Reasons to Hire .NET 5 Developers

Demand for .NET 5 developers has grown steadily over the past years, and it is expected to grow even further in the coming years. Companies know that the .NET 5 programmer will be more valuable because of his knowledge of the different programming languages. They can write various programs and create the right software products. It does not matter what portion of the development process they should focus on. Whether they need to do full-stack or focus on the back-end or the front-end, they will always be capable.

Developers have started to learn more about .NET framework 5 to remain competitive in the market. Some of them started learning years ago. Companies are searching for developers and .NET 5 engineers with different capabilities. The fees that they charge may differ as well. Details about the demand for developers can be found in Forbes.

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What Skills Do .NET 5 Developers Require

Whether you want to become a .NET 5 developer or you want to hire .NET programmer, you still need to know the proper skills to be considered significant. The number of developers specializing in different programming languages has increased steadily, but here are the required skills.

  • Expertise in .NET

This type of platform is vast and more complicated than other programming languages. This has consistently evolved to accommodate the needs of people. It is now more sophisticated than other programming languages, which means that it will require more complex tasks.

When you hire .NET developer, this person should be familiar with the smallest of details required by this platform. Just imagine how easy it would be when developers can solve all of the issues regardless of the development cycle.

  • SQL and Databases

Some developers may be familiar with SQL and databases, but it is an advantage for someone specializing in .NET to have in-depth knowledge. There are a lot of databases that will require the use of .NET. The more comfortable the programmer is in playing around with the development process, the better it is going to be.

  • Full-Stack Development

It was mentioned earlier that .NET programmers and developers are required to know the whole process. They are required to know about other platforms, technologies, and frameworks. Even basic knowledge will be enough, but they should be good enough to be called full-stack developers. If they specialize more in doing just front-end or just back-end development, they may not be prioritized by companies searching for .NET developers. A full-stack .NET developer can offer a lot to the company in terms of its services.


The .NET platform comes with a branch that will allow developers to create high-tech and beautiful web applications. The more that the developer is aware of how to use this, the more complex the web applications will be. ASP.NET MVC can be an advantage to many companies from different parts of the world.

Soft Skills Required for .NET Developers

Technical skills are no doubt important when hiring the best .NET developers, but there are also some skills that they need to become successful. For example, someone may be good at doing many technical skills but is not willing to learn new things anymore. A good developer or programmer is someone willing to learn.

  1. Ability for quick learning. Some technologies were important to using the .NET platform in the past but had to be changed. A professional should be able to learn and unlearn new things easily. The person should be open-minded about the required things to make use of the program better.
  2. Creativity. A person should always be creative. Sometimes, doing things “by-the-book” will not be a good idea. The developer should always have the ability to think of things that were never done before. This can lead to the creation of things that will change the world.
  3. Comprehension of requirements.  Developers should always make changes to how they work depending on their needs.
  4. Communication. Some projects will only require one .NET developer or programmer. Some projects need a group of people to work together to ensure that the project will be done well.
  5. Patience. A developer or a programmer should always be patient. Sometimes the solution is not obvious and would require different solutions that can make the application or the web program better.

Do .NET Developers Require Certifications?

There are .NET developers who want to ensure their skills are enough to work with this network. A better way to be sure about the skills that the developers can offer than to check through their certifications. There is one prestigious certification that is required right now. This is the MCSD certification or the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification.

Those who want to be hired for .NET jobs should get this certification so that different companies will consider them. This also needs to be taken every two years. The goal is to ensure that the developers and programmers are always updated with the latest technologies and developments related to .NET framework 5.0. They should always be updated with the .NET 5 new features being offered.

Features of .NET Platform

You want to know as many details as possible about the .NET platform. They change and improve their features from time to time, but these are some of the features so far:

  • The ability for cross-platform implementation. It can be used on more than one computer function or operating system. This is more time-consuming as compared to other platforms.
  • Provides support for different key platform features. All of the features can be opened on different platforms, which means more people can enjoy the key features that .NET can offer.
  • Open-source. This means that the details shared through the platform can be shared with different people. Modification can be done so that more people can enjoy the available details.
  • Performance is fast. Unlike other platforms wherein it would take time before you can get what you want, this will easily give what is being asked. The information can be acquired efficiently. Tasks done on it will be faster too.
  • Provides support with updates. Different platforms and web applications will require updates from time to time. Unlike other web platforms that would need manual improvement, the updates will be automatic whenever available.
  • Provides support for specific features. Using this on your Windows-powered applications and web pages will be very efficient. Details can be given out easily.
  • Side-by-side installation. This can be very effective when you need to run different versions of the same application on the computer. Most applications will not allow this, but this will. If you need a different version for another task and a newer one, this can be the answer.
  • Different packages are available. There are packages depending on the type of features you are searching for. It will be your choice which one will be perfect for your needs.
  • Project file details. You will be able to open the different tasks and projects you are doing with hyperlinks. The best part is these project files will not take up a lot of space.

Three Steps to Hire .NET 5 Developers

  • Specify your requirements

How will you know if you are attracting the right people to apply for the available job position? You need to know and specify the things that you require for them. This way, people who are not qualified for the job position will no longer bother submitting their resumes. This will lessen the amount of work you can spend on checking the different CVs and cover letters.

You need to know the following:

  • The type of project that you have in mind
  • The skills that developers should be good at
  • Whether you need to hire just one person or hiring dedicated development team
  • Would you rather hire in-house, or you would rather get near shore employees?
  • The reporting hierarchy that will be most effective for you
  • Write the right job description

The job description is important. People are going to look at it and decide whether they are qualified to hire or not. People still submit their resumes if they believe that they have over half of the required qualities. You can still go through the resumes of people who are not qualified to do the job.

Place the job specifications along with the job description. They can also assess themselves if they are familiar with all of the details that you have placed. This can lessen the amount of time that you will spend browsing through different CVs and resumes.

  • Source the right candidates that yu need for the task

You need to research so that you will know where you should start looking. Over the past years, the hiring process has significantly changed. There are options available to companies so that they can get amazingly talented people without having to pay premium fees. Awareness of what these options are will help.

Salaries of .NET 5 Developer for Hire in Different Countries

The internet is a vast place and can also be one where you can look for certified .NET developers. Some companies have their line of certified .NET developers, engineers, and programmers. These people have already been checked prior to being a part of their company. You can be sure that they are skilled and knowledgeable about the platform.

Other places where you can search are the following:

  • Freelancing platforms. There are some websites wherein people specifically enter to showcase their knowledge and skills. You can assess these people and send them invites if you think that they have the skills to try out for the job positions that you are offering.
  • Hiring service companies. As mentioned earlier, employment companies make different websites. They have already gathered the best of the best and you can hire people from their website. An advantage to doing this is you know that you are only getting the right type of .NET professionals. They have already been checked before. The company can also match the right people depending on what your company needs.
  • Employment websites. Companies can place their job offers here so that candidates can apply.

If you want to know more about the salaries of .NET developers, you can check this out:

  • USA – $7,000
  • Germany – $5,000
  • Switzerland – $7,250
  • Netherlands – $4,500
  • Ukraine – $4,000*

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Some Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring .NET Developers

Have you tried hiring someone before and have gotten disappointed? These are some of the mistakes that you should avoid so that you will not waste your time and money anymore:

  • Do not focus only on technical skills. Good developers, engineers, and programmers should also have the best soft skills to work for your company.
  • The requirements for the job are too long and vague. This will attract the wrong people to apply for the job. You are going to take more time sifting through CVs and resumes.
  • Relying only on forums to hire the best people. If you want to hire the best people, some hiring service companies like Mobilunity will be essential. The company already has the best .NET developers, programmers, and engineers in Ukraine. You know that you will get the best people who will fit your company well.
  • Not doing a background check. Falsifying records is still rampant right now. Do not only look at things at face value. Doing a background check is necessary for your needs.
  • Being too generic. Specify what the job title requires. This can help improve the quality of the candidates you will have.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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