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Why Successful Companies Use CTO Consulting Services?

What are considered CTO consulting services, and why businesses may need them? What a CTO consultant does, and how to choose the right one? Here, you can find answers to all your concerns regarding CTO advisory services and how to get the maximum benefits of them.

What Are CTO Consulting Services?

CTO stands for a Chief Technology Officer, an executive-level position in an organization. Chief technology officers decide on the most relevant tech infrastructure that corresponds to closely the company’s strategic goals. As per CMS Wire, CTOs are crucial players for an organization that wants to remain competitive in the modern age.

For business owners and top managers, it’s crucial to be aware of new and existing technologies to manage and optimize the company’s core and supporting technology stack. However, in our fast-pacing world, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of the newest features and solutions while managing all technology-related issues within the organization.

That’s where CTO consulting services come in handy. Consulting CTO As A Service (CCAAS) appeared in response to high demand for professional assistance and technology consultations for execute-level positions. Highly qualified CTOs who act as technology and information systems consultants help business owners and top managers to be aware of new releases and potential options, their pros and cons, and how the existing solutions can benefit their businesses.

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Why You May Need CTO Consulting?

It doesn’t mean that only those top managers or business owners who can’t tackle all the responsibilities entrusted to them need consulting CTO services. It turns out exactly the opposite, since in most cases, it is the successful executives who utilize in-house or virtual CTO services. Typically, hiring platforms make it easy to hire CTO candidates remotely, but it can be difficult to accurately confirm their skills.

The recent McKinsey research shows that organizations that keep an eye on novel technologies and implement them into their strategies and business processes succeed much more than those that don’t. This will be possible with top-level CTO consultation and long-term cooperation with a qualified consultant.

While some businesses tend to have a CTO consultant in-house, in the digital era, more and more business owners hire virtual CTO assistants. This broadens a pool of experts to the global scale and allows finding a consulting CTOs specialist with the most relevant expertise and experience. Do you need an Interim chief technology officer to handle the tech part of your business? Mobilunity has someone to offer!

How a Remote CTO Consultant Can Benefit Your Company Performance

Here’s how a remote chief technology officer consultant can help:

  • Stay aware of the latest technologies and new releases;
  • Conduct market research and competitors’ analysis in regard to the utilized tech stack and performance;
  • Review the existing tech infrastructure and advise on possible improvements/upgrades/alternatives;
  • Optimize and automate existing business processes with the help of the most suitable tech stack;
  • Share the best practices for the executive role and performance of duties to ensure maximum productivity and resource management, resulting in the best results for the organization.

Comparing CTO Consulting Rates in Different Countries

Organizations turn to remote CTO consulting services not only because of the large pool of CTO co-founder experts but also because of the costs involved. Let’s compare the consultants’ average hourly rates in different countries:

  • The US – $120/hour;
  • The UK – $52/hour;
  • Germany – $83/hour;
  • Ukraine – $50/hour*

*Rates are provided by the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team over local job boards

As you can see, Ukrainian CTO consulting services cost several times less compared to European or US offerings. At the same time, as highlighted in TechUkraine, Ukrainian IT experts are known for their first-class coding solutions, use of the latest technologies, and dedicated approach. Consulting CTO is one of the many exceptional-level services provided by Ukrainian technology advisors at accessible costs.

Mobilunity as a First-Class CTO Consulting Provider

Mobilunity is a well-known Ukrainian outstaffing provider with a strong reputation for providing highly qualified IT experts and dedicated resources for businesses all over the globe. Being more than 10 years on the global market, Mobilunity experts are skilled in finding the best consulting CTO for software startups and organizations of any scale. Also Mobilunity will help to hire Ruby programmers or hire VR developers; we provide quality software development in Eastern Europe, you will do a favor to yourself and your budget, saving a lot of money.

If you are looking for a reliable provider of CTO consultants, get in touch with Mobulunity representatives, and let us provide you with the most suitable chief technology officer advisor according to your business needs and preferences.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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