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Smart Contracts Development Services

To explain what smart contract development implies it would be better to explore what smart contract is itself firstly. Thus, a smart contract is a treaty made using a computer program. In such a way it is an algorithm, a program that follows prescribed steps. That is why more often it has a look of blockchain that follows the system “if – then”. Such a system of agreements is super safe and reliable as it allows the exchange of assets without any third parties. That is why it is gaining its popularity now with a high speed and widely used in different fields.

As a result, smart contract development services are also rising in the market. Smart contract developers write code that exists in a blockchain that is maintained and managed by computers united into one network. The development process contains several steps that are conditioned by the kind of the service. In such a way smart contract programming can be used for different purposes. But mainly it is a management of agreements between two or even more parties that is especially useful in crypto business as it is a fully digitalized sphere.

Blockchain Platforms That Smart Contracts Can Be Created With

  1. XDC Network. This blockchain system is global and open-source that ensures high speed and quality. That is why it can be used for financial purposes. It is interesting that this network was created by XinFin for different financial operations but now it is widely used by other organizations as XDC Network is maintaining its open-source foundation.
  2. Polkadot. This platform is used to connect different chains altogether. They are called “parachains” and work in parallel. The main goal of Polkadot is to become a framework for all blockchains. Due to such an algorithm of work it provides comparatively higher speed and safety.
  3. Polygon Matic. This platform is a sidechain source that works with the Ethereum blockchain. It makes the speed of transactions higher and fees lower. It works in such a way that you can connect your crypto with Polygon and interact easily with a range of other blockchains that are working with Ethereum blockchain. It is safe and profitable.
  4. Near Protocol. It is a public Proof-of-Stake blockchain due to which you can create smart contracts. Moreover, it can be used for creating and launching decentralized applications. Its main feature is that it is operated by a distributed network that consists of several computers.
  5. Ethereum. It is a decentralized blockchain platform that makes a peer-to-peer network to verify application code that is also called smart contract. It provides secure and visible transactions. All the systems are working within the platform that makes it more reliable. Contact us today to hire Ethereum developer and unlock the full potential of blockchain technology.
  6. Hyperledger. It is an open source platform aimed to make distribution based on blockchain system. This platform is working in various industries as a distribution center. It also gives its own frameworks for developers that makes working with it easier.
  7. Tron. It is a one more decentralized blockchain platform that is mainly aimed at secure exchange of digital content. The basic building blocks of Tron are smart contracts, decentralized applications and tokens. 
  8. Solana. This platform works on a decentralized network using a ledger called blockchain. Its feature is that it saves all transactions that makes it reliable and clear. It also checks the integrity of data. Moreover, it has the highest speed compared to other platforms.
  9. Binance. It is the biggest platform in the world with the highest possible speed of transactions. It gives a vast range of opportunities to its users as it has connections with subsidiaries. Its chain transactions are powered by the BNB gas token established for this platform solely. 

Smart Contract Development Services

If you want to hire blockchain developer it would be useful to learn more about the main services he can provide to you to choose a suitable one. Here are some of them.

  • Smart contract architecture. It implies building a business strategy and roadmap according to which all the process of creating a smart contract will last. Generally speaking it is a step of creating a plan of what is likely to gain as a result.
  • Smart contract design and development. It is a relatively more practical step that means choosing concrete techniques to achieve set goals and its usage. On this stage smart contract blockchain developer build the code itself. It will be its first and probably far from perfect variant.
  • Smart contract audit. On this step the main task is to find and solve possible mistakes and problems. Smart contract developers that are specialized on contract audit will do it easily and successfully using special methods for arranging the issues. Now you have a good-working system.
  • Smart contract optimization. On this step a specialist can adopt already created code for your needs. It makes it nearly perfectly working. 

Blockchain Smart Contract-Focused Industries

Apart from already mentioned industries that use smart contracts like crypto business and digital content it also can be used in various industries. Find out more about it from the list below. It will be especially useful if you are likely to hire smart contract developer but not sure that it will be helpful in your industry. Or, maybe, you need a specialist for adjacent services like metaverse development services and not sure if there is some suitable one. 

  • Gaming. In this field you can use blockchain smart contracts to build a betting business that will be clear and totally visible. It can help you to reach more clients and profit.
  • Government. For this field blockchain solutions can bring necessary transparency and accuracy. Thus, due to it you can build a good voting system.
  • Media. For this sphere smart contracts can automate and hence alleviate most of the actions like transactions, subscription continuing and many more.
  • Identity management. For this industry smart contracts are useful because of their strong system working perfectly. Noone will have access to needed data apart from the authorized people. It is safe and reliable.
  • Supply chain. In this field it is applicable for payments as it gives an opportunity to make it clear and even set situations when it is necessary to control it manually.
  • P2P lending. And, probably, smart contracts can evidently be used in the P2P sphere as they provide accurate and honest transactions. Due to the algorithm you can send money safely and anonymously. 

Skills and Techstack Smart Contract Developers Should Have

To choose the best one expert from all smart contract developers on the market it is essential to be aware of core skills a professional should have. So here is a list of core necessary skills:

  • Qualitative knowledge of data structure. As it is a basis of the blockchain, it is important for developers to know precisely how it works.
  • Deep knowledge of specifics of smart contracts. As it is a system with its rules and difficulties it is important for specialists to have a whole image of how it works.
  • Cryptography. It is a special methodology that helps in providing safety and anonymity. 
  • Being aware of the blockchain architecture. As there are several kinds of it it is essential for specialists to know and define them for better work.
  • Being aware of different frameworks and their usage. It may be such basic frameworks as Truffle, Embark, ZepplinOS. A good specialist should know them and be able to choose the best one for your concrete project.
  • Have an experience of working with blockchain Ethereum. As it is the widely used and most common blockchain it should be the basis of a professional.
  • Knowledge of several programming languages. It may be Solidity technology, Java, Python, C++, Simplicity.

Benefits of Smart Contract Development

  1. Speed, efficiency and accuracy. As such contracts are automated there are no mistakes that may appear at manual work. Once the condition is over the contract is executed. 
  2. Transparency. Because there are no third parties you should not worry about the data. It saves exactly the same appearance as at the beginning. Noone can change the data once it has been published.
  3. Security. As all the data is encrypted you can be sure that it is safe and anonymous. It is really hard to hack because of the chain. To hack it it is necessary to hack all the chain. It is impossible.
  4. Savings. No intermediaries – no wasting money. All transactions are going straight for their purpose.
  5. Autonomy. After publishing an algorithm once it will repeat every time the condition is met. 

Smart Contract Developer Salary in Different Countries

Probably now you are going to find a specialist for your smart contract projects. But wait, firstly take a look at the table below in which we compared monthly salaries of smart contract developers in different countries. Most likely it will influence your decision a lot!

Netherlands $2535$5180$8070
Ukraine $2,000*$3,000*$5,000*

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

As you can see, hiring a specialist in Ukraine may be cost effective as there are comparatively lower salaries. What is more, such cost is combined with high quality services and pleasurable communication.

Mobilunity Is a Reliable Provider of Smart Contract Developers in Ukraine

Mobilunity is a good decision if you want to cooperate with an experienced and reliable smart contract development company from Ukraine. We have more than 12 years experience of providing companies with dedicated specialists. 

Thus, we have such companies among our clients as XPLG, i-doit, Esurace, CampToCamp, Paidy, Network of Arts, Byrd, Minedia, Codename and many more! There are surely at least one similar to yours. So you can trust us and our experience.

Also we can adapt for your needs. Need a ready to work team? Here you go! Need a specialist to your already existing team? It is also possible! There is nothing impossible for us!

And our main feature is a work done with high accuracy and love. Process you can trust, results you can admire!


  • Are smart contracts really so highly secure?

Yeah, smart contracts are really very secure due to the specifics of their work. Briefly speaking, it is all because there are no intermediates in the system. Less parties leads to higher security.

  • What are smart contracts?

A smart contract is a treaty made using a computer program working on special code. In such a way it is an algorithm that follows prescribed steps. That is why more often it has a look of blockchain that follows the system “if – then”.

  • Is it necessary for my business?

It depends on your needs. But most likely smart contracts will make your work easier and results better. Clear and optimized system is always a good idea. 

  • What do blockchain developers do?

A smart contract blockchain developer is a person responsible for developing and optimizing blockchain protocols. It also includes building the architecture of the blockchain system at all. Besides, an expert may integrate smart contracts and web applications with the help of blockchains.

  • What is the average time spent on smart contract development?

As it is a process consisting of several steps we cannot neglect it takes a month or even more. But it is also important to mention that it all depends on your concrete project. To receive precise information about your project get a consultation. 

If you want to hire smart contract developer but have some doubts about it, do not be confused, you are welcome to contact Mobilunity specialists! Get professional help right now!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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