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UX/UI Designer Vs UX/UI Developer: What’s the Difference?

Web page designing has become a very sophisticated technology-based art. Highly skilled UI designers and developers are extensively used in creating a professional-grade website that creates great user experience.

What Is UX/UI Designer in Web Designing?

User Experience(UX) design is a web development process in which different components, functions, and processes are designed at the macro level of functionality to produce a great experience for the users. For instance, if you want to design a music website, you will need to design the log-in process and how will it work while connecting to the main content of the website. This design mostly relates more to technicalities and analytics of the functions and components of the website. The SW engineer that accomplishes UX designs is known as UX designer and developer.

User Interface UI design is a web development process in which a particular interface is designed to create easy to use and intuitive interface for a new user. User interface UI & UX designer & developers try to focus on usability, pleasurability, intuitiveness, and efficiency of a user’s web journey. UI focuses on the micro aspects of interface designs. The person who creates UI designs is called as UI designer and developer.

In other words, UX design triggers customer motivation, perception, cognition, and response to develop a user experience about that particular product or service. And, UI design utilizes the ease and effectiveness of interface to interact with the users to create efficiency and intuitiveness.

According to IBIS World information, there are more than 156 thousand web design businesses with over $26 billion of revenue in 2016 in the USA only. This gigantic market employs over 226 thousand professionals. The IDC Research report predicts that the total IT spending, especially in the web-based technologies will cross the global market value of $2,461.1 billion by 2019. The demand in UX design, as well as the UI design developers, will continue to grow for many years to come. So, UX designer designs the web page at the macro level for better functionality to create user experience while the UI design focuses mainly on the ease of using an efficient user interface.

Who Is UI/UX Designer?

In today’s modern web design industry, a qualified professional UI UX designer is very essential to create a great user experience. In many cases, both the UX design and UI design are carried out by a single UX/UI designer with the help of numerous UI design tools as well as UX design tools.

A UX designer works on the overall feel and functionality of the software product or service. While the UI designer is concerned with the details of the user interface to create an easy and intuitive interface for any kind of user of the product or service. The creation of satisfactory user experience is a common goal of both UX and UI design developers.

UX/UI Designer Tasks

  • Exploring the user problems and requirements
  • Define the model of interactions
  • Finding an easy and smooth flow of activities as a solution to the problem
  • Implementing the solution in web designs while maintaining a good feel of the product
  • Creating ideas of web design through site maps, storyboard or process flow
  • Developing mockups of the website and interfaces
  • Create interface components like buttons, menus, search field, tabs, and others
  • Creation of tables and images through graphic design tools
  • Testing and troubleshooting user experience problems
  • Designing the layout of the web site
  • Coordination and communication within the team
  • Implementation of business objectivity into the design

UX Designer Skills & Knowledge

A developer who takes the responsibilities of UX developer and UI developer should have deep knowledge and experience with the following UX design tools.

  • Working experience of UI UX Designer tools like InVision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch and others
  • Expertise in wireframe tasks and tools
  • Proven track record of UI and UX design projects
  • Should have a strong UX designer portfolio
  • Deep knowledge of common web-based technologies like HTML, XML, JavaScript, and others
  • Very well aware of modern designing trends and tools
  • Should have strong learning and creative mindset
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills

Major Skills of a UI/UX Developer

User interface developer commonly known as a UI developer has to develop and tweak the user interface of the website design, which is broadly done by UX designer. UI developer uses computer coding and UI design tools to accomplish those tasks. Some of the most important UI developer skills are given below.

The Difference Between UI/UX Designer & UI/UX Developer

Whether we compare UI designer Vs UI developer or UX developer Vs UX designer, we find that there is a very clear differentiation between the responsibilities of these two job descriptions. On the other hand, the UX developer skills are almost similar to those of UI developers; similarly, the UX designer skills are more or less the same as a UI designer. So, let’s suppose that the UI developer and UX developer skills are the same, and UI designer and UX designer skills are the same. So always hire UI designer if you want to work on user interface components.

Now, let’s figure out the general difference between UI/UX designer and UI/UX developer.

UX/UI Design Portfolio

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular portfolios that use UX/UI design efficiently:

Travel Website Template

This is one of the best web design templates, which is not only highly featured but also very responsive and SEO friendly. It has the following features and capabilities:

  • UI/UX industry best practices implemented
  • Global sharing of traveling experience
  • Contains menu, citizen guide, about us, experience blogs, contact us a request form and others
  • 100% suitable for international traveling business
  • 100% suitable for SEO optimization

Healthcare Sales App

This is one of the best UX designer portfolios developed by UX designers and developers. The main features implemented in this app include:

  • Specially designed for tablets and mobiles
  • All techniques, terms, and processes related to the healthcare domain implemented
  • Exclusively designed to make sales processes easier and effective
  • Supports sales rep functions, analytics, reports, and social network APIs
  • 100% easy, intuitive and efficient

Law Firm Website

In line with the modern design trends, a professional-grade website for a law firm is a highlight of the UI developer skills and the UX designer ideas.

  • Fully responsive and device compatible website
  • Robust implementation of nondisclosure agreements NDA features implemented
  • Legal advice, professional complements, customer trust, and user experience feedback functions
  • Highly suitable for online legal business with 100% SEO friendly features

Chip In Mobile App

Chip In is a professional-grade financial technology application for mobiles. The features of the app include:

  • An application based on the hybrid mobile development project
  • Supports cross-platform functionalities
  • The Apache Cordova framework used to compensate hybrid mobile development downsides
  • Suitable for startup FinTech solutions for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Casino Party Website

This is an event organizers’ website that offers numerous types of casino parties to the customers. Main features of this website include:

  • Stylish casino design with a professional look
  • Easy and intuitive interface to use
  • Different themes for casino parties implemented to choose from
  • Fully SEO optimized and in line with modern web industry trends

Online Test Maker Platform

A long and comprehensive testing platform “OTest” is one of the powerful projects done with the help of a professional team of UX/UI designers and developers. It is a content service website with the following features.

  • A complex application based on multiple technologies such as NodeJs, Bootstrap, Angular2, Mongoose, RxJS, MongoDB and others
  • Creates multiple types of tests to check the skills of the vendors
  • Very intuitive website design to find the desired tests
  • Fully compliant with modern industry standards

Looking for a Website Designer: In-House Vs. Remote Specialist

If you want to hire dedicated website designer, it is important not to only state the initial requirements as detailed and clear as possible but also to consider the best way of working with a specialist. While many companies prefer to have in-house employees, when it comes to hiring a UX/UI designer, it is worth cooperating with freelance and remote experts. And here is why:

  • You get a much larger talent pool and can hire a remarkable expert with an ideal portfolio;
  • You can find UX/UI professional at any budget as there are many various offers on the market;
  • You can share experience and gain new knowledge and insights from a remote specialist;
  • You can save time, money, and efforts needed for interviewing and accommodating a new employee;
  • You can find a great UX/UI developer for a one-time project or a short task without hiring a person full-time

These are just a few benefits of looking for UX designer working remotely. As we have already mentioned, one of the leading factors of turning to remote specialists in the professional web designer cost. While keeping a UX/UI designer in office will cost you a lot, including the spendings on feeling the position, equipping the workplace, and so on, by looking for UI designer working on a freelance basis, you pay only for the quality work you need, not for the time a person spends in your office.

However, it is important to highlight the difference between remote and freelance UX designer developer. Keep in mind your project needs when looking for web designer:

  • If you need to complete a one-time project, turn to a freelance expert. You can search for UX/UI designers on different freelance platforms, i.e., on Freelancer or Upwork
  • If you need a UX/UI developer for a long-term project or for a bunch of projects that will follow each other, it would be beneficial to hire a full-time remote specialist that will quickly get used to specifics of your work and goals of your company. This way, you will get a reliable expert dedicated to your project needs without having to worry about finding and managing an in-house UX/UI designer.

Now, when you know all the features of hiring an experienced web designer, let’s take a look at the rates of UX/UI designers in leading IT countries. When examining the distinction between UX/UI designers and UX/UI developers, it’s important to consult with IT recruitment consultants to find the right talent, including skilled Flutter developers who can contribute to creating captivating and functional user experiences.

Comparing UX/UI Designer Rates in Different Countries

UX/UI development cost is influenced by a lot of factors from both the client’s and the designer’s side. It depends not only on the complexity of the task and the time frames but also on the location of in-house and remote employees. So, here are the rates of UX/UI programmers, according to Payscale:

  • Sweden – $85,650
  • the US –  $73,798
  • Australia – $49,858
  • Germany – $48,790
  • Canada – $46,144
  • Netherlands – $45,402
  • the UK – $41,419
  • Ukraine – $14,740

As you can see, there is a wide gap between such countries as Sweden and the United States that are leading in the IT sector. But also, there is a gap between Ukraine and other European countries. Ukrainian developers are renowned all over the world, but at the same time, highly qualified Ukrainian UX/UI programmers earn only $14,740 annually. No wonder that almost all of the Ukrainian developers are interested in working on outsourced projects, offering an affordable cost to customers, and still earning more than working within the country.

Who Is Better to Hire – UI Developers or UI Designer?

Web development is becoming more and more complex with the advent of modern tools, technologies, platforms and trends in the marketplace. So, developing a professional-grade website requires a highly professional approach and skillsets, which can only be accomplished in a team environment of SW engineer or Unity 3d programmers with proper experience.

You need both UI developers and designers to develop a professional-grade website, web application or mobile application. It is a good idea to outstaff your web development project to complete your project on time and within specified budgets. Mobilunity is one of the best companies that provide you high-quality UI/UX designers and developers from Ukraine at a very affordable cost. Always hire UI UX designers from this professional service provider company.

Contact us now to get highly qualified and skilled UX/UI designers and developers for your mobile app, web service, or website projects!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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