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Is It Affordable to Hire Developers in France?

Software development companies in France have significant achievements in such IT fields as telecommunication networks, eCommerce, video games and cloud technologies. Paris is the heart of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector. There is a governmental program, the purpose of which is to gain together all the key players of the market and to make Paris the first European digital city. So, for the foreign company, it can be a big step in technological level – to hire developers Paris.

Navigating the Dynamic IT Landscape in France

Let’s discuss the evolution of the French information technology market, including its composition, talent pool, international influence, and language preferences:

  • The IT sector in France is booming, with a healthy growth rate of 7.06%, reflecting the country’s dedication to technological progress and innovation.
  • With over 29,000 IT firms in the country, France is a hub for cross-disciplinary cooperation and technological advancement.
  • The 47,700 people working in the field of information technology in France contribute significantly to the growth and development of the industry.
  • France’s 97.53 billion in IT exports demonstrates the country’s global technological influence thanks to the competitiveness and quality of its products.
  • The fact that PHP,.NET, Lua, Python, and Node.js are so popular in France is evidence of the country’s openness to new ideas and perspectives.

Thus, the most popular technologies possessed by coders in Ukraine are C/C++, Java, PHP, and .Net. Full stack Ukraine developers are also in demand.

Software Developer Wages in French Cities

  • Paris

Paris, located in the center of France, serves as a model of creativity and progress. This city has established itself as a technological center thanks to its large population of developers (about 128,000). In Paris, programmer salary in France can vary from €44,000 to €65,000 per year. Software engineers in this city, with all its historic allure, find themselves at the crossroads of history and the future.

  • Marseille

Located on the shore of the Mediterranean, Marseille has a certain charm. The city’s tech scene is thriving thanks to the roughly 16,500 french developers who call it home. With a median income between €38,000 and €51,000, this region is ideal for software engineers looking to strike a good work-life balance.

  • Lyon

Lyon is a home to a vibrant tech community. The city’s developer population is roughly 38,000 strong, making it a fertile environment for software creation. The typical compensation for a software developer in Lyon is between €36,000 and €48,000. Here, the fine art of programming meets the fine art of cooking.

  • Toulouse

Toulouse, known for its aerospace industry, has seen a smooth integration of the two industries. About 27,000 programmers call the city home; they make between €36,000 and €46,000 annually on average. Toulouse is at the pinnacle of innovation.

  • Nice

Nice, located on the beautiful French Riviera, has a thriving tech scene with a stunning backdrop. The average income for a software developer in Nice is between €39,000 and €53,000. There are approximately 15,000 developers in the city. Here, techies may work and play in a beautiful setting near the Mediterranean.

Navigating the Salaries of Software Engineers

Junior Software Developers€36,495 per year
Middle Software Developers€43,138 per year
Senior Software Developers€58,527 per year

French developers are good specialists and well educated but what about costs? Paris developers are expensive, maybe it will be cheaper to hire developers in Marseille? Or maybe Toulouse developers are not worse than in Paris? Are there alternatives to French developers in Europe? Let’s take a look at the real numbers and make a comparison. As we have stated, Ukraine is the greatest outstaffing and outsourcing services provider in Europe, and the reasonable price for hiring our specialists contributes to it.

Comparison of Salaries

Mobilunity: Your Expert Partner for French Development Teams

Mobilunity’s proficiency in putting together French development teams is undeniable. If you’re looking to revamp your online presence, consider partnering with a top-notch web development agency Paris. We are experts in the laborious procedure of recruiting first-rate programmers and can provide a streamlined method that guarantees a good fit for your projects. Here, we’ll go over some of the benefits you’ll reap by working with Mobilunity to assemble a French development team.

  • Our Competitive Advantage: Maneuvering the French Talent Pool

We know the French tech scene inside and out, so we can find and hire the most qualified programmers for web development Paris.

  • Our Quality is Guaranteed by Our Superior Technical Ability

Mobilunity is proud to hire top-tier French programmers who not only meet but exceed your project’s specifications.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Maximize Value

In order to maximize the value of your project, we offer cost-effective alternatives that give you access to elite talent without the burdens of in-house recruitment.

We have compared the average salaries of a dedicated development team in France and Ukrainian dedicated developers. Of course, the reasonable difference in salaries of Ukrainian remote developers and French ones is rather a significant advantage to look for UA programmers. If you need to hire dedicated chatbot developers contact us!

Find out more about:

Unlocking Success: Mobilunity’s Diverse Service Models

Mobilunity, a frontrunner in the IT services industry, provides three distinct service models to accommodate the diverse requirements of organizations throughout the world. Let’s explore these models in detail, explaining their intricacies and showcasing some representative examples of our work.

  • Dedicated Development Teams

The Dedicated Development Teams service model is Mobilunity’s crown jewel. It’s the pinnacle of efficient teamwork, with clients having direct control over a dedicated employee while leaving HR, finance, and support to us. This concept allows companies to hire the best people without having to worry about the paperwork that usually gets in the way of productivity.

  • Consultancy Services

Our development consulting Paris allows our clients the freedom to manage their own part-time staff while we handle administrative tasks like payroll and customer support. It’s an option for people who need help with specific projects or activities but don’t want to hire someone full-time. To maximize efficiency, firms can draw from our large pool of talent on an as-needed basis with the help of this model.

  • Recruiting Services

When it comes to finding and hiring new employees, organizations can rely on Mobilunity’s innovative Recruiting Services. We offer complete staffing options, whether you’re looking to hire in France or Eastern Europe. Using our hiring services, we were able to make an impression in highly competitive regions like Japan.

Hire developers in other Countries

Expand your team’s potential by recruiting top-notch developers from around the world. This approach offers access to a diverse range of skills and perspectives, fueling innovation and enhancing your projects’ global relevance.

Ready to elevate your projects? Partner with Mobilunity for your dedicated development team in France!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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