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How to Find the Top Software Development Company in Austria

European IT industry is rapidly growing without any doubt this is for sure. If we take for example software development company in Germany or in France or even Italy, we will see how valuable they are for IT market.

Service ABA, the Austrian national investment promotion company, provided a brief research of IT development status in the country. To understand the role that ABA plays in Austria, you should know that it provides consulting services to every foreign software development company in Austria, as well as companies in many other areas that will contact them.

According to their article, business software development, the IT sector as a whole, is developing rapidly in Austria. First of all, this is due to high and competent funding, and also thanks to research, in particular, the innovative technologies of the IT industry. Thanks to the direct and indirect application of ICT technologies in various industries, the increase in output reached a €36.6 billion.

The IT sector in Austria is growing. According to Export.gov, as of the end of 2017, the expected percentage of IT industry development in the country was 2.3% for IT services, and 5.4% for software Austria development.

Austria in the Global Tech Trade

The IT market in Austria is a dynamic and significant contributor to the nation’s economy. As of recent data, the IT industry has seen a robust growth rate of 6.96%, and approximately 7,100 software development companies in Austria. These entities range from burgeoning startups to well-established multinational corporations, all contributing to the landscape of innovation and technological advancement.

The emphasis on IT skill development and education is evident in software development services in Austria, with about 93.9k professionals dedicated to the ICT sector. On the international front, Austria stands as a formidable player in technology exports, boasting a tech export value of approximately $21.28 billion.
When delving into the specifics of software development, there’s a wide adoption of several programming languages in Austria. PHP, .NET, Perl, Lua, and Python are among the most favored for various IT projects, from web development to advanced data analysis and automation.

Austrian Cities and Their IT Landscape

Austria’s IT industry isn’t just centered in its capital, but is thriving across several major cities. Here’s a deeper dive into the IT dynamics of five major Austrian cities:

  • Vienna

Vienna, the capital city, stands as the heart of Austria’s IT industry. As the largest city, it boasts numerous tech companies, startups, and events. The average salary for a software developer Austria in Vienna is €5,000. This reflects both the city’s demand for tech talent and the quality of life it offers. As for the number of developers, Vienna houses approximately 1400 software professionals.

  • Graz

Graz, known for its historical architecture and modern technology institutions, presents a balanced blend of tradition and innovation. The tech community here is vibrant, with the average software developer earning €3,300 monthly. The city is home to roughly 1200 software developers, contributing actively to the software development Graz ecosystem.

  • Linz

Linz, a city where tradition meets modernity, has seen a steady rise in its IT prominence. With a burgeoning software development Linz scene, software developers in Linz enjoy an average salary of €3,500. The city’s commitment to technology and innovation is evident in its community of around 1000 software developers.

  • Salzburg

Famed for its musical heritage and scenic beauty, Salzburg is more than just a tourist destination. Its growing IT sector pays software developers an average salary of €4,500. With a community of about 1000 software developers, Salzburg’s tech scene is an intriguing blend of creativity and code.

  • Innsbruck

Nestled amidst the Alps, Innsbruck offers a unique backdrop for its tech community. The city, while known for its winter sports, has a budding IT sector. A software developer in Innsbruck can expect to earn an average salary of €4,300. The number of developers in the city stands at approximately 1000, adding to its diverse professional community.

Software Development in Austria

Custom Austrian software development is popular and in good demand in the country. A high standard of living, salaries, as well as the presence of companies with world-famous names, attract developers of different directions from all around the world. However, many programmers do not just blindly consider moving to Austria, but it is worth knowing that the country also offers many related vacancies.

The resource Glassdoor has about 2,110 vacancies for every taste. You can find there offers for programmers who specialize in software development website, a lot of job offers in the office, as well as vacancies for private outsourcing developers, various offers from software companies in Austria, etc.

IT Companies in Austria From What Cities Bring More Money in IT Market

After doing some research, several Austrian cities can be named with the greatest profit in the IT sector of the country. The ABA list provides the brief information about the leaders of the ICT industry market, with headquarters in some Austrian cities. Visiting the home pages of each of these Austria software companies, in the contacts and location page you can see Graz, and Vienna cities several times each. Naturally, in these cities there are many other companies in the IT industry. Therefore, Graz, and Vienna bring the largest monetary contribution to the development of the IT sector in Austria. And the biggest IT companies in Austria are just exactly located in these cities.

The Changing of Austrian Software Development Within Few Years

According to the same article of Export.gov mentioned in the first paragraph, in 2015 the total amount of software sales reached $ 2.5 billion. A portion of this amount, to be exact $1.9 billion, was made up from application development. At that time, the profit growth of software development sector was 1.7%. The article separately mentions the developments in the part of cloud services, Big Data solutions, social software, and security software. The state of software development for 2017 and beyond, was mentioned above. This causes a favorable situation on the market for each software development company in Austria.

Hire developers in other Countries

Expand your team’s potential by hiring talented developers from different countries, gaining access to a diverse range of skills and cultural perspectives. This approach enriches your projects with global insights and fosters a dynamic, innovative working environment.

The Impact of Software Development Across Industries

Software development in Austria has changed many industries in big ways. With its flexibility, it’s helped these areas become better, easier to use, and more modern. Here’s a look at how software is making a difference in different fields:

  • Manufacturing

Software solutions in manufacturing optimize operations, streamline workflows, and minimize errors. This digital shift enhances efficiency throughout the production process. 

  • Transport and Logistics

Through software, the transport and logistics industry achieves route optimization, fleet management, and efficient cargo tracking, ensuring timely and cost-effective deliveries. 

  • Automotive

The automotive world has embraced software to introduce features like autonomous driving, real-time diagnostics, and advanced infotainment systems. 

  • Educational

Software has revolutionized education with interactive learning platforms, e-learning apps, and virtual classrooms.

  • Finance/Banking

Digital banking, cryptocurrency, and other software-driven tools have reshaped the finance sector, providing users with more secure and convenient financial management options.

  • MedTech

MedTech leverages software for tools ranging from electronic health records to advanced diagnostic platforms, ensuring enhanced patient care and efficient medical research.

Cost of Hiring Developer in Austria vs Ukraine

In Austria, there are a lot of vacancies in the field of IT and software development. The cost to hire developers in Austria varies depending on company, city, working conditions and, of course, the programmer level. The average annual salary of the software Austrian developer is about $55,000. The average salary of the software Austrian engineer is slightly higher and is $57,000.

For comparison, please see the average annual salary in the three largest cities of Austria. The software developer salary in Vienna is $61,000, Graz will welcome you with an annual income of $60,000, and programming in Linz you will get $59,000. These are high, good salaries for developers. However, it can be lower. Many companies use way of software development outsourcing, or offshore services of Austrian and foreign companies.

For example, Austrian companies conclude a contract for temporary or long-term cooperation with companies from Ukraine. The most attractive is the average salary of developers in Ukraine, which is only $30,000 per year. According to PayScale, a software engineer in Ukraine has the same annual income.

* Salaries in Ukraine are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Comparison of Cost of Living in Austria vs Ukraine

The lower cost of Ukrainian software developer may scare you, but don’t be. $25,000 of annual income is a good salary for Ukraine due to the cost of living there. The NationMaster resource provide the comparison chart on the cost of living in Austria and Ukraine, so you can see the real reason of lower salaries in Ukraine.

The three bedroom apartment in the center of a city costs $660 per month in Ukraine, and $1,640 in Austria. The single bedroom apartment outside the city center in Ukraine and in Austria will cost $250, and $615 respectively.

To buy an apartment in Ukraine somewhere outside the city center you will have to pay $840 per meter square, and of course in Austria the price is higher and is $3,760. There is a difference in the cost of basic utilities also. In Ukraine basic utilities cost $65 per month, and $210 in Austria, which is almost four times higher.

Software Development Expertise in Austria: Your Perfect Solution

Choosing to collaborate with an offshore software development company like Mobilunity can be a strategic move, especially for businesses in Austria. Whether you’re seeking expertise in cloud infrastructure with AWS or delving into Fiori development for your upcoming venture, Mobilunity’s website development services in Austria are poised to deliver. 
By opting for our services, you’ll not only achieve significant savings on salaries and infrastructure but also secure a high-quality, innovative software development team in record time. Partnering with us means benefiting from a fresh perspective, especially if your product is targeting international markets. Let our expertise in software development solutions in Austria propel your project to new heights.

Cooperation with offshore software development company from Ukraine is a good solution. If your business requires a cloud infrastructure architect AWS or Fiori development for your next project, look no further than Mobilunity’s specialists. Get the assistance you need today! First of all, you will reduce costs in salaries and infrastructure. Such cooperation will provide you with the high-quality innovative software development team for a really short time, as you don’t have to spend time on looking for appropriate developers that would fit your project. Sharing responsibility is a good option also, as partners from offshore company will look at your project from a side. Especially, it is good when your product aiming for foreign market.

Our Pioneering Service Models

At Mobilunity, we recognize the varied needs of businesses, and our service models are crafted to meet these multifaceted demands. Here’s a deeper look into our primary offerings:

  • Dedicated Development Teams

Our flagship service model is built around the principle of providing clients with dedicated, full-time development resources. While clients retain direct control and management of these teams, they’re freed from the administrative tasks associated with HR, accounting, and help desk concerns. This ensures that clients can maintain a laser-focus on their core objectives without being bogged down by peripheral issues. 

  • Consultancy Services

For businesses that require expert insights on a part-time basis, our consultancy services model is the ideal fit. Clients can tap into our reservoir of expertise and manage these part-time resources directly, but, similar to our dedicated teams model, we take care of all HR, accounting, and help desk-related tasks. This ensures that clients get the specialized guidance they need without the administrative hassle. 

  • Recruiting Services

Navigating the hiring landscape can be challenging, especially in complex markets. Our recruiting-as-a-service model simplifies this process. Whether you’re aiming to hire talent for a mobile app development company in Austria or seeking the best candidates from Eastern Europe, our expansive network and expertise stand ready to assist. We pride ourselves on our proven track record, which includes successful hiring ventures in challenging markets like Japan. Our case study on recruiting services in Japan showcases our capability to find the right talent in intricate landscapes. Explore our success story at Mobilunity’s Case Study in Japan.

If you’re looking to elevate your business with top-tier software development services in Austria, don’t wait. Contact Mobilunity today and harness the power of world-class expertise tailored to your needs.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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