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Building a DevOps Team at Your Enterprise

DevOps is a methodology aimed at the cooperation of developers and system administrators to increase the frequency of updating releases. Accordingly, DevOps engineer is a specialist who works at the intersection of these two positions and is engaged in automation of the application life cycle, including design, development, testing, deployment, support, and monitoring. Hire DevOps developers or DevOps security team, so it can maximize the effectiveness and security of software development. Building a DevOps team at your enterprise can involve managing geographically distributed teams, incorporating Java developers Ukraine, and leveraging Sugar CRM customization to streamline communication and collaboration, ensuring a high-performing and efficient team.

Reasons to Set Up a DevOps Team at the Modern Enterprises

  • Constant customer feedback. The goal of DevOps company is to deliver the product as quickly as possible. The sooner engineer identifies an error, the less time he spends on fixing it. This means that your company will save resources – employee time, server capacity, building a DevOps team. For the client to give feedback, all the functions should work well.
  • Deployment of automation. It is desirable to automate everything that needs to be done manually, especially complex multi-part manual actions. Automation is the most noticeable part of the duties of the DevOps if to think about creating a DevOps team.
  • The most efficient business. An engineer must design and manage environments to provide the greatest possible flexibility for the business. Best DevOps team can do this simply, and sometimes even primitively in their implementation – the main thing is that it works.

Pros and Cons of Working with DevOps Teams

Large corporationsMedium-sized enterprisesStartups
Helps to establish business processes and accelerate the release of updates: Using automation tools and the methodology is rational when the application is already popular.Convenient communication: DevOps engineer is the link between development and operation, which provides the outstaffing services DevOps teams with rapid software deployment.Multifunctionality: DevOps engineer is a universal soldier in the dedicated DevOps team. He will configure the application assembly, deploy the infrastructure in the cloud, make it scalable and repeatable
Focus on innovation: DevOps team services will benefit large software corporations with this feature excessively. You will gain access to innovative solutions that will allow you to benefit from such cooperation.Good value for money: For the relatively low cost of outstaffing services DevOps teams, you get a wide range of advantages and high quality.Process automation: Suddenly, a startup fired, and the infrastructure could not cope – in this case, the engineer automates the creation of servers. A company can continue to exist since this process is configured for a startup.
Automation: focus on the processes that take the most time when releasing updates, and apply automation there. For instance, it can be application deployment or testing process. 
The deployment of the methodology is unnecessary: ​​many companies set up a DevOps team, not understanding what he should do. As a result, he works as a system administrator. You need to clearly understand: your company’s activities should be suitable for DevOps remote teams.Security issues: but they can be resolved by working with a reliable supplier.
Not the best option for short-term projects: given the time spent on introducing an engineer to the course, hiring this specialist for a short time is not a profitable option.
Low qualification: You may expect to work with highly qualified engineers. But in reality, you may be faced with the need to deal with a beginner who has not yet gained any experience. To prevent this problem, you should check the qualifications of the engineers with whom you are going to work.

Tasks That Could Be Solved by Devops Teams

DevOps combines technology, processes, and a culture of interaction within the team. A DevOps system administrator is a role that can be performed on a project. Now, this is the name of those who are responsible for CI/CD. Talking of a DevOps engineer – he is occupied with implementing DevOps practices into an existing project.

We couldn’t miss Cloud DevOps team – system administrators specializing in Azure DevOps team services, like public clouds from Microsoft DevOps team, AWS DevOps teams, Amazon DevOps team, and IBM DevOps team. Hire an Azure developer DevOps who work with services that are open and extensible. They can be used together as an integrated DevOps solution or separately, with other services.

DevOps Team Roles and Responsibilities

With a clear roadmap for a DevOps engineering team, organizations can save time on their operations. This is important because it helps DevOps teams focus on improving organizational software and operations. Each member of a DevOps team has its role.

Team Lead

  • Experience in AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Terraform, Kubernetes
  • Project Management Approaches: Agile team with DevOps
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of a DevOps functional team, working with metrics

DevOps engineer

  • Deployment of the release set by developers in production
  • Integration and deepening of development processes in the supply
  • Automation of processes

Site reliability engineer

  • Focused on providing consistent performance and uninterrupted availability of high-load applications in large systems
  • Good knowledge of the subject area

DevOps system administrator

  • Effectively work on development platforms, in networks, databases, servers, and tools

The Best DevOps Team Structure: How It Looks Like

The question of building DevOps inevitably and quickly enough rests on the organization of teams. According to Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais, such models help DevOps work:

  • Collaboration of Dev and Ops

Interaction of Dev- and Ops-teams, where it is necessary – so specialization can be applied. In such a case, several separate Dev commands can work on an independent product.

  • Fully Combined Teams

When people from Ops are fully integrated into product development teams, we get another option for collaboration. In this case, the difference between Dev and Ops is so minimal that all employees are fully focused on a common goal. For example, Netflix and Facebook, which provide customers with the only purely digital product, use this particular model of work.

  • Ops like IaaS

For organizations with a more traditional IT Ops unit that cannot or will not change rapidly, and for organizations that use public clouds such as Amazon EC2, Azure DevOps teams can be useful to treat Ops as a DevOps deployment team, which provides a flexible infrastructure on which applications are installed and run. In this model, the Ops command is similar to Amazon EC2, that is, the IaaS (infrastructure as a service) approach.

  • SRE Team (Google Model)

Google DevOps team uses a different model, transferring software from the development team to the team that is responsible for the operation – Site Reliability Engineering. The interaction between Dev and SRE teams revolves around operational performance. According to the model, Dev teams present logs, metrics, and so on to the SRE team, so they can prove the application can be supported by SRE.

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How to Setup DevOps Team

  • Discipline matters. Understanding the discipline and processes is the most important factor when creating a successful DevOps team that can manage the DevOps transformation. Tools play an important role, but processes and how easy they are to set up are more important when considering how to create a DevOps team.
  • Collaboration. From the very beginning, the collaboration between departments should be encouraged when considering need a DevOps team – this is as much a cultural change as technology adoption. DevOps is a collaboration, and it should pay off in the long run.
  • Importance of data. Data plays an important role in DevOps. Various data sets can be used to provide recommendations on the next steps to be taken in the development cycle, which will be of great benefit to the business that decided to create DevOps team and also improve the quality of customer service.

Setting up a Strong DevOps Team with Mobilunity

Mobilunity is a reliable and cost-effective destination for building DevOps service team where experienced recruiters may find well-qualified professionals so you can reach your business goals with staffing a DevOps team and get the most out of outstaffing services DevOps teams outstaffing services.

Benefits of working with our company:

  • Technology experts. You will be able to work with a dedicated DevOps team that uses the latest technologies. We constantly monitor trends, study new technologies, and immediately introduce them to our work. In the process of building a DevOps team at your enterprise, engaging a freelance SQL Server developer and a freelance .NET developer can help to bridge gaps in expertise and contribute to the creation of a well-rounded, highly skilled team.
  • Budget. The vast majority of startups are short of money. Often they finance themselves, and there is simply not enough budget for their developers and engineers. They need the best specialists at an affordable price: this is exactly what can be found in Mobilunity. We are able to create dedicated TechOps, DevOps team for affordable rates.
  • Time. We have continuous interaction with our clients for a successful result. It’s This applies to updating existing systems or environments and creating new solutions from scratch.

Despite the size of your business, DevOps can excessively improve productivity and save money. Set up a DevOps team right now with Mobilunity!

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