How Much Does It Cost to Hire Symfony Developer?

PHP framework Symfony is an open-source collection of the reusable components, which make the development process simpler and faster. Coders use it to create websites and web applications, including content management systems (CMSs) and packaged solutions, like CRM or e-commerce. Symfony PHP framework is a mixture of functional toolbox and methodology. A toolbox contains decoupled and reusable components, which are easily combined. With them, Symfony PHP developer for hire has less code to write, which means less chance to make an error. For the client, it ends up with greater productivity of the performer.

The methodology of the framework can be described as an “assembly diagram” for the apps. It helps to work efficiently and effectively in the most complex aspects of the future product. The structured approach helps to write upgradable and easy to maintain apps. And if you need to use components from any other PHP library – they are easily combined with Symfony. One more benefit of the framework Symfony is a strong community. Coders from 120 countries contribute to the development of this open-source framework. So you can easily hire PHP developer for the project. More than 600 000 developers are using Symfony to create apps. The official website says it is downloaded more than 48 million times per month.

Average Cost to Hire Symfony Developers

Wondering how much does it cost to hire Symfony developer? Symfony programmer salary depends on the skills and experience of the coder. However, in different countries, the cost of Symfony programmer significantly differs. For example, it is much cheaper to hire Symfony developer in Eastern Europe, than in Northern America. It is easy to see this difference if compare the cost of Symfony developer located in several countries:

  • The United Kingdom. In the UK average annual Symfony salary for permanent workers is £110 000 (about $142 300). The cost of Symfony programmer, who works by contract, earns £475 per day (£125 000 annually).
  • Switzerland. In Switzerland PHP developers, who use Symfony, earn averagely CHF 80 000 – about $80 500 per year or $41 per hour. Junior specialists start with CHF 74 000, while seniors earn up to CHF 111 000, claims
  • Germany. The survey of the Stack Overflow shows, that Symfony developer salary Germany ranges from €38 000 to €61 000. The median Symfony engineer cost is €48 000 – about $54 700 per year.
  • The USA. says, in the USA salary for the PHP developer using Symfony starts from $29 000 per year and can reach $180 000 in case of the experienced senior specialist. The average Symfony developer cost is $89 044 annually.
  • Canada. According to the statistics from the, a junior Symfony developer earns $20 000 per year. But the cost of Symfony developer can reach $141 000. The average index for the country is $58 516.
  • Ukraine. The average PHP developer, using framework Symfony, earns $23 331*. Symfony developer cost on the entry-level positions starts from $14,400 and can reach $46 000 per year.

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Cost-effectiveness is one of the most important questions for the company, which launches web projects and need to hire Symfony PHP developer. The positive thing is that you can find Symfony developer or even a Symfony development dedicated team from any part of the world with the lower Symfony developer cost. The remote team will be as good as in-house workers while hiring a team of Symfony programmers to the office means way higher cost to hire Symfony developers. Choose according to the skills and Symfony developer salary. In this case, the remote devoted team from Ukraine and Symfony development outsourcing to this country is a cost-effective decision.

What to Check in a Symfony Developer CV

The thing, that you see before Symfony coder is his/her resume. If you are not sure, that the candidate is good enough for your project – the perfect CV is a way to convince you. But what if you are going to hire a Symfony developer for the first time? We’ve prepared examples of Symfony developer resume.

Junior PHP Symfony Developer Resume

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Work experience: 2 years of work as a junior software developer.

Languages: English – Upper-Intermediate.


  • Proficiency in Symfony;
  • Experience in PHP, JavaScript, C/C++, SQL Query;
  • Experience in coding, testing, debugging of the applications;
  • Ability to work with scalable apps, to integrate different elements;
  • Understanding of service-oriented architecture;
  • Knowledge of Relational, NoSQL, ORMs, PHP databases;
  • Proficiency in object-oriented programming.


  • Designing and developing tools to improve the efficiency of the software;
  • Performance tuning and optimization;
  • Administrating of documentation and content management;
  • Providing the documentation of the developer code.

Senior Symfony Developer CV

Education: Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Work experience: 5+ years of work as a software developer.

Language: English – Advanced.

Technical skills:

  • Programming languages: PHP 5+, JavaScript, Java, Scala, Ruby.
  • Frameworks: Symfony, Laravel, Zend. CakePHP, Slim Framework, Express.js, Doctrine, Twig.
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle.
  • Tools: PHPUnit, PHPSpec, Docker, Vagrant, Grunt, Phing, TDD.


  • Strong knowledge of PHP and PHP oriented frameworks;
  • Strong knowledge of HTTH and other web protocols;
  • Ability to make frontend changes in the existing application;
  • Maintaining and optimizing the existing services and applications;
  • Designing and implementing new functionalities;
  • Experience in implementation of the third-party systems;
  • Designing and optimizing databases;
  • Testing and debugging of the applications;
  • Designing and implementing new backend services and users interfaces;
  • Developing complex back- and frontend parts of the product;
  • Creating the documentation to the written code.

Symfony developer resume is a document, representing the abilities and the potential of the future performer. But if you are not completely satisfied with the information given or you would like to ask some more questions, particularly about your project – feel free to ask about the interview. A personal conversation will significantly add to the image of the coder or the team if you are in need to outsource Symfony development.

Reasonable Cost of Symfony Programmer in Mobilunity

More and more business owners from Europe and America outsource their IT projects to Ukraine and hire Symfony developers Ukraine. Here they find skilled PHP Symfony coders for their websites and web applications. In comparison to other European countries, Ukraine offers professional developers for lower Symfony developer cost. A Symfony developer here will be a cost-effective decision for your project. If you need a professional Symfony developer or a devoted team, which will design an attractive and functional application, Mobilunity, a Symfony development company in Ukraine, will give it to you. We offer coders, who are oriented on the result and quality, and ready to provide you with the full cycle development. Contact us today to get all the information about your future Symfony project.

Mobilunity guarantees fair and cost-effective cost to hire Symfony developers. Contact us now to extend your team with talented Ukrainian coders!

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