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Cost to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Web application frameworks have become a web developer’s best friend, as they make the daunting task of web development dramatically quicker and easier. They enable developers to quickly implement complex features and functionalities with just a few lines of code, shaving off hours of development time and allowing them to focus on optimizing and strategizing to make the application run smoothly and without hiccups. While calculating the cost to hire Ruby on Rails developers, it’s essential to consider the added value of engaging a remote Google Cloud solutions architect, hire PHP Zend developer, and understanding what is onshoring, in order to build a diverse and competent team for your project.

One such framework that has become highly influential in the web development sphere is Ruby on Rails, a web application framework for the Ruby programming language. You can hire developers in Ukraine who are skilled in Ruby on Rails for your next web application project. In this article, we will take a closer look at what is Ruby on Rails programming, see how it can help you achieve your web app goals to hire Ruby developers or ROR coders and find out cost to hire Ruby on Rails developers.

Cost to Hire RoR Developers Overview

Ruby on Rails was created by David Heinemeier Hansson during his work on Basecamp, a project management tool by the company of the same name, Basecamp. It was first released in July 2004 and was fully open-sourced in February 2005. The framework reached new heights when it was shipped with OSX Leopard (10.5) in October of 2007. As of writing, the latest stable Ruby on Rails version is currently 5.2.0, released on April 9, 2018. In short, Ruby on Rails can be considered as an open-source full-stack web app framework that runs on the object-oriented programming language called Ruby. Thus, Ruby on Rails is commonly shortened to Rails only or RoR abbreviation. RoR framework allows building and maintaining enterprise-level applications with remarkable design and within a short time.

Year after year, Ruby holds its well-deserved place among the top 10 programming languages. However, Ruby on Rails offers several benefits over pure Ruby, including the following:

  • MVC paradigm – Ruby on Rails follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, where it divides the functions of the application into three separate layers: the model, which maps database information into objects used throughout the application; the view, which presents information to the end-user; and the controller, which facilitates the flow of data, accepting input from the view and making necessary conversions for the model, and vice versa.
  • DRY principle – Ruby on Rails implements the “don’t repeat yourself” (DRY) principle, which aims to minimize repetition and redundancy of codes and entities by requiring that there must be a single, unique, and clear representation of information within a system.
  • COC principle – Ruby on Rails also adheres to, and in fact introduced, the convention over configuration principle, which aims to minimize the number of decisions developers have to make by providing them with reasonable defaults instead of them having to set up a huge amount of configuration files before being able to begin coding.

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Following this information, take a look at the advantages of Ruby on Rails usage comparing to other programming solutions:

  • Being a high-level modern programming language, Ruby offers strong abstractions that help to automatize substantial areas of computing systems and make the development process easier
  • It is cheaper to use compared to other languages
  • A fast-processing solution that can be easily used for web app development with less time comparing to other technologies
  • The testing is quick as well
  • The code is much clearer and simpler because of the convention over configuration
  • A large library of gems and plugins available in open access

There are thousands of helpful sources, sample projects, best practices, and RoR tutorials on the web. The number of Ruby on Rails developers and RoR developer cost is not rapidly growing ower years, but the RoR developers community is strong and the members constantly update open source libraries. It proves that Ruby on Rails technology will be one of the prime choices for web app development in the upcoming years as well. As you evaluate the cost to hire Ruby on Rails developers, don’t overlook the importance of software architecture consulting, as it can provide valuable insights and guidance, ensuring the success and scalability of your web development project.

Stable and scalable features of Ruby on Rails make the technology suitable for enterprise-level application development. No wonder that this technology is in high demand and there it shouldn’t be too hard to find a Ruby on Rails company providing high-quality services. The business owners and project managers aware of RoR development benefits are eager to hire Ruby on Rails developers to have such specialists at their development teams. In relation to the demand, Ruby on Rails salary rates are competitive and we will talk about how to hire a reliable specialist at an affordable cost in the next paragraphs.

What Projects RoR Developer for Hire Can Work on?

Ruby is recognized handy because it doesn’t require additional punctuation, in contrast to such popular programming languages as Java, C, or Python. Based on DRY and COC principles, Ruby on Rails offers agile and flexible web development. It is possible to build various types of web apps with RoR framework, and MVC architecture makes the development process a really quick one.

Here you can find the most popular categories of projects that can be developed with RoR technology:

  • E-Commerce applications

Ruby on Rails is known to be the best option when it comes to building e-commerce websites and applications because of its useful modular development approach. What is more, RoR allows bulk image and file uploading and bulk information updating that makes the technology extremely helpful in filling and managing product description, especially for big e-Commerce projects with numerous products offered. Custom pricing and cropping algorithm is another remarkable RoR feature that allows admins to manage prices easily and resize images to fit into pages. If you need an example of a successful Ruby on Rails built an e-Commerce application, take a look at Spree. It is an API-driven open source platform with a big community of developers updating it on GitHub for more than 11 years from now.

  • Content management systems (CMS)

CMS platforms developed with Ruby on Rails are highly scalable and, thus, can be easily navigated from any platform or device. For example, a multilingual Refinery CMS was developed with RoR and allows huge design flexibility. Camaleon CMS is another good example of Ruby on Rails-built application known as an alternative to WordPress. Camaleon supports widgets, shortcodes, custom information, content grouping, and its own library plugin.

  • Social network websites and applications

It is hard to calculate the number of RoR plugins that can be used for social network websites. Moreover, a large number of open-source libraries written with RoR developers can implement a lot of important features and even develop the whole social network website and application from scratch. For example, social_steam allows a programmer to operate with contacts, posts, private messages, uploaded files, and so on.

According to BuiltWith, which analyzes website usage statistics across the web, Ruby on Rails is currently being used to power around 914,478 websites, of which around 472 are part of the Quantcast Top 10,000 websites. Moreover, there are 1,826,120 websites that used RoR technology at least for some time. These tremendous number proves that RoR development is highly popular when it comes to building websites. Moreover, among numerous eCommerce websites, it is worth mentioning that WhitePappers, Urban Dictionary, Basecamp, and Square are built with Ruby on Rails as well. The benefits of using Ruby on Rails are valued not rare admirers and small companies but by global corporations as well. Take a look at just some of the famous companies that hire RoR developers for web app creation: GitHub, Airbnb, Bloomberg, Dribbble, Fiverr, Clarity, BaseCamp, 500px, Ask.fm, Sound Cloud, CrazyEgg, Shopify, Apple, Amazon, Walmart, GoodReads, Kickstarter, and much more.

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Prime Example of Task Developed with Ruby on Rails Engineer for Hire

To get a more concrete understanding of how Ruby on Rails makes Ruby programming much quicker, here is an example of how to implement Active Records for saving data to the database on Ruby with and without Ruby on Rails. Without Ruby on Rails, we can create an entry into the Employee table of the database as follows:

require 'sqlite3'

require 'active_record'


 adapter: 'sqlite3',

 database: ':memory:'


ActiveRecord::Schema.define do

 create_table :employee, force: true do |t|

   t.string :first_name



class ApplicationRecord < ActiveRecord::Base

 self.abstract_class = true


class Employee < ApplicationRecord


employee = Employee.new

employee.first_name = “John”


With Ruby on Rails, the same can be done in this way:

class Employee < ApplicationRecord


employee = Employee.create(first_name: "John")

Evidently, Ruby on Rails results in much fewer lines of code, resulting in reduced development times and lower development costs.

Ruby on Rails Salary Rates: How Much Does It Cost to Hire RoR Developer?

Interested in how much does it cost to hire Ruby on Rails developer? It is wise to compare an average salary for Ruby on Rails developer and cost to hire Ruby on Rails programmer in different countries and see where it would be most practical to hire from. Let’s make a comparison of the typical cost hire Ruby on Rails developers in different countries. Here, we use PayScale as our data source, and we take a look at Ruby on Rails salary rates. Here are the figures:

  • the US – $88,719
  • the UK – £33,043 ($42,817)
  • Ukraine – $26,400
  • Germany – €46,247 ($52,754)
  • Australia – AU$75,518 ($54,709)

It’s easy to see that Ukraine offers by far the lowest Ruby developer salary among the countries we’ve considered. This extends to both Junior and Senior Ruby on Rails developer salary rates, so if you’re scouting the market for dedicated Ruby on Rails teams, Ukraine may be your best bet with affordable cost of Ruby on Rails programmer. When considering the cost to hire Ruby on Rails developers, engaging a Ruby on Rails developer freelance may offer a more flexible and cost-effective solution compared to hiring a full-time in-house employee, depending on your specific project needs.

Ways to Reduce Cost to Hire Ruby on Rails Programmer

Of course, you can find Ruby on Rails developers but the whole RoR development company working on own developed and outsourced projects. A reputable Ruby on Rails company can provide a wide range of services such as web development, premium consulting, redesign, and all-in-one solutions. Usually, business owners look for a reliable Ruby on Rails web development company to help them building remarkable web, mobile, and tablet applications from the very first stages of development till the final launch and further support. Thus, every Ruby on Rails company tends to work with businesses on a long-term basis.

Here you can find more information about the top 10 Ruby on Rails development companies and what types of services they provide to their clients. This way, you can understand the projects of what sizes are usually delegated to a Ruby on Rails agency and what projects require few programmers to hire only. There are a number of ways you can hire Ruby on Rails developers to help you with your next web application project. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular ways to see which one suits you best.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Ruby on Rails Developer Locally?

The most straightforward way by which you can hire a Ruby on Rails application developer is by hiring locally, either through job posting websites or local agencies. This gives you full control over the hiring process and also doesn’t come with complications of time zone differences. However, in many countries, hiring from the local market can be expensive as developer salaries for the web development Ruby on Rails based tend to be high. Moreover, this will require you to allocate physical resources like office workspaces and machines to each developer you hire. Aside from this, you will likely need to pay government-mandated expenses like taxes and insurance, as well as additional fees for software licenses, and these can all add up to the already high cost. What’s more, local hiring often comes with long-term contracts, so you will have to keep your RoR developer even when the project is completed.

Сost to Hire RoR Developers on Freelance Basis

Another option you have is to hire freelance RoR developer, which you can find on freelance portals like Upwork, Toptal, or Freelancer. Doing so can be quite cheap, as there is high competition among the freelancers on such portals and Ruby on Rails salary rates vary a lot. However, this can be a big risk, because there can be reliability issues with freelance developers. For instance, they can be difficult to contact at times, and this will be a problem when schedule deadlines are imminent. Freelancers can also come from different parts of the world, so language barriers and time zone differences can also pose a big challenge, especially when collaboration is essential, which usually is for reasonably sized projects. Accountability is also an issue, as freelancers can choose to abandon projects at any time if they become inconvenient, and there is little you can do to prevent this from happening. As such, the low cost of hiring freelancers also comes with a price.

Ruby on Rails Engineer Cost on Remote Basis

Another option that you should consider is to hire Ruby on Rails coding team working remotely or find a dedicated Ruby on Rails development company. With this option, the remote Ruby on Rails development team will work for you full-time and report to you directly, but they will remain in their company’s premises and use their office resources. This makes hiring dedicated developers highly cost-effective, as you can tap into inexpensive markets without much of the reliability and accountability issues, as the Ruby on Rails outsourcing company ensures the performance of these developers. It also gives you full control of your developers, including the interview and screening processes, just like with local hires. Payments for hiring dedicated developers are also typically all-inclusive, so you won’t need to pay for expenses like taxes, insurance, software licenses, etc. Moreover, this route also gives you scalability with your resources, as you can easily add or remove developers when your project requirements change.

What to Look for in Ruby on Rails Developer Resume?

Except for RoR engineer cost, it’s time to sort out the skills and experience that every experienced Ruby on Rails programmer should have. If you want to hire RoR developer with solid knowledge of the field and remarkable coding approach, take a look at these samples about experiences:

  • More than 4 years of web development experience
  • More than 2 years Ruby on Rails development experience
  • A strong portfolio of launched applications
  • Experience with Ruby, Javascript, HTML/CSS
  • Knowledge of MySQL and Postgres (development experience is a plus)
  • Experience with creating highly scalable web apps
  • At least 1-year working experience with an agile development environment

And here go the minimal requirements for skills that should be mentioned in Ruby on Rails developer resumes:

  • Master’s degree in Computer Science or related major
  • Knowledge of SOAP and REST API services
  • In-depth understanding of OOP and design patterns
  • Strong knowledge of relational databases
  • Understanding of web app performance

Fair Ruby on Rails Developer Cost in Ukraine

To provide you with this information, we made a research on the most popular job websites. Here are the numbers of Ruby on Rails developer resumes available in open access:


The number of available vacancies is presented accordingly:


As you can see from the tables, the demand and supply of RoR programming specialists are almost equal. However, it is worth noting that many coders are willing to work on outsource and look for remote job offers from international companies. Thus, if you make a search for Ruby on Rails developer resumes and job offers for remote work, the numbers won’t change much. For example, if compare Ruby on Rails developer salary on Freelancer, Ruby on Rails developer cost is obvious that it is several times higher. But it is the freelance tasks only, while full-time remotely working Ruby on Rails web developer can earn even more. No wonder that experienced Ukrainian RoR developers look for outstaffed opportunities and it is easy to hire Ruby on Rails programmer from Ukraine at an affordable cost of RoR programmer.

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Affordable Cost of Ruby on Rails Developer at Mobilunity

We’ve taken a look at the Ruby on Rails development framework for the Ruby programming language, and how it makes web application development with Ruby significantly faster and easier. We’ve also seen some tips on how best to go about hiring the ideal Ruby on Rails developers for your next RoR web development projects at fair cost of Ruby on Rails developer. For all your remote development needs, we’re the partner for you! We are Mobilunity, a provider of dedicated RoR developers who are experts in technologies like Ruby on Rails, Ruby, and many other programming languages, frameworks, and tools. We not only provide the highest quality of RoR developers in all of Europe, but we also provide a fair cost of RoR developer. When you hire Ruby on Rails developers from Mobilunity, you’re assured to get your money’s worth.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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