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Hire MERN Stack Developer

MERN is a web development framework based on JavaScript. It is a combination of four technologies that allows full development of web apps from front-end to back-end. Companies decide to hire full stack developer as it saves costs, time, and provides consistency of the project in terms of technologies and programming language.

The main difference between MEAN and MERN lies in one technology. MEAN uses Angular for front-end and MERN uses React. The choice of particular technology here depends on the programmer’s preference and project scope. Both of them do the job well, just in various ways. MERN stack developer can design and build a web app from the clients’ requirements and up to release.

MERN is a rather new concept compared to MEAN, but it has already gained popularity. MERN developers are now in great demand as they provide amazing services in terms of web and mobile application development, eCommerce and CMS development, and migration/porting.

Component of Full Stack MERN Development

MERN full stack development is based on four technologies used. It is an abbreviation of them, namely:

  • MongoDB – an open-source database. It allows fast integration of data as it is stored in collections and documents. It stores data in JSON format and allows managing databases. Companies hire MongoDB developer as the technology offers easy and fast data manipulation.
  • Express – back-end middleware framework. MERN engineer uses it for server-side development. It helps to build complex apps as a data modeling language. It is also used for creating REST API.
  • React – front-end library for creating interfaces. A certified MERN stack developer uses it for fast and scalable front-end development and increasing loading speed of a page. React makes dynamic pages with faster video and animations.
  • Node.js – back-end server-side engine for a web developer MERN stack. It runs JS code outside the browser. It is fast and asynchronous. If you looking for Node JS consultant our company can help you!

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Pros and Cons of MERN Stack Web Development

MERN stack development has several significant benefits, such as:

  • It allows writing the whole project in JavaScript, which adds consistency. It also saves time and makes communication between programmers easier.
  • A lot of code can be re-used from server to client side;
  • MERN stack website development is faster because of the JSON data format;
  • React offers a wide variety of third-party solutions and libraries, which increases the efficiency of development;
  • React is more flexible in terms of app architecture;
  • As an open-source technology it has a great community of professionals working on it.

Cons of full stack web development MERN are:

  • Angular works better with large applications. React is a library and Angular is a framework, which makes the second better for voluminous and powerful apps.
  • Angular is better for those who look for all-in-one solutions and do not want to spend time on customization.

MERN stack development services are a winning choice for the next project if it is rather lightweight and you are looking for a wider option on customization.

Skills to Look for in MERN Stack Developer Resume

 A great MERN stack engineer has to master several skills and technologies, such as:

Full stack MERN developer has the expertise to provide architecture and development of the app as well as implementation. Such professionals can manage the whole project and write back-end and front-end code. Excellent React MERN stack developer can also text the app, troubleshoot, and monitor its performance.

5 Main Interview Questions To Ask a Mern Developer

When looking to hire MERN full stack developers, it is crucial to make sure the person has the knowledge and skills they say they have. For an in-house hire, the opportunity to test this comes up during a technical interview.  

An interview to hire MERN app developers could have anywhere between 30 to 60 questions. These questions together with a test task help to confirm the candidate’s skills. And, the technical interview stage can and should still be done even when looking for a dedicated development team to outsource MERN development. 

These TOP 5 questions go into more in-depth topics and touch on the knowledge a potential hire needs to provide MERN stack web development services.

1. How Does NodeJS Handle Child Threads?

Example of an answer:

NodeJS does not expose child threads to a developer. Therefore, one needs to use workaround solutions if they want to work on it. One such workaround is to use the child_process module, which gives the node the ability to run the child process through system commands. 

2. How To Achieve Transaction and Locking In MongoDB?

Example of an answer:

The MongoDB itself locks the document modified by a transaction, but the sessions do not. These other sessions’ transaction is aborted and they need to retry it. 

One can also use the nesting of documents to achieve transactions and locking in MongoDB. 

3. What Is the Difference Between Shadow DOM and Virtual DOM?

Example of an answer:

The main difference between them lies in how they are created and how they behave.  

Virtual DOM is managed by JavaScript libraries – e.g., React – that implement virtual DOM on top of browser API. The shadow DOM is a browser technology that allows specific sections of the HTML document to be completely isolated from the rest of the document. 

The common thing between virtual DOM and shadow DOM is that they both help with performance issues. 

4. What Is Smart Component and a Dumb Component in React, and What Is the Difference Between Them?

Example of an answer:

Dumb components focus solely on UI, while smart ones are app-level components that manage data and perform functions. 

Dumb components focus on how things look:

  • They concentrate on UI (e.g. loaders, modals, buttons, inputs, etc.).
  • They do not require app dependencies (except UI packages).
  • They accept props (which lets them be dynamic and reusable).
  • They rarely include a state – a state is part of smart components’ functionality. A dumb component could have a state only when manipulating the UI.

Smart components focus on how things work: 

  • They manipulate data (can fetch, capture changes and pass down app data).
  • They are responsible for calling libraries and functionality (Redux, Lifecycle methods, APIs, Libraries, etc.).
  • They manage state (and take care of re-rendering the component).
  • They rarely include styling (styling is a dumb components’ characteristic, and this allows smart ones to focus on functionality). 

5. What Is Prop Drilling and How To Avoid It?

Example of an answer:

Prop drilling is an unofficial term that refers to a situation when the same data is sent through several nested components, with the goal to send it to some deeply nested component. 

Only one component needs that data while all others do not, yet they are still “forced” to pass the unneeded data down. This can cause issues with component reusability and app performance so it’s better to avoid such data passing. 

There are two options to avoid prop drilling: by introducing Context API into the application, or by using component composition. 

Using Context API is not always a good fit, so the component composition is a simpler method to use when the goal is only to avoid passing some props through many levels.
Find and hire a MERN fullstack developer with confidence. If your candidate doesn’t know the answer to the above questions and you hire MERN stack programmers, then they’re probably not the best fit.

MERN Stack Developer Salary Worldwide

MERN full stack developer salary depends hugely on the geographical location of a specialist as well as experience and skills.

Because of that, many businesses look for cheaper options abroad. That’s why many companies choose to hire MERN stack developer outside their own country. For example, look at the annual salary rates of a typical full stack developer (as MERN is all about full development, front end + back end) in different regions:

  • The UK – $62,772
  • Canada – $109,794
  • Ukraine – $26,000 (based on our Recruiting Team research over several local job portals)

It is obvious why so many businesses choose to outsource their projects to Ukraine. In the USA even a junior MERN stack developer will cost at least $40,000 per year when with Ukrainian professionals this amount is twice lower. Here one can find the best MERN stack developers with experience for a budget-friendly price.

Reasons to Choose Ukrainian MERN Stack Expert

Ukraine is already an established outsourcing destination for all IT services. And full stack web development is no exclusion to the rule. The benefits of hiring a MEAN /MERN full stack developer in Ukraine are:

  • Great talent pool with more than 185,000 programmers;
  • High level of education of almost any local MEAN/MERN stack developer. Ukrainian higher education institutions prepare about 23,000 of IT specialists every year;
  • Affordable rates. Hiring a MERN developer here is much cheaper than in the US or EU;
  • Convenient time zone. The time difference for the EU countries is about 1-2 hours, which allows direct cooperation. It is also quite easy to fly to Ukraine and meet with a team;
  • Good English knowledge. Overall, almost any full stack MERN web developer in Ukraine has a decent command of English.

Ukraine offers the best quality/price ratio. And the best part is that local professionals share the same values and business ethic.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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