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Hire Zend Framework Developer

PHP developers form one of the largest and most active developer communities. PHP technology has numerous tools for almost any programming task imaginable, including a plethora of web development frameworks. This has led to incredible technology diversity among companies that use PHP or hire dedicated PHP developers. You are as likely to find a company with a Symfony developer team, while a similar company will opt for Zend developer hiring. In this post, we will take a look at Zend development, it’s effectiveness, and why it’s worth to hire PHP Zend developer.

Zend Development in a Nutshell

Zend is one of the oldest and PHP frameworks that uses an open-source BSD-style license and is still in high demand. This makes it unrestrictive to use, modify, and repackage the framework code. It was launched in 2006 by the Zend Technologies company. With Zend certain web applications become stunningly simple to create when Zend programmer uses this framework. In short, you should hire PHP Zend developer, if you are looking for the following combination:

  • MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture
  • Simplicity combined with reusability
  • The ability to reuse existing open-source web app components
  • Loosely-coupled software that relies on configuration rather than convention.

By this time, being a package of professional PHP packages, Zend Framework got more than 345 million installations. This technology is used by a Zend programmer for a wide range of projects from web applications to fully independent services based on PHP 5.6+ with object-oriented code with a great number of language options available. If you are interested in technical aspects and workflow of Zend framework, take a look at the following mentioned by Project Lead of the company Matthew Weier O’Phinney:

  • Applies Composer as a package utility
  • PHPUnit checks all packages
  • Integrates through Travis CI
  • Operates according to PHP-FIG standards
  • Supports PSR-7 interfaces for HTTP messages.

It is worth noting that the technology is provided by Zend that is owned by a Rogue Wave Company, but a number of developed components and added features were created with a help of support of Zend developers community and contributors. Zend technology is known for one of the most supportive and responsive programming community that cooperates on forums, IRC channels, and even group chats. Such famous companies like Google, Microsoft, and Sound Strategies PR use Zend development for building web interfaces and applications and nowadays, there are 12,348 companies in total referring to Zend software development.

When you hire PHP Zend developer, you can greatly improve your PHP projects by developing high-quality web applications faster. In the absence of Zend, your Zend development team might struggle on settling on a proven and tested development standard. Zend framework proved to be an all-in-one solution for PHP-based projects. When exploring Zend Framework development, businesses can benefit from understanding how to hire programmers, building an optimal mobile app development team structure, and leveraging the benefits of an offshore development model, ultimately leading to the creation of high-quality and cost-effective applications that meet their specific requirements.

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The Latest Zend Framework Updates

According to Zend Framework blog, the latest release of Expressive 3 was launched on March 16, 2018. On the date of this release, it was informed that Expressive 3 requires at least PHP 7.1. A few months later, Zend developers launched Expressive 3 complete version that can support all components of PHP 7.2 and connect to Apigilty modules. Now, the company works on finalizing and updating existing API-related modules for Expressive 3 version and plans to complete this task in the nearest months.

The base package was changed a lot: now if operated coordinating actions only, while a greater part of the code itself was put in a semantic affiliation or moved to a newly created packages. The base package is responsible for a user-friendly interface that helps to build application routes and pipelines. It worth noting that command-line tools were improved as well as allowing a Zend programmer to use the features in a simpler way. The updated creating request handlers and template support were reconsidered based on Zend programmer feedback. In Expressive 3, developers added a bunch of new features, also accessible by any PSR-15 framework besides Zend, including:

  • Zend-expressive-session that allows to abstract session and middleware and a single adapter zend-expressive-session-ext that uses PHP’s session extension;
  • Zend-expressive-flash allows flash using through PHP session;
  • Zend-expressive-CSRF refers to Cross-Site Request Forgery shield;
  • Zend-problem-details send responses for customer’s APIs, in both JSON and XML formats.

It can be clearly seen that the latest, third version of Zend framework was updated and extended based on requests and suggestions of Zend developers community. This way, the framework became more powerful and useful in terms of a variety of features and possibilities. No wonder that the number of companies who hire Zend framework developer is increasing each year accordingly.

Advantages of Having in Your Team a Zend Coder

The use of Zend software development is mainly for creating large-scale web applications. It ranges from content management systems, corporate websites, and enterprise apps, all the way to end-to-end e-commerce solutions. For example, the following applications are all developed on top of Zend:

  • Magento – Leading eCommerce software solution
  • Open Ticket – A support and ticketing package
  • Humhub – Social networking platform
  • Shopware – A software solution for e-commerce
  • Flarum Core – Open source forum software

It is easy to find a Zend development company around the world. Since PHP is used widely by many businesses, this has led to a large community of development services and, thus, made it quite easy to hire PHP Zend developer. Working with a Zend development company is a great way to obtain quality software built quickly and reliably. If you would prefer not to delegate the development of your software to another company, then you should hire Zend framework developer. There are several important ways how Zend software development can be useful in a PHP project:

  • Faster Speed Of Development. Zend programmer is able to launch your web application much faster. For a startup, hiring a team of Zend developers could thus be the secret to a competitive advantage when developing a minimally viable product (MVP)
  • Well Structured Code. When you hire PHP Zend developer, you receive a well-structured code. The framework makes this much easier to achieve than when rolling your own solution from scratch. When you hire Zend framework developer, you can add features to an application quickly and easily.
  • Reduce Technology Risk. Hire PHP Zend developer to mitigate technical risks. If you are used to operating within strict terms where each hour counts, you definitely cannot afford failure to implement features and it is the Zend programmer is the exact coder you need.

A small team of Zend developers that knows the framework well can be more effective than a larger team using alternatives. This is because the long-running history of Zend programming has created one of the most stable PHP software libraries.

Zend Developer Salary Rates: How Much It Costs to Hire Zend Framework Developer

The salary of a Zend programmer varies widely depending on location. This is one reason why it can be so beneficial for a client to look abroad when you decide to hire PHP Zend developer. Taking into consideration the US and Canada specialists, a Zend certified engineer or a Zend coder salary reaches $69,683 and C$63,860 ($48,137) accordingly. Despite the fact that Zend programmer salary in New York is higher than in Illinois or Texas, the range is not that big. Therefore, many companies tend to hire Zend framework developer working remotely from Western Europe.

In London, a Zend programmer earns an average GBP 45,000 according to ITJobsWatch. This amounts to approximately $57,821 at current exchange rates. According to Stack Overflow, the average Zend development company cost for Germany is around $41,400. In Poland, on the other hand, Zend programmer salary is around $33,000 based on estimates from salaries posted on 4Programmers.net. Besides the US, rates of Western Europe Zend developers are pretty high as well. But there is one country known for exceptional experts in Zend development.

In Ukraine, Zend certified programmer cost is approximately $23,601 based on Payscale data. At the same time, Ukrainian Zend developers are one of the most demanded in-house and remote Zend programming specialists all over the globe. Why hire Zend developer in Ukraine? Of course, to get a great looking and working project at an affordable cost and short time.

Required Zend Programmer Skills You Should Know to Hire Zend Developers

In order to hire Zend programmer talent or find PHP developers for hire, you should consider the following ways in which you can accomplish this. If you are in search of a strong example of Zend developer CV to take into account, check a resume pool here. Also, you can check there an average Zend developer salary on the market.

  • If you wonder what vital skills should a reliable Zend programmer, remember that a Zend coder has a wide range of knowledge that will help any PHP software development project. Besides the experience with Zend technology, a Zend programmer needs to master a number of other skills such as HTML, CSS, XML, web services, NoSQL, etc., which work with Zend applications. When deciding to hire PHP Zend developer, check his experience with object-oriented PHP code.
  • Database interoperability with MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL. Hire Zend framework developer to integrate your PHP applications with a range of databases. These include MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and Oracle. Of course, Zend developer salary depends on the number of frameworks and databases he is experienced with.
  • REST, APIs, and JSON knowledge. Zend framework encourages the use of logical, attractive URL schemes. This is one example in which the framework improves the experience of users of applications built with the framework. A good Zend programmer is highly sensitive to these standards because the framework is replete with such a focus on modern ways. The use of REST, along with JSON and other API development is another modern standard that a Zend coder should be familiar with.

Now, you know what skills and knowledge should a well-qualified Zend programmer have. It is time to look for a remarkable Zend coder and finally hire Zend framework developer to contribute to your project.

Is It Easy to Hire Zend Framework Developer in Ukraine?

If you don’t know how to hire Zend developer from Ukraine, here are a few links that will help you find the right specialist:

Though Zend is not a wide-spread technology and requires special subject matter specialists, there is a number of Ukrainian Zend developers looking for project development to start or join. It is important to note that many Zend developers tend to work in teams within a Zend development company in Ukraine. Therefore, if you need an experienced and reputable Zend coder, take a look at a Ukrainian Zend development company working on projects on outsourcing. By hiring a skilled Zoho CRM developer, API developers for hire and collaborating with a web developer Ukraine, businesses can build efficient and scalable applications in the context of Zend Framework development that offer seamless integration of customer relationship management features and visually appealing web design.

It is worth noting that part of fully outstaffing Zend development tasks proved to be the most beneficial way to complete a project shortly. Take a look at the undeniable advantages of outsourcing project development:

  • You can concentrate on the project in general and core activities.
  • When you hire PHP Zend developer, you don’t need to learn new technology by yourself.
  • You don’t need to hire an in-house Zend programmer for one-time work or project.
  • You can choose among a number of highly qualified remote Zend developers.
  • You can hire PHP Zend developer remotely at lower costs than in-house one requires.
  • In-house and remote combined teams proved to be more effective, than just in-house ones.
  • You can get a fresh look from a Zend programmer at your developed project.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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