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Hire Developers in Denmark

When you need to hire software developers in Denmark or when you are considering this destination for development outsourcing, it may be useful to study the IT market deeply. And no one and nothing can say more about it and show its perspectives brighter than the statistics can do. Just a few numbers can tell you all about it and elucidate all its benefits. Because of this we pay extra attention to the statistics and show it to you.

IT Market in Denmark

So, if you are interested in Denmark as an IT services resource, keep reading to learn more about its IT market and its capabilities.

  • The rate of growth in Denmark’s IT sector is 6,78% in 2023, which means that it keeps rising, involving more and more developers and clients into the tech field. As a result, it is predicted for the Danish IT market to reach 15bn$ by 2028. Surely, it shows greatly that Denmark’s IT market is an attractive one! Especially, as there are plenty of developers with high expertise presented with the consistent market growth.
  • The Danish IT market also varies from others by the diversity of presented services. It means it’s easy to track down experts in a wide range of fields. For example, you can hire a specialist in Denmark highly skilled in such programming languages as PHP, .NET, Lua, Python, Go. It is an important point as it helps to find any needed specialist at ease.
  • The IT market in Denmark is also markable due to the number of Information Technology firms and IT specialists presented. So, the total number of people working in IT in the country is 99 thousands of specialists.
  • A great number of these specialists are working in Danish IT companies. Now IT companies in Denmark amount to nearly 12k. Such a pretty large number point that there is a real demand for the IT services in Denmark.
  • And last but not least, what is important to say about the Danish IT market is the estimated value of technological exports 12.36B now. It emphasizes the demand in the IT sector in Denmark and shows that it is a good country for hiring IT specialists. 

Surely, statistics show pretty well that Denmark IT market is a wide and consistently growing one, that makes it a great player. And it even doesn’t really matter whether you are willing to hire there locally or appeal to the outsourcing model. Denmark will be a good decision for both variants!

Denmark Dedicated Team in IT Sphere

The time of loners has passed. No one is doing great things alone now. In practice, the teams have acquired a dominant value in any branch of human activity. The team factor becomes even more important in rapidly developing industries, one of which is the IT sphere. This is the living embodiment of the proverb “one body is nobody”. This article will help you to understand the necessity of teams in IT sphere, the possibilities of hiring Ukrainian programmers with the help of companies that provide development teams for hire. In order to persuade you decisively, we will compare salaries of Ukrainian and Denmark developers. Are you looking for remote QA engineer? Leave your contact, and we’ll reach out to you shortly.

Software Development Situation in Denmark in Different Cities

It is not a secret that the situation with different industries and their representation differs in various cities of the same country. Generally, it can be distinguished by the average payment rate and the number of developers. Mostly all the best resources are centered in the most populated cities making the overall allocation uneven. For this reason below we are reviewing five cities in Denmark that are winning the race in the IT field. 

  • Copenhagen. Of course, the first city we should pay attention to is the capital of Denmark because the largest number of software developers are concentrated there. Due to the fact that the overall population here is the biggest in Denmark and counts nearly 1 million people. As a result, the average payment in Copenhagen may be higher than the average Denmark developer salary. Thus, the average monthly rate of software developer Copenhagen is $6,800. It purely reflects the competition at the market here as there is a significant number of the professionals.
  • Aarhus. The next city in our list is the second city in Denmark for size factor after Copenhagen. Because of it, there is also a pretty huge number of software specialists concentrated. There is also a harbor here that makes it a more visited place with the consistent human flow. It helps it to evolve and in the IT sphere in particular. But, comparatively to the average Denmark programmer salary, in Aarhus is a pretty low average monthly rate counting nearly $6,000. Thus, for example, frontend developer Aarhus will earn about 5500$.
  • Odense. Next city in our list and next for the size and population factor is Odense. In spite of the fact that the population here is less, there is a developed IT field here with a huge number of software developers. It is the largest city on the island and is the fundamental factor. So, it is not so big, but a perfectly developed city in Denmark. That is why the average monthly salary in Odense is not too low and is about $6,900.
  • Aalborg. The city a little bit less than Odense is Aalborg, which is an administrative center that makes it a quickly developing city. It has passed through history being an important harbor before, then being an industrial city and now converting to the modern highly developed science center. Mainly it is due to the university that opened here like 50 years ago. So now there are a lot of educated specialists in Aalborg, and IT specialists in particular. So that’s why the average monthly rate here is about $5,900. Thus, front end developer Aalborg will have 5100$.
  • Esbjerg. Another place in our list is the fewest for the size and population but still a significant and highly developed one. It is an important port and transport node in Denmark and an administrative center. All it makes this city an advanced one. That’s why this place has such a strong community of IT professionals. What is more, the average payment here is noticeably lower than the average in the country, which makes it an even more pleasant place for hiring developers. Thus, the average monthly rate in Esbjerg is $4,900.

Benefits You Will Receive Working with Mobilunity

  • Saving money when hiring IT staff with our help;
  • High qualification of specialists working with us;
  • The principle of interchangeability excludes downtime;
  • Efficiency of our work;
  • Working with us allows you to focus on the performance of really important tasks, without wasting time and energy on extraneous matters;
  • You rid yourself of the need to search for, recruit and train employees;
  • You don’t need to constantly monitor the quality of their work;
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure of corporate secrets are guaranteed;
  • We always use innovative methods of work;
  • Remote cooperation becomes possible with us.

Average Salary of Software Programmers in Denmark

As you can see, there is a mentionable variability among the average salaries in different cities of Denmark. But there are also some other categories to consider when choosing a developer. Thus, for example, Denmark java developer salary may also vary according to the level of the developer (junior, middle or senior). But when you are choosing magento development in Denmark, its cost will also differ from the java developer salary Denmark. For this reason we prepared some data about the salaries of specialists with different levels and specializations.

So, the average monthly salary of an IT specialist in Denmark is 2500$ for Junior level, 5500$ for Middle and 8600$ for Senior. The difference is pretty visible, so it may be useful to consider properly which level you need before hiring. 

Besides that, the salary may vary by the specialization. 

Specialization and LocationAverage monthly salary
Frontend developer Copenhagen$4,600
Android developer Copenhagen$5,300
IOS developer Copenhagen$6,200
WordPress developer Copenhagen$5,200
C# developer Copenhagen$6,300
GIS developer Copenhagen$5,500
Java developer Copenhagen$6,000

* Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Mobilunity as a Provider of Dedicated Specialists in Denmark

If you need Danish specialists for your projects, you can cooperate with the magento agency in Denmark or you can choose a Ukrainian company that can provide you with the top professionals in any field you need! And it will be supported by cost-efficiency and high quality guarantees. 

Mobilunity is an Ukrainian IT firm with over 12 years of experience in finding and placing qualified professionals. Due to it we can help businesses all over the world, no matter which country is needed! We already have strong connections with the developers from different countries and even our own pool of talents, so it is an easy task for us to hire developers from any country.

And Denmark is one of those countries in our experience shit. We have already worked with it, so we can say with total confidence that we can manage this task successfully. And it can also prove our customers, among whom are XPLG, Byrd, CampToCamp, Booqable, Minedia, Codename, Paidy, i-doit, Esurace and many more!

As you venture into hiring developers in Denmark, it may prove beneficial to hire C# programmer for developing .NET applications, and engage a Salesforce implementation consultant, ensuring you have both the programming and CRM expertise your project demands. Moreover, hiring a dedicated Ukrainian Mobilunity team you will be able to save costs and receive all the mentioned above positive opportunities as well!

Therefore, if you are seeking an outsourcing agency to hire developers in Denmark, we’re here and ready to lend a hand!

Mobilunity Core Hiring Models

  • Dedicated development teams. This is our main service model that means providing our clients with full-time teams. Our clients are free to handle all aspects of managing this team on their own, while we handle payroll, bookkeeping, and support. It is super suitable for long-term cooperation as you receive a team fully dedicated to your projects.
  • Consultancy services. This service model implies providing a part-time team or developer for our clients, but they can samely manage them by themselves. It works well for projects that require quick completion and collaboration that lasts for a limited amount of time. Human resources, accounting, and the help desk will still be handled entirely by us.
  • Recruiting services. One of the most interesting cooperation models we have is recruiting-as-a-service. Within it we can hire developers locally in Denmark or find the best candidates for your concrete project in Eastern Europe. Our expertise in it can be also proved by the case of hiring specialists locally on such a complex market as the Japanese one. So, choosing this kind of our services you can be sure that work will be done perfectly!

Hire developers in other Countries

Access a wide range of specialized skills and fresh perspectives by hiring developers from different countries. Expand your team’s capabilities and drive innovation by tapping into the diverse global talent pool.


  • Is Denmark good for hiring developers?

Denmark is one the top world vendors in the IT sphere, it is a home for thousands of talented and skilled developers. Moreover, its strong economy helps it to stay competitive and increase its presence in the market. So, yeah, Denmark is an excellent place to hire developers!

  • What is the average salary for a developer in Denmark?

It is important to mention that it depends a lot on the city, expertise, specialization, education of the specialists and many more other factors. But statistics say that the average monthly salary of an IT specialist in Denmark is 5500$-7000$. 

  • Will there be enough English for working with the Danish developers?

Denmark is a developed European country, so it will not be a problem to speak with the specialists in English as they will know it on a high level.

  • How many IT specialists are there in Denmark?

According to the statistics, Denmark has nearly 99k employees involved in the IT industry.

  • Does Denmark tend to be a strong tech hub?

As Denmark is a rapidly developing country with a strong economy and education, it has all opportunities to be one of the best world tech hubs and keep this name for a long time.

Want to hire developers in Denmark to improve your business? Let us help, contact Mobilunity!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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