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Reasons to Hire Solidity Developers

The work with blockchain has a number of requirements that can provide one with a good result. First of all, it is hiring a solidity developer for the technical part of the project.

Who Are Solidity Developers And What Do They Do?

Solidity developer is an expert in creating smart contracts that are algorithms for transferring cryptographic data. These contracts consist of various objects – information about the signatories who participate in the contract and the conditions under which the contract functions. The work of solidity developers also consists of some other functions like smart contracts audit which means verification and testing of finished contracts, as well as correction of errors in them.

All the work of developers is based on Solidity – an object-oriented programming language. This language is the basis of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. All the work of solidity developers is based on creating cryptocurrency solutions that consist of creating Solidity smart contracts, providing cybersecurity technologies, deep analysis of existing cryptocurrency tools, and integrating Blockchain technologies into already created products. Such skills of these experts make one hire solidity developers because of their ability to work in such a narrow field.

Solidity Development Services

There are a number of solidity development services that form the main field of work for experts. All these services can be useful both for the finance field and any other sphere where smart contracts can be widely used.

  • Solidity Smart Contract Development

This service is a part of solidity blockchain development and is based on creating a contract between two or more parties. The contract consists of data on its owners and conditions. It also contains rules that can not be changed singlehandedly – all the changes become approved after confirmation by all parties of the contract.

  • Solidity Digital Token Creation

As the main part of the work is based on such a virtual machine as Ethereum, the

creation of digital tokens is needed. In fact, tokens are used in work with all the Blockchain systems. A token represents the digital balance of an asset, but it is not a currency. It is essentially a record in the Blockchain that consists of economic digital data of one’s financial resources.

  • Solidity Exchange Platform

All crypto transfers are done using a dedicated platform. Solidity developers create such platforms that provide owners with high cyber security and the possibility to upgrade the platform if it is needed. Besides that, the platform also saves data about cryptocurrency.

  • Solidity dApp Development

This service is based on creating decentralized applications that combine smart contracts with the user’s interface. These applications are controlled by the algorithm of the contract and can not be edited by third parties which provides a high level of protection for crypto transactions.

  • Solidity Stablecoin Development

The service lets one peg cryptocurrency to the digital counterparts of traditional currency, which has a high level of stability. It is the main focus of the work of solidity developer DeFi that helps with preventing currency depreciation by using stablecoins by pegging funds to gold and other assets.

  • Solidity DAO Development

This service provides the creation of decentralized autonomous organizations which are totally controlled by the program’s code and excludes the possibility of human intervention. It does not have any centralized node or hierarchical system so all participants of the smart contract are equal.

Use Cases of Solidity Development

There are a few main cases when it is needed to use services of solidity development and all of them are appropriate for various spheres.

  • The first is the finance sector with all its possible fields like eCommerce, creating smart contracts for products or services, and blind auctions. The work is transferred to a senior solidity smart contract developer who is creating various solutions for such a case. 
  • The other case is creating the tokens or tokenization. In this case, a solidity development company creates valuable tokens for the business or pegs existing currency to stablecoins. It provides better protection of the value of the costs. It is also used in creating NFT products and selling them.
  • Crowdfunding is also a sphere where such services as Ethereum development services or Solana blockchain development services are used. The implication of smart contracts is to avoid some extra costs and commissions. It also provides a high level of protection for all the parties who are involved in the contract. 

Mobilunity as the Right Solidity Development Company

There are a number of reasons why Mobilunity should become your reliable partner. First of all, we have a rich experience in the field of Solidity development. For more than 10 years we have been working both in Ukraine and worldwide providing our clients with efficient technical decisions.

Additionally, our team consists of highly educated specialists who are not afraid of tasks of any difficulty. They will provide you with a quality product with a good level of security and reliability. They will also provide you with new technical solutions and other types of technical support.

We always count on our client’s needs and desires and it is one more reason why we can become your partner. We combine your image of the product and our skills to create the perfect final result that will be financially efficient. Our client-oriented approach ensures that we are deeply integrated into the workflow.

Solidity Developer Skills, Experience, and Expertise

Any good Solidity developer should have some skills and experience that allow them to do their work well. First of all, it is an experience of learning Solidity and working with it. It includes the ability to understand and write the code, find bugs and correct these mistakes without bad consequences. At the same time, working with code is only one of the important experiences.

The other valuable nuance is the ability to work with ​​object-oriented programming and understand the structures of the data as well as blockchain in general. One needs to be familiar with the technologies of transferring cryptocurrency and all the steps of working with smart contracts.

Technical skills also include an understanding of such technologies as SQL and test-driven development. It is also important to be familiar with different protocols like ERC20 or ERC721 as well as other metaverse software development services. One does not only need to understand them but also be able to work with them and support the infrastructure at all levels of development.

Besides some basic technical skills, a solidity developer also needs to know how to work with cybersecurity. It is an essential requirement for any business, especially one that works with cryptocurrency. It provides users with high privacy of their data as well as their transferring.

The Process of Solidity Development

The first step of solidity development is an analysis of the requirements and considering the ways of their realization. The team of the experts like solution specialists, solidity developers, business analysts, etc, gather together to make their decisions on the project. When the logic is understood and the final plan, as well as the roadmap, is built up, the work begins.

Then the developers and other experts create sprints and milestones and make up a design architecture. They also create pre-alpha, alpha, and beta versions, test them and edit them if it is needed. This step allows one to get the row product and test it for errors.

The work of experts also includes deployment – like cloud deployment – and finding various solutions for the project. This step additionally includes the product’s release on different platforms and distribution. But the work does not end at this step – the experts also need to upgrade the product and support it for better functionality.

Monthly Pricing of Solidity Developers

The solidity developer salary can differ depending on the country you hire the workers from. It depends very much on the country’s minimum rate, the standard of living, taxes, and the performer’s personal rate. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the price range in different countries before hiring a worker directly.


*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

As it can be seen from the table, the difference between salaries in different countries is enormous. Ukraine stands out from most of the other locations. The Ukrainian salaries range shows that it is the most attractive country to hire solidity developers or Binance Smart Chain developer as for an affordable price you can get a senior developer whose skills will be as good as the abilities of any other senior expert from the USA or Netherlands.

Mobilunity as a Reliable Provider of Solidity Developers in Ukraine

For more than 10 years we have been working in the sphere of solidity development and have already gathered a lot of experience in the field of solidity technology. A large number of successful tasks make us the right solidity development company for any needs of our clients. We have a wealth of experience working worldwide and our customers include many well-known companies all over the world like OnTrack Retail from the United Kingdom, Qrates from Japan, I-Doit from Germany, and XPLG from Israel.

Such an experience makes us a reliable company that is ready to face any type of task and complete any challenge. Our specialists are always ready to help you with DeFi smart contract development and any other tasks regardless of the difficulty. We always provide our clients with profitable collaboration and efficient final results of smart contracts Solidity. Regardless of your current budget you always will get professional help and support ensured by us.


Which programming language is the best for the work with Ethereum?

The primary programming language for such a work is Solidity which was created for the work with smart contracts and cryptocurrency.

What is Solidity used for?

Solidity is used for creating smart contracts, tokens, and transactions. Additionally, it is widely used for blind auctions and providing cybersecurity for businesses.

What tools are used for work with Solidity?

The primary tool is Ethereum Virtual Machine which was created for the work with cryptocurrency.

Can I do all this work without a Solidity developer?

No, you can not do it without essential skills like understanding data structure or the ability to work with Solidity. The best decision will be to find an experienced Solidity developer for your business.

How can one find a reliable Solidity developer?

The best way to do it is to contact professional companies that work in such a field. One of them is Mobilunity which provides its clients with appropriate technical solutions.

Want to hire solidity developers for your business? Then contact Mobilunity just now and get professional support!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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