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Offshore Salesforce Development Team

Salesforce Technology Offshore Outsourcing

Salesforce is a comprehensive business automation platform. Consultations, analysis of processes, and projecting the capabilities of the system on your business, recommendations – all this is done by offshore specialists. Salesforce development outsourcing is attractive for the offshore IT market with scalability and rapid growth of opportunities when expanding or changing business. A business can manage an offshore development team for Salesforce CRM work effectively. 

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Salesforce Development Team in 2023

Salesforce is a platform designed specifically for sales, service, marketing, analysis, and, especially, on client relationship tasks. According to Forbes, growth without orientation on customer success isn’t going to get you very far.  Such tasks are present in businesses of various sizes, and accordingly, the needs of a business are also different.

  • Large corporations. One of the main advantages of Salesforce is the cloud system. Thanks to technology, your business is with you wherever you are. Since everything is stored and running in the cloud, there is no need to take care of servers, databases, and their administration. Each employee can work effectively regardless of location, as he has access to information from CRM. Salesforce consulting cloud services provide ample opportunities for customization and a powerful system for delimiting access rights at the level of objects and records, functionality. Salesforce adapts to the many business processes of companies operating in different industries. A unique system, customized to the needs of the company, brings more than expected results to the complex business processes of large companies if hire a Salesforce developer offshore.
  • Medium-sized enterprises. Salesforce offshore dedicated team helps meet growing business needs, from creating an effective sales funnel to automating support and service systems, working with communities, and automating marketing in general. Medium-sized business executives will feel more comfortable with offshore Salesforce engineers, as they help focus on core business competencies.
  • Startups. Salesforce possesses unprecedented flexibility and broad integration capabilities. The minimum implementation project implementation time allows startups to achieve maximum efficiency. Safety and reliability increase trust from clients and investors. Startups win a lot turning to Salesforce nearshoring with extensive customization options for user needs, as well as integration opportunities.

Salesforce Offshore Consulting Market Trends in 2023

According to Gartner, the market for PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS is growing at 24 percent annually. Thus, today the current value of cloud computing has reached $180 billion. Since the Salesforce technology itself is based on cloud computing, growth is a major trend in client focus, improvement, and financing. Among many other Salesforce offshore consulting market trends, we can see:

  • Technical talent development

In 2020, we will see significant demand for AI and data science skills, in addition to web development infrastructures, cloud computing, IT certification and rise of Salesforce offshore rate. IT companies will train their employees in robotic process automation, cybersecurity, and AWS cloud tools. In addition, emotional intelligence and design thinking are at the top of the list of fastest-growing software skills in 2020. In Salesforce, all these trends will also be taken into account, thereby attracting new clients.

  • Partnership distribution

The distinction between outsourcing primary and ancillary functions will diminish. Offshore teams will integrate into the clients’ organizations, thus handling any tasks required for the client’s success.

  • Ukraine becomes a Salesforce outsourcing hotspot

India and China will continue to attract clients by their number, but Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus are actively developing their technical potential, which will provide serious competition. It is worth noting that investment in European technology continues to grow and this trend will continue in 2020.

Shortage of Offshore Salesforce Engineers

The gap in the availability of technical skills is pronounced in areas such as Salesforce. Salesforce The industry is struggling to bridge the skills gap through training and recruitment programs.

The number of Salesforce developer job openings outpace available talent hugely. For instance, Salesforce developer is on the list of 25 top US jobs  – it is ranked №10 there. A unique feature of this list is that Salesforce is the only company named. Other listed jobs are common roles: for example, an insurance broker and a realtor. To go in more details: there are 1536 Salesforce specialists Australia need vs 808 working ones. The last but not least is Europe: there is a huge gap between needed experts vs working ones, as the numbers are 11,802 vs 6,825. All the gaps urge to be filled, so the market can grow at a proper pace. When companies turn to outsource to close these positions, it is not only a matter of cost reduction but also the need to find highly qualified specialists.

Variety of Salesforce Offshore Services

  • Web, app development

Salesforce helps optimize product sales and marketing. Salesforce specialists can package applications for an existing product or create them from scratch. A high level of product security is ensured by proper data encryption.

  • Administration

The Salesforce platform developer delivers cutting-edge solutions that are cost-effective and provide a better return on investment. Develop your business with the help of cloud-based, client-oriented CRM easily and efficiently, turning to the services of a Salesforce offshore developer.

  • Integration

Integrating Salesforce CRM with business processes will help reduce the cost of service and attract new clients. A reasonable decision to turn to the experience of developing a Salesforce specialist to improve business processes at any stage. The focus is on transferring complex Salesforce solutions into business requirements.

  • Customization

The feature of Salesforce CRM is customization. Salesforce specialists will help you set up CRM for your business and get applications that work to support your business operations and processes.

Business Tasks to Be Solved by Offshore Salesforce Engineers

Salesforce works with various products that make it possible to bring your business ideas to life. The Salesforce engineer simplifies the process of managing the platform, in particular, he takes on:

  • Integrating the platform with existing systems

Salesforce offers sales, service, marketing, and engagement features. These declarative functions are available without writing code and are usually installed by Salesforce engineers. In other words, the developer takes care of all the tasks of operating Salesforce CRM.

  • Customizing the Salesforce environment

All pre-built features that Salesforce provides can be expanded or updated in ways that are unique to your business. Offshore Salesforce developers who can code on Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning will help with this.

  • Realization of business tasks

The two offshore Salesforce development points above lead to the realization of business tasks. From targeting emails to a specific location to creating an auto-form to fill in, taking into account all the nuances – Salesforce development offshore can help.

Nearshore Salesforce Software Development Services

Along with offshoring services, you can hire nearshore Salesforce engineers. Depending on the needs, a business may also choose Salesforce nearshore dedicated team, onshore services, or Salesforce offshoring.

  • Nearshore services. If your company wants to transfer its business processes to another company in its own region, then hire nearshore Salesforce developers, who are well suited for these purposes. Geographic, temporal (time zone), cultural, linguistic, economic, or political ties of nearshore Salesforce development will help to effectively manage business processes for both the client and the contractor. Nearshore Salesforce development company, firm or agency has its benefits along with other ways of outsourcing.
  • Offshore services. However, the offshore Salesforce development team is the most popular outsourcing option. Such service involves the transfer of certain business processes to a company abroad, which may be located on the other side of the globe. The offshore Salesforce development company, agency or firm takes on the process as effectively as a nearshore development one.
  • Onshore services. Such an outsourcing model involves hiring a third-party company located in one country or region. Considering that offshore Salesforce developer is located in the same region, this helps the economy of the country and provides jobs for specialists.

Hire Salesforce Offshore Dedicated Team at Mobilunity

Mobilunity is one of the best companies to hire offshore Salesforce engineers Ukraine offering Salesforce consulting services where experienced recruiters may find well-qualified professionals so you can reach your business goals, get the most out of software services and drive new strategies. 

Mobilunity IT outstaffing services’ benefits:

  • Lower costs. Our company provides a high-quality package of services with nearshore Salesforce engineers for efficient payment, which eliminates the need to assemble an internal development team, paying for new equipment, infrastructure, and recruitment. The cost of offshore Salesforce developer in Ukraine attracts clients all over the world.
  • Effective communication with team. A client has an opportunity to interact with offshore Salesforce developers Ukraine during the development of his project, discuss the project, and accept tasks. Our communication channels are configured in such a way that it is convenient for the client at any time.
  • High-quality services. Mobilunity has successful experience in providing services like nearshore Salesforce software development to companies from different business niches. Positive feedback is the fact that we establish long-term relationships with our clients for many years.


  • What does your offshore Salesforce development service include?

Our offshore Salesforce development service offers comprehensive solutions ranging from Salesforce Commerce Cloud development, Salesforce Lightning implementations, to custom Salesforce.com application development services. We handle everything from initial setup and customization to ongoing support and maintenance. Companies seeking to expand their CRM capabilities while controlling costs often choose to hire Salesforce developers offshore, gaining access to top-tier talent and specialized expertise.

  • How can hiring an offshore Salesforce developer benefit my business?

Many companies choose to outsource Salesforce development to specialized teams abroad to take advantage of cost savings and access to a broader pool of expert developers. Hiring offshore Salesforce engineers allows you to access specialized expertise at a cost-effective rate. As an offshore Salesforce partner, our company is committed to providing comprehensive and customized CRM solutions that streamline your business processes and enhance customer relations. Our offshore Salesforce developers are highly skilled in various Salesforce platforms, ensuring that your CRM solutions are robust, scalable, and tailored to meet your specific business processes and needs.

  • What distinguishes your offshore Salesforce Commerce Cloud development?

Our offshore Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers specialize in creating customized e-commerce solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business operations. We focus on enhancing user experience, increasing conversion rates, and ensuring scalable solutions to support your business growth. Businesses looking to optimize their sales processes and analytics capabilities frequently hire Salesforce Sales Cloud developer offshore or hire Salesforce Community Cloud consultant offshore to leverage specialized skills and innovative technologies at a reduced cost.

  • Can I hire Salesforce Lightning developer offshore to upgrade my existing CRM system?

Yes, you can hire a Salesforce Lightning developer offshore or hire Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer offshore from our team to upgrade or customize your existing CRM system. To enhance your customer service capabilities, consider the option to hire Salesforce Service Cloud developer offshore, ensuring expert integration and customization at a competitive cost. Our developers are proficient in the latest Salesforce Lightning features and can enhance your system’s functionality, user interface, and overall performance.

  • How does your nearshore Salesforce development differ from offshore services?

Nearshore Salesforce development offers similar benefits to offshore but with closer proximity, which can facilitate easier communication and collaboration. Our nearshore Salesforce support services are ideal for clients looking for time zone alignment and the convenience of geographical closeness without compromising on quality or cost-efficiency.

  • What kind of support can I expect from your Salesforce offshore support services?

Our Salesforce offshore support services include end-to-end assistance ranging from technical troubleshooting to strategic advice on best practices and optimization. We provide dedicated support to ensure that your Salesforce environment runs smoothly and continues to evolve with your business needs. Our company offers Salesforce implementation services offshore, providing expert guidance and technical support to ensure your CRM system is configured optimally for your business needs. You can easily hire Salesforce admin offshore with Mobilunity.

  • How can I get started with outsourcing Salesforce development to your team?

To begin outsourcing Salesforce offshore development to our team, simply contact us with your project requirements. We will then provide an initial consultation to discuss your needs, after which we will propose a customized strategy. Once agreed, we will align you with the appropriate Salesforce developers and start the development process. This ensures you get the best Salesforce on demand services offshore that integrate perfectly with your business operations.

If you want to hire Salesforce developer offshore to set up CRM exactly for needs of your business – сontact Mobilunity right now!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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