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Hire Chatbot Developers

A Chatbot is a software application, which is based upon some predefined rules or artificial intelligence AI programming to communicate with the users on a chatting platform or website. Numerous enterprises hire data scientists, chatbot developers and hire Erlang developers for programming a chatbot for their businesses so that they can establish effective communication with their customers.

There are many types of businesses that are already using chatbots for their respective businesses on Facebook as well as on their own websites. According to the market research report by Grand View Research, the total global chatbot market value is expected to cross $1.23 billion by 2025 from just $39 million in 2014 with over 24.3% of CAGR growth. This report further elaborates that the main industries that are influenced by chatbots technology include eCommerce, healthcare, banking, retail, and entertainment media.

The chatbot programming is growing very fast since Facebook and WeChat, Slack, WhatsApp, and other platforms offered chatbot development on their respective platforms. Meanwhile, the development of native chatbot applications has also increased significantly during the past few years that have triggered a substantial chatbot developer demand in the marketplace.

What Are Chatbots & Reasons to Hire Chatbot Developers

The chatbots are communication platforms, where the automated computer program responds to the queries and communication with the customers by learning the patterns, keywords, questions, or even the learning language used by the customer. The bot development is becoming one of the cruising industries for the bot developers as well as for the businesses of all sizes globally. A substantial increase in the demand for writing a chatbot application in the market is a clear indication of the desirable impact of these applications on today’s modern businesses. Normally, there are two types of chatbot applications; one is governed by the predefined simple rules and the other one is more advanced and sophisticated one, which uses the power of Neuro-linguistic programming to understand the complex conversation of the user through artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

As far as the question of how to build a chatbot is concerned, we can do it in two different ways. The one way to benefit from the power of chatbot for a very low price is to use third-party chatbot. In this case, you can integrate chatbot into website of your company without developing it from scratch. You can just use the service of any third party. The other way to build a chatbot is by developing it from scratch with hire erlang developers and designers. You can have larger control, privacy, security and other features in this case.

So, the chatbot development will become an integral part of web development in a very short period of time. Every business wants to benefit from the power of chatbot. According to the Business Insider report information, more than 80% of the businesses want to use chatbots in their businesses by 2020 from the present ratio of just below 4%. The number of chatbots on Facebook in just one year from 2016 to the mid of 2017 crossed the 100,000 marks. The impact of chatbots on web development is huge because a large majority of the businesses in all sectors want to use chatbot on their websites, social networks or as the separate chatbot application for better customization and privacy issues. A large number of small businesses are shifting to chatbot integration on their websites and other platforms. So, the future of web development will also be heavily influenced by the chatbot development and every chatbot development company will have to provide the services of skilled chatbot developers to the enterprises. When looking to build a powerful and intelligent chatbot, it’s important to hire AI developer who possesses the necessary skills and experience in creating sophisticated conversational AI systems.

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Which Industries Require Chatbot Programmers the Most

Owing to the great benefits of chatbots in the present-day marketplace, almost all types of industries and businesses are transitioning toward the use of chatbots in their businesses. The main industries that use chatbots extensively include the following:

If you are thinking to benefit from the power of chatbot for your business, you have two options to choose; either you can create your own chatbot application or you can use the third-party application to integrate it into your website. The most common business processes where the chatbots can make a great impact include:

  • Customer service and support
  • Sales and marketing representative
  • Insurance sales representatives
  • Banking sales and marketing

According to the Business Insider report, only in the USA, the average saving in the account of customer service and support salaries was calculated at about $23 billion annually. The other sectors are also saving substantial amounts of money on the salaries of human representatives by replacing them with chatbots.

How to Hire Chatbot Developers for Your Custom Requirements

Recruiting a well qualified specialist is an important task in any company. Before hiring chatbot designers, company needs to determine their financial plans and decide how much money they are willing to give for quality work. The cost of hourly work can vary depending on the level of the specialist, as well as the country in which they are located. Each country has its own average wage and cost of living, which are the two key factors that influence a professional’s decision to choose a particular pay rate. The last but not least are taxes for self-epmloyed workers. Therefore, it is also important for the company to analyze the labor market around the world and choose the specialist whose level suits them and whose work they are willing to pay for.

While in the USA the work of a specialist may cost $112 an hour, in Ukraine, for example, cost to hire erlang developers can be for $40 an hour. This does not speak negatively about the quality of work of Ukrainian developers, on the contrary – given the cost of living in the country, developers can afford to put the cost of their working time in affordable limits. This will allow the company not only to hire retail bot developer, but also to save financial means. This will allow them to be used for the following projects in the future. Ukraine is the most optimal and profitable place to hire chatbot programmers. Specialists from this country have a wide range of knowledge and skills, which allows adapting to any customer request. This is a guarantee that the job will be done with high quality and will be received before the deadline.

Among all providers of hiring developers in Ukraine the most reliable in this area is Mobilunity as the most experienced in the labor market. It will allow companies to hire the best chatbot developers, who will do their work quickly and with high quality for an affordable fee. In this way, the company can avoid financial losses and get a highly qualified professional. Equally important is the high level of skills, which the specialists provided by Mobilunity have without a doubt. In this way, the work of programmers from Ukraine is not only financially attractive, but also of high quality and efficiency, which allows the company to be successful in implementing any of its projects.

Top 5 Businesses to Benefit When You Hire Chatbot Programmer

Almost all kinds of industries that involve customer support, sales, marketing, and finance processes in their businesses can benefit from the use of chatbots in different ways. As far as the hiring of chatbot developers is concerned, it is purely a dedicated development service, which is commonly needed in high paced IT and knowledge base companies in the marketplace. The software development team of any company should hire a dedicated chatbot developer to build and integrate a chatbot for their businesses. The main businesses or industries that can most benefit from the hiring of a dedicated chatbot developer include the following:

Chatbot Developers in Retail Industry

The retail industry has become so competitive that every person matters a lot for every retail store. The retail industry is extensively using artificial intelligence for micro-targeting the customers based on their behaviors and purchasing patterns. But, interacting with the customers to the level they get full satisfaction is done through machine learning chatbots. These chatbots help the industry to increase customer satisfaction, product sales, and providing different incentives for better positioning your business in the marketplace. The main tasks performed by the chatbots in the retail industry include the following:

  • Notifying of the new products and arrivals
  • Providing information about the products of customer interest
  • Help to find the desired items and products
  • Providing product details and other information for better customer support
  • Sending and updating the shipping information of the consignment
  • Professional grade order processing services
  • Finding the nearest retail stores
  • Providing real-time offers, seasonal discounts, loyalty incentives, and many other gift coupons and other promotional things

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Chatbot Programmers in the Healthcare Industry

Another major industry that can benefit from hiring a dedicated chatbot developer is the healthcare sector. A healthcare sector may need a native chatbot application owing to the security and privacy of the patient information. A dedicated chatbot developer is highly desirable in the healthcare industry for continuous improvement in the chatbot experience. It requires regular updates, testing and new features to keep the customer information safe, secure, and private from the malicious attacks and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Chatbot Coders in eCommerce Sector

Like retail eCommerce is another very important sector that is highly benefiting from the use of chatbots and chatbot developers. The eCommerce business is predominantly based upon the website, mobile apps, chatbots, marketing campaigns, and micro-targeted sales. All these functions can be fully improved tremendously with the help of powerful chatbots to establish a customized conversation. According to the IBM Research Report, the customization and personalization in marketing improve the sales by over 75% in the industry. So, the eCommerce should have dedicated chatbot developers to keep the chatbots up to date and effective in their conversation to create a great user experience.

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Chatbot Engineers in Banking & Finance Industry

However, banking and finance are a little bit different from each other, but still, the main theme of their operations relates very closely. Both of these sectors have to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction to remain more competitive in the marketplace. Like the retail industry, banking and finance industry also offers multiple types of solutions and products to the industries, individuals, governments, non-governmental bodies, and other entities. So, operation of banking and finance sector should remain very well focused and targeted towards the best clients and customers. Developing and maintaining highly featured chatbots will help them improve their efficiency, sales, and customer satisfaction. To maintain smooth and profitable operations, banking and finance should hire dedicated chatbot developers to keep their chatbots, websites, and apps up to date and efficient.

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Chatbot Experts in Electronic & Print Media

The present-day print and electronic media are one of the most powerful and cruising industries, which has to interact with the millions of people on a daily basis. Many people want regular updates about news, weather, finance, climate, travel, breaking news, and many other things through media and publishing houses. This industry requires a strong team of web developers, chatbot developers, and other IT professional to maintain their highly loaded communication networks. This industry can most benefit from the professional-grade AI-based chatbots to maintain high-quality customer communication and to create a great customer experience.

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How a Chatbot Developer Creates a Chatbot

Creating an own chatbot that is able to serve your business objectives is a very thoughtful visualization and careful implementation process. You need to take all the necessary steps to make it a successful project for your business. Let’s have a look at the top useful tips on creating a good own chatbot.

  • Tip #1: Identify the objectives clearly. The base of every project starts with the clear identification, study and analysis of the objectives of the project. You should clearly identify the objectives of creating your chatbot.
  • Tip #2: Uses the best chatbot development platform. Always choose the best chatbot platform to create your own chatbot. It provides you with good quality, security, and reliability.
  • Tip #3: The flow of language should be natural looking. This is a very important tip for making the chatbot conversation more natural and creating a good customer experience. So, always create a good greeting, farewell, and other emotional messages carefully.
  • Tip #4: Try to produce a reusable solution. Always start with the basic form of computer code for different messages and latter, you can reuse and tweak them to more emotional, friendly, and other types of messages. So, always try to create code, which can be reused in different scenarios; it will save time and effort.
  • Tip #5: Keep it simple, easy, and effective. Both the chatbot interface and computer-aided communication should be simple, easy, and effective. The effectiveness can be achieved by proper focusing of the communication to the targeted customer base.

Chatbot Developer Resume Example and Required Skills for a Chatbot Engineer

To get a software, which will work perfectly, you need to hire chatbot programmer or hire chatbot engineer able to meet all the requirements of the project. Chatbot development skills here are the half of the success, while the second half is an experience.

Key skills:

  • Critical thinking and NLP
  • SDLC
  • Webhooks
  • APIs
  • Dialog Flows
  • Intents
  • Knowledge of common Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques

It is good for a project if a chatbot developer resume includes such experience as:

  • work on the position of a content developer
  • web publishing requirements understanding
  • expert in optimizing and publishing content on different social media platforms
  • experience in project management
  • analytical background and the experience in the information organizing and trends identifying, resulting in the extract key solutions
  • experience in linguistic analysis, copy editing or work on a similar position

The key requirements to a chatbot developer resume holder are:

  • Ability to design contextual, personalized and optimized chat, messaging, SMS, IVR chatbots, and virtual assistants.
  • Ability to transfer the customer needs into the UX\UI.
  • Developing flows, mockups, redlining and other creative prototyping-related items.
  • Close work with the IT and digital developers, testers and business partners.

Chatbot Developer Resume Sample

Chatbot Developer Salary: How Much It Costs to Hire a Chatbot Developer

Chatbot is one of the simplest and quickest ways to communicate with the visitors of your website. It helps you to get the information and statistics from your customers, they can make orders or leave comments through this AI-driven chat. Chatbot developer salary differs from one country to another, so choosing the developers on the outsourcing, you can pick the cheaper option to hire chatbot developer.

  • The US. In the United States, the developers making chatbots earn on average $106,953 per year.
  • The UK. In Great Britain, the chatbot developer salary is on average of $76,468 in a year.
  • Germany. The German developers of the chatbots earn about $58,856 in a year.
  • Switzerland. In Switzerland, the chatbot development cost is on average about $92,613.
  • Ukraine. In Ukraine, to hire chatbot engineer you need to pay $27, 600* a year with a bonus of $1 000.

* Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Market Analysis of Chatbot Developers for Hire

According to the Mind Bowser Survey, more than 67% of the respondents believe that chatbots will outperform the mobile applications in the next 5 years. This survey further finds that a whopping majority of 96% of the respondents believe that chatbot is not going anywhere; it will remain for long. As far as the availability of chatbot developers is concerned, this report further reveals that 76% of the industry experts believe that chatbot developers for hire are easily available in the marketplace. However, the awareness about the use of chatbot is not pervasive across the industries as yet. According to the Research Nester report, the demand of chatbot and its developers will continue to grow consistently in the next five years from as low as just $88.5 million market value in 2015 to about $868.6 million by 2023. So the demand of the chatbot developers for hire will remain in growing trend and the supply will also surge to cater to the demands, especially in the developers and experts on different chatbot developer platforms like IBM Watson, Microsoft Bot, Wit.AI, Semantic machine, and many others.

How to Hire Chatbot Developers?

You can hire a chatbot developer through multiple ways, such as hiring a freelancer, hiring a local resource, or hiring a dedicated chatbot developer through outstaffing. The third source of hiring has many benefits. The outstaffing a dedicated chatbot developer through a third party development company like Mobilunity Chatbot Services will provide you full peace of mind. You get a dedicated resource with the support of a professional team of developers and management resources to make your project 100% successful.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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