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FAQs about Software Development Partnership

Software development partnership is an option already used by many businesses. What makes it so popular? Cooperation like this can help you save money on employee growth and upkeep, locate competent people, and solve the necessary tasks. And, perhaps most importantly, it enables you to increase the quality of your products.

But how to choose the right offshore programming company to cover your needs? What criteria should you use to select collaborators who will be committed to your idea? The choice factors might range from the scope of your business to the amount of money set aside for software development.

The information in today’s article may be valuable to companies searching for partners to help them build software and other digital goods. We will tell you about this type of cooperation, why it may be necessary, and address some of the most common questions related to a digital development partnership.

What Is a Software Development Partnership?

A software development partnership is a type of collaboration in which one entity hires an IT business or agency to help with the software project’s implementation. It is, in reality, a kind of outsourcing in which one company delegates some of its workflows to a technological firm.

Most often, companies that wish to cut development expenses look for software development partners. The necessity to locate partnerships usually emerges in technology startups or organizations that cannot engage a staff of IT specialists for various reasons.

For most businesses, such a partnership means finding an associate at fair prices and the necessary skills to create software in a particular area. Partner development substantially simplifies the process of scaling up a fast-growing company since all you need is leadership in your plans and ideas.

Usually, software partnerships work as follows:

  • Search for a cooperating company;
  • Discussion of main partnership points;
  • Creation of a software development implementation plan;
  • Gathering of a specialists team to solve tasks;
  • Beginning of collaboration.

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The Main Reasons to Look for a Software Development Partner

Businesses can encounter various issues that complicate the software development process or make the company’s growth and scaling impossible. Let’s take a look at the top reasons to find an outsourcing IT agency and partner with it.

  • High development prices

Starting a collaboration with a third-party organization is significantly less expensive than assembling an entire team of specialists within your company. In addition to this, finding a development partner can save you money on the maintenance and training of in-house staff. You may quickly locate collaborators that fit your financial requirements and discuss any payment-related matters with them.

  • Lack of professionals in your field

Let’s say your company has started working on a new tech project. Creating innovative software necessitates specialized expertise in a given field, which your full-time workforce may lack. Then it makes sense to look for a partner in development. You will be able to discover talents in the area you require through cooperation, and professionals from a third-party organization will usually have extensive experience in this field.

  • Seeking to implement projects according to deadlines and budget

It is significantly easy to schedule all of your work once you start the partnership. You sign a contract with a third-party organization, which obliges it to meet your deadlines and budget.

  • The company’s demand for quick growth

Because the business world is changing so dramatically, firms frequently seek the help of third-party organizations. Software or app development partners will help your company grow, thanks to the ability to swiftly recruit professionals for your projects.

  • You’re working on a short-term project

It can also be a reason to think about forming a partnership. In this case, your employees will concentrate on the core tasks, and the staff of a third-party company will perform a short-term project. Hiring in-house personnel for such initiatives may also be unprofitable.

FAQs about Software Development Partnership

Top Questions

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2.What are the Benefits of a Software Development Partnership for a Company?
3.How is the Communication Between a Client and Software Development Partner Happening?
4.Is Software Development Partnership Expensive?
5.Is a Software Development Partnership Suitable for Long-term or Short-term Projects?
6.How To Choose the Right Software Development Partner?
7.How To Understand if the Software Development Partner Is Good?
8.What Experts Do Software Development Partners Can Provide?

What Industries May Require Software Development Partnerships?

We are gradually moving away from the idea that software development is needed exclusively in the IT field. It is not the case, as businesses from different industries are moving to an online format or require software for other purposes. That is, any sector may need development resources.

The main areas for which software development is particularly relevant are:

  • The Internet of Things
  • Blockchain
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Governmental and Social Institutions
  • Traditional Industries (e.g., Construction, Oil, Gas, Agriculture Industries)

What are the Benefits of a Software Development Partnership for a Company?

The main areas for which software development is particularly relevant are:

  • Financial benefit. You can find a software development outsourcing partner that will suit your financial capabilities. You will also not need to spend money on staff maintenance and training.
  • Ability to concentrate on core business goals. You may transfer some secondary responsibilities to a third-party firm while remaining in charge of the primary ones.
  • Reducing the time it takes to bring a product to market. By signing a software development partner contract, you clearly define the time frame for which you want the project to be complete. You also hire a team of experienced professionals who can deliver your products at a fast pace.
  • Access to an extensive pool of talents. The need to find a development partner often arises when there is a demand for specialists with precise and in-depth knowledge in a particular field. Among the many IT companies that offer their services, you can find the one that best meets the needs of your business.
  • Opportunity to expand the company and increase its capacity. With a third-party workforce, you can scale up your business and improve the quality of development.
    • Is a software development partnership suitable for long-term or short-term projects? You can search for web, software, or app development partner for both long-term and short-term projects. It is only crucial to find a reliable vendor because it will directly affect the quality of your final products. Large corporations, for example, might have a long-term partnership with one company while seeking out other partners for short-term initiatives.

How is the Communication Between a Client and Software Development Partner Happening?

    We at Mobilunity have distinguished three main stages of communication and workflow organization in software development partnership.

  • The first step – recruiting
  • At this point, we’ll go through all of your requirements for project candidates with you. Then we collaborate to create a profile of the ideal applicant and post the job vacancy. It is also our responsibility to review CVs and check the test tasks. We then conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates, where we examine whether the specialists meet your needs. And for the final gathering of the team, we will contact the selected professionals with you.

  • The second step – onboarding
  • Once the team of employees is formed, we take full responsibility for setting up all work processes. We acquaint specialists with software development partner responsibilities and help them adapt to the working environment.

  • The third step – managing current workflows
  • In the process, we check that all completed tasks meet your specifications and that all projects are closed promptly. We will also motivate, train and support the team.

    In general, you may contact us if you have any questions regarding work processes and staff.

Is Software Development Partnership Expensive?

Is software development partnership expensive?

The cost of a partner company’s services will depend on many factors. Developer salaries are influenced by the partner country, the level of professional skills, the complexity of your project, and the time to develop your product.

We suggest you compare the average full-stack developer salary in different countries:

  • the USA – $9,173
  • the UK – $5,055
  • Germany – $4,831
  • Denmark – $5,784
  • the Netherlands – $4,461
  • Ukraine – $3,700*

As you may have noticed, Eastern Europe software development is famous for its cost-effectiveness. That is why hiring experts from Ukraine can be profitable for your business.

Is a Software Development Partnership Suitable for Long-term or Short-term Projects?

You can search for web, software, or app development partner for both long-term and short-term projects. It is only crucial to find a reliable vendor because it will directly affect the quality of your final products. Large corporations, for example, might have a long-term partnership with one company while seeking out other partners for short-term initiatives.

How To Choose the Right Software Development Partner?

    Here are some factors to consider before starting your partnership.

  • Insist on clear pricing
  • Before you start working with a third-party company, you should enter into an agreement in which you determine the scope of work, deadlines, and service cost. Always require a detailed justification of prices and a comprehensive report on the tasks performed and their cost. To lower your risks, don’t make significant upfront payments and compensate for the work completed.

  • Choose partners with a credible track record
  • Of course, a service provider with little experience is not necessarily a red light. But it is better if your potential partner provides evidence of their work and introduces you to their previous cases. The best reflection of your collaborator’s experiences should be on their website. Before you start working together, do some research on Google and related forums to see what others have to say about the firm you’ve picked.

  • Protect your intellectual property rights before starting a partnership
  • The reputable service vendor always understands that the intellectual property remains with the person who orders its services, which is you. However, it is preferable to clarify your rights in the contract straight once to avoid IP theft.

  • Be in charge of your primary business processes
  • When you find a partner for cooperation, you need to understand that it is usually an outsourcing company that is the executor of your assignments. Therefore, such a company should not have access to manage the core part of your business. Keep this in mind when entering into a partnership.

How To Understand if the Software Development Partner Is Good?

You should discover everything you can about a software or Rust development company before deciding if it is right for you. The following are the essential questions to ask your potential partner:

  • Does your partner have experience in software development in your field?
  • Which clients does your potential partner usually serve?
  • What is your partner’s current workload?
  • How will personnel management take place? We’re talking about whether you’ll have to handle the procedures yourself or whether your partner will take care of it for you by offering back-office support.
  • How does your partner conduct the process of finding and hiring staff?
  • How will the communication between the business and its software development partner take place?
  • Who will own the source code of the software?
  • Will you be able to manage financial flows?
  • How easy will it be to scale the business in collaboration with your chosen partner?
  • What model of cooperation does your partner offer, and does it meet your needs?

What Experts Do Software Development Partners Can Provide?

According to your needs and tasks, a team of specialists can be staffed with different professionals. Here are the central experts that a software development partner can offer you:

  • Frontend developer
  • Backend developer
  • Full-stack developer (will deal with both the frontend and backend sides of your project)
  • Software architect (will develop the APIs and software technical structure)
  • Mobile app developer (will provide you with the best mobile solutions)
  • QA/QC specialist (will assure the quality of the software by running regular checks and tests)
  • UI/UX designer (will create a user-friendly interface of your software: websites, apps, or other digital products)
  • Product manager (will coordinate all business operations)

Mobilunity – Your Reliable Software Development Partner in Ukraine

We are a Ukrainian company that offers favorable conditions for software development cooperation. For more than 11 years on the market, we have managed to work with more than 40 customers from different countries.

We can assemble a team of specialists such as Fintech programmer that will 100% meet your requirements, as we have access to an extensive personnel reserve of more than 200,000 Ukrainian developers. The important thing is that you can fully control the creation of your products while saving time and money. After all, we take on all operational issues.

We offer various models of cooperation. For you, we can build an entire team from scratch, expand your existing staff, or manage your development personnel. Choose a convenient option for cooperation, and let’s create products together with dedicated professionals from Ukraine!

Do you need a reliable software development partner? We’re here to help!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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