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Hire Dedicated Developers in Sweden

The market of tech specialists goes global, and building top-notch dev teams is possible anywhere. This allows businesses to reduce development expenses and take skilled tech talents on board. 
So, while contracting programmers in the US or Germany can cost you a fortune, outstaffing Sweden will be a cost-effective alternative. Let’s explore this country’s IT perspective and check the average salary of a software engineer Sweden.

Swedish IT Market Overview

Researchers expect the Swedish IT services market to bring $13.87 billion in sales in 2023 and $19.50 billion by the end of 2028. The revenue growth rate for these five years will reach 7.05%. Sweden’s CAGR 2023-2028 is higher than 6.70%, which belongs to the USA, with its projected earnings of $454.70 billion in 2023. 

Governmental initiatives drive such a rapid development of the ICT industry. Swedish Digital Strategy helps this country leverage tech opportunities in five key areas. They include digital innovation, literacy, leadership, security, and infrastructure. This policy helps Sweden embrace top IT sectors, including:

  • Cloud technology 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Content management
  • Internet of Things
  • 5G
  • Data Science 
  • Blockchain. 

Consequently, the number of software development companies in Sweden has reached 15,000, and it keeps growing. The number of Swedish ICT professionals reached nearly 200,000 in 2020. They master the world’s most popular programming languages: PHP, .NET, Lua, Go, and Java. Sweden-based tech experts bake the $5.18 billion share of the total projected IT services revenue 2023. 
The statistics above prove that the Swedish ICT sector is evolving and explains why more American and European companies turn to IT outsourcing Stockholm. The high-tech-export value in Sweden equaled $18.96 billion in 2021. This includes products demanding high R&D intensity, like electrical machinery, computers, and scientific instruments.

5 Top Tech-Savvy Cities in Sweden

Once you decide to delegate your project to a software development company in Sweden or outstaff your dev team in this country, you’ll need to select the location. Will it be Stockholm with its world-class startup ecosystem or enterprise-friendly Sollentuna? Let’s explore the five largest Swedish IT hubs (and cities) and learn how much it can cost to hire a tech professional in Sweden. 

  • Stockholm. The capital of Sweden hosts offices of the world’s top tech companies like IBM, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, etc. The megalopolis boasts around 1,700,000 inhabitants and 6,300 IT companies. 

The salary of a software developer Stockholm is around $79,605 per year, while an app developer Stockholm earns $47,315 annually. Stockholm is the home of well-known co-workings and startup accelerators like Norssken House, SUP46, and Impact Hub. 

  • Gothenburg. This city is the Swedish R&D hub, as more than 30% of the national R&D private investment goes here. The evolving IT scene motivates tech giants like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and Amazon to have offices in Gothenburg. Its population is 631,000, and the number of IT-related companies registered on LinkedIn is around 1,500

The city hosts international events and offers a supportive environment for scale-ups and startups. A software developer in Sweden, Gothenburg, gets $71,482 a year. 

  • Malmo. The flexible and inviting tech ecosystem helps top local startups connect with international investors. The number of software and web development companies in Sweden, Malmo, is close to 1,200. This municipality has a population of 330,000 people and hosts offices of IBM, Tata Consultancy, HCLTech, and Capgemini. 

The openness, diversity, and collaboration vibe attract talented technicians and motivated entrepreneurs to Malmo. The average salary of a software developer Sweden, Malmo, is around $82,185 per annum. 

  • Uppsala. There are tens of tech startups in tranquil Uppsala, and their quantity continues to grow due to well-established incubators. They contribute to this city’s innovation capacity and help decision-makers collaborate with local tech talents. 

Nearly 190,000 people live in the fourth-largest Swedish city, while LinkedIn shows 207 IT companies registered in Uppsala. Here, you’ll find offices of Microsoft, Coupa Software, Consid, and other ICT companies. An Uppsala-based software engineer Sweden gets approximately $98,044 a year.

  • Sollentuna. This municipality is only 15 km from Stockholm and has slightly more than 76,000 inhabitants. Such proximity to the capital is favorable and strategic for tech-innovative companies, provided the city has high-speed internet. 

The Factory is one of Sollentuna’s most prominent ecosystems for businesses and startups. LinkedIn finds 10 companies with “IT” in their names or descriptions. Unfortunately, Glassdoor doesn’t provide the average salary of a Sweden software engineer in Sollentuna. Instead, the platform offers payrolls for Stockholm-based programmers.

Stockholm Development Team for Your Project

In our time of rapid development of information technology, an increasing number of companies need the services of qualified programmers, and the global labor market offers them a variety of options. Programmers who possess the skills of PHP, .Net, Java, Angular, Laravel, Magento, and some other technologies have the greatest competitiveness. However, in addition to technical knowledge, the ability to work in a team is also highly valued, since the most promising world projects require precise coordination of a group of specialists, especially when it comes to software development. If the company wants to create the dedicated development team in the most effective way and at the same time reduce the costs one of the best options, in this case, would be remote hiring or outsourcing to foreign countries. This option brings lots of advantages to any kind of business as it allows companies to significantly reduce their expenses and expand their search party for the right specialist. But what country to choose if you are an SME European enterprise? Many companies see the solution in developers Sweden. Sweden is a Scandinavian country with a highly developed economy and the same high level of informational technologies. Stockholm is the capital city and it has a lot of software development companies that can offer IT services at any taste. Many foreign companies already decided to hire developers in Stockholm. In your journey to hire developers in Sweden, you may want to consider the option of engaging a Ruby developer freelance for backend development or a Salesforce developer freelance to help maximize your CRM’s functionality and customization.

But before you start looking for options of how to create a Stockholm development team, you need to search for different alternatives because costs it will take depend on the chosen country. Outsourcing brings endless opportunities in terms of distance to anyone who wants to find a great developer. One of the great countries for this matter would be Ukraine. Let’s look at the basic possibilities for hiring a team of programmers and outstaffing to Ukraine. Are you looking for freelance business analysts? Leave your contact, and we’ll reach out to you shortly.

Hire developers in other Countries

Expand your team’s capabilities by recruiting top-tier developers from around the world. This approach allows you to leverage diverse skills and cultural perspectives, enhancing innovation and technical excellence in your projects.

5 Benefits of Hiring Swedish Developers with Professional Recruiters 

Delegating the search for tech talents to professionals has plenty of benefits. Your in-house specialists or occasionally hired recruiters may lack expertise, assistance, or tools to find and attract the right engineer. So once you look for a Java developer Stockholm or a .NET developer Sweden, here’s what you get with recruiting experts:

  • You’ll access local talent pools. Every professional tech recruiter maintains a pool of skilled engineers. They regularly communicate with technicians to update their status and check plans. So, with access to such pools, you can reach top tech talents and take them on board promptly. So hiring a front end developer Sweden can take just a few weeks instead of 5-8. 
  • You’ll find developers faster. Agencies won’t assign one recruiter to your project. Their specialists work in groups to simultaneously embrace all critical processes simultaneously. They use practical approaches to potential candidates on LinkedIn and know how to make your vacancy catchy. So, the mix of advanced HR tools, synchronized workflow, and expertise will help you engage your web developer Sweden earlier. 
  • You won’t spend time searching and interviewing candidates. The hiring process consists of many stages. So you’ll have to invest your time and efforts into searching for the right applicants and assessing their skills. Each potential team member will require 3-4 hours of concentrated work. But when hiring a full stack developer Stockholm with professionals,  you’ll only get the shortlist of CVs and join top-level interviews.  
  • You’ll scale your team up swiftly. When you hire a software developer in Sweden or a squad of 2-3 engineers, the problem seems solved. However, our experience proves that successful projects grow rapidly, and startups require more coding minds in a couple of months. The second recruiting round can be more challenging for you. A team of professionals will handle this task promptly and grow your team faster.
  • You’ll get replacement guarantees. There’s always a risk that once you hire a tech professional in Sweden, this expert won’t fit you soon after launching work. If you’ve found this coder on your own, you’ll have to start searching again. This implies investing more time and covering all the related costs. But when you contract experienced recruiters, they commit to replacing the candidate for free under certain force-majeure conditions.    

Legal Aspects of Building Tech Teams in Sweden and Ukraine

When you decide to outstaff a Python, Java, or PHP developer Sweden, you probably want to know the legal component of our cooperation. It might even be more critical for you to check how we hire software developers from Ukraine. So, let’s explore this issue. 

Hiring Process: Legal Implications in Sweden and Ukraine

No matter the country, we hire each software developer directly, except for the recruiting-only format. So there’s a cooperation agreement between your engineer and our entity. Since we hire coders as private entrepreneurs locally, they’re officially responsible for their income reports and tax payments. However, once needed, our accountants assist Mobilunity’s developers.

Though you get functional control over your team, it’s we who calculate, report, and pay salaries to coders and cover overhead costs. Mobilunity contracts local developers in Sweden or Ukraine. So, there’s usually no need for visa sponsorship unless a client wants the coder to relocate. It’s our responsibility to handle all the administrative and legal issues when hiring your front end developer Stockholm or Kyiv. 

The other side of our cooperation is the agreement between our entities. We provide professional services, so you only get a detailed monthly invoice and arrange payments. If you contract Mobilunity to find tech talents in either country, our managers will consult you on legal requirements for the hiring process.

IP Protection: Understanding the Legal Framework in Both Countries

Mobilunity’s legal advisors regularly check for updates on Intellectual Property rights in Sweden and Ukraine. They monitor regulations issued by the Swedish Intellectual Property Office and the Ukrainian Agency on Copyright and Related Rights. Once needed, we refresh the wording in our contracts with developers and customers. This way, we ensure our clients get 100% ownership of source codes and relevant components.   

In Ukraine, we follow all the IP-related laws in force, including the recent regulation “On Copyright and Related Rights” and the law on strengthening IP protection. In Sweden, our legal team keeps our contracts compliant with the latest version of the Act on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works. 
Also, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with every developer in Sweden or Ukraine. At the same time, we get an NDA between our companies. These documents protect both parties’ confidential data at every stage of our cooperation.

The Main Advantages of Outsourcing with Mobilunity

Before you make a decision and consider hiring developers for your project, take into account the next benefits of cooperation with Mobilunity IT staffing company, which is able to provide you with a team of Ukrainian dedicated developers:

  • Direct economic benefit. The cost of outstaffing services is 60% lower than keeping your own specialist in staff, while the effectiveness is higher;
  • Efficiency. During IT outstaffing process, the solution to a complex problem is carried out by “collective intelligence”, since the experience of solving problems is not accumulated by an individual, but by the company as a whole;
  • Experience. We constantly use the involvement of senior in-house experts in solving difficult situations, when one person may not have enough experience;
  • Professionalism. Over the years of work, we have developed our own regulations and procedures that allow not only to solve complex tasks, but also to accompany and monitor the current functioning of the systems and services of our customers;
  • We provide a guarantee of reliability and high quality of services;
  • IT staffing with us reduces the need for investment in non-core funds;
  • Our cooperation will help you to reduce overhead costs (cost of workplaces, employee training, information support and others);
  • Work with us helps to extend staff quickly and in any volume;
  • You will be able to concentrate the main efforts on the main activity of a company and achieve competitive advantages by reducing costs while increasing production efficiency;
  • IT staffing with us allows speeding up the terms of work execution, and also facilitates access to new technologies, experts with rare stack of skills and technologies.

Swedish vs Ukrainian net rates developers earn in average

Cost to Hire Developers in Sweden

Now, let’s dive into the salaries of Swedish programmers. Below, we’ve picked top technologies and split them across the developers’ experience levels. Since more than half of Sweden-based tech experts work in Stockholm, you’ll find salaries for technicians living in the capital.

Please note that Glassdoor reports payrolls consisting of the base pay and the bonus. The second part can vary significantly, sometimes making the total salary levels inconsistent. 

Tech StackJuniorMid-Level Senior
Python developer Stockholm$19,277$30,193$36,000
Java developer Stockholm$37,785$40,851$58,316
.NET developer Stockholm$35,973$38,990$47,575
PHP developer Stockholm$25,446$39,887$47,558
C developer Stockholm$68,119$68,119$40,547
Android developer Stockholm$43,020$126,381$151,916
iOS developer Stockholm$42,805$50,263$51,262

The above data prove that hiring Swedish coders is more cost-effective than getting on board a programmer from the USA for around $106,183 a year. Whether you hire a frontend developer Stockholm, a Java engineer in Gothenburg, or a web developer Sweden, you’ll save. However, let’s also compare the salaries of Swedish and Ukrainian engineers. 

Java developer Sweden$57,306Java developer Ukraine$48,000
Python developer Sweden$46,430Python developer Ukraine$106,800
NET developer Sweden$45,709NET developer Ukraine$60,000
PHP developer Sweden$59,470PHP developer Ukraine$53,400
C# developer Sweden$109,049C# developer Ukraine$45,624
Android developer Sweden$86,834Android developer Ukraine$31,920

As the table shows, a web developer Stockholm will cost you several thousands of US dollars more than a similar specialist in Ukraine. The same is true for Java engineers. We can see that app developers in Sweden are much more expensive than those in Ukraine. And once you decide to hire a Unity developer Stockholm, you’ll have to spend 50% more on this specialist.
On the contrary, the average Python developer’s salary in Sweden is almost two times lower than that of a Ukrainian coder. Hiring a .NET developer in Sweden will also be 25% cheaper than in Ukraine. So you can save a lot when, for instance, hiring a full stack developer.

The hiring process when you turn to outsourcing can be tricky sometimes. Before you start the process for the remote team hiring you need to make sure you learned a few things. One of those things is the price. Hourly rate of remote developers might vary greatly, depending on many factors one of which is their location. Depending on the state of economy of the country, you might even be lucky enough to find a good specialist for a considerably low price, like ones, that come from Ukraine.

Before considering rated in different cities, it is important to compare average salaries in 2 countries. Then you will be able to choose whether to hire developers in Sweden or in Ukraine. Average developer salary in Sweden is $4542 when the same indicator in Ukraine approximately reaches $2,400. If you need to hire developers in Stockholm, it will cost nearly $4,950 per member of the Stockholm development team. If talking more specifically, a .Net developer salary is evaluated as $5,500; a PHP developer receives as a rule near $4,600; and a JavaScript developer wages riches $5,100.

Here are the prices for the services of developers in Gothenburg. The average monthly net pay of a JavaScript developer is $4,900. A PHP developer earns $4,500 per month as average. The indicator of a .Net developer salary is $5,300. The help of web developers Malmö will cost slightly less. A JavaScript developer will ask approximately $4,175 for his help; a PHP developer salary is estimated as $3,800; and a .Net developer will participate in your project for $4,500 per month.

For comparison, Ukrainian developers from Kyiv possessing JavaScript, PHP and .Net technologies will help you at $2,500, $2,500 and $2,000 per month accordingly. Of course, you can hire Java developers and other specialists in Ukraine for competitive expenses as well.

As we can see,  Sweden developers are more expensive no matter they are web developers Malmö or developers in Gothenburg. Developers in Kyiv will complete the project at the same level but for fewer prices. To hire developers in Ukraine can be an option for companies with a restricted budget.

Building Dev Teams in Sweden and Worldwide 

If, for instance, you need to hire Xamarin developers in Sweden, Mobilunity managers will do that within 5-8 weeks. With advanced tools and proven approaches under the belt, our recruiters are happy to find programmers for you. Be it a Java developer Stockholm, a front end developer Malmö, or any other coder across Sweden. 

However, Mobilunity experts are ready to build dedicated development teams or engage senior engineers for consultancy in Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. We work in complex and specific markets like Japan, Mexico, Albania, Azerbaijan, UAE, etc. The Mobilunity team hires tech professionals from top IT hubs, including Germany, Ukraine, the Netherlands, France, and Spain.

Benefits You Get with Mobilunity 

You’ll get the features above from almost any company offering outstaffing Sweden. But when collaborating with Mobilunity, you’ll take advantage of a few more services.

  • You can build dedicated tech teams anywhere. Since our recruiters have worked in various markets of tech specialists, we don’t limit our services to Sweden or Ukraine. So once, for instance, you need one iOS developer Stockholm and one in Amsterdam or Budapest, we can help. Whether you need to hire coders in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, or Asia, reach out to us.
  • You get functional control over your team. Though we directly contract each software developer Sweden, you manage it. The main difference between our concept and classic IT outsourcing is that you’ll need a  project owner. This person will assign tasks to programmers, set deadlines, get feedback, and communicate the results. That’s why the assembled teams are dedicated to your tasks, goals, and values.
  • You can save even more by hiring Ukrainian developers. Mobilunity’s head office is in Ukraine’s heart, Kyiv. And for years, we’ve been contracting software engineers from this evolving tech hub. So, if you’re looking for cost-effective remote dev teams, hire Ukrainians. Programmers have lower remunerations in this country because of the lower living index. 
  • You’ll have operational assistance for your team. Our collaboration doesn’t end with onboarding your software engineer Sweden. That’s because Mobilunity cares about your satisfaction and coders’ motivation. So, we cover the administrative issues for your team through our cooperation. This allows our clients to stay focused on business and be more effective. Also, our managers care about retaining your tech team members.

Our Cooperation Models

The Mobilunity team has 12 years of experience hiring developers for companies in 20+ countries. And one of the keys to our success is the individual approach to each client. Below, we describe our two formats of outstaffing Sweden and a way to leverage our recruiting expertise. However, select any mix of collaboration models if it meets your current needs. 

  • Dedicated Development Teams

When you need a full-time development team that will work on your long-term project, this format will be the right fit. Our specialists will need 5-8 weeks to find, interview, and onboard your programmers. We’ll also arrange the working space and buy equipment for your team. This hiring option will also work best if you need only one software engineer in Sweden. 

You get functional control over your team, managing tasks and timeframes and assigning responsible people. So, you focus on work while our specialists embrace the operational issues. Mobilunity will pay rentals, transfer payrolls, and work out the retention strategy. You’ll only settle a monthly invoice covering your developers’ payrolls and related expenses. 

  • Consultancy Services 

Do you need a series of consulting sessions from top experts? Or do you want to extend your dev team during a high-load period? If so, stick to this format. This option will also work great if your project is small and needs an app developer Sweden only for a few hours a day. We’ll find the technician with the skills you require and agree on this expert’s hourly rate.  

You’ll settle a monthly invoice for the hours worked without any administrative expenses. You pay as you go, so this cooperation assumes no client commitments. Thus, such a model is ideal for short-term projects or when you need consultancy tailored to your schedule. Often, we can find the right specialists shortly since Mobilunity already has a pool of consultants with high-demand expertise. 

  • Recruiting Services

Once you want to hire directly, for example, a front end developer Sweden and need only high-quality recruiting services, select this model. We’ll craft attractive role descriptions and promote them on top job boards. Our recruiters will check their own talent pools and search the LinkedIn network to contact the programmers who fit your requirements. 
Mobilunity specialists will collect resumes, pre-screen applicants, and interview the best-matching candidates. You’ll have to pay a one-time fee once your developers sign cooperation contracts. We can handle super complex tasks as our recruiters have successfully found developers in Japan, Mexico, Colombia, UAE, Hungary, Albania, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, and other countries.

Looking for a Software Development Company in Sweden? Build Your Own Team to Complete that Project!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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