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Hire Overseas Startup Developer

Startup Overseas: Why So Many Businesses Hire Overseas Programmers

The business creation process became much easier during the last couple of years. Due to globalization, we now are presented with opportunities we never had before. This is mostly can be seen through such new options as overseas hiring and outsourcing that may help you to hire dedicated web designers, Node JS expert or find a tech cofounder according to your needs. Modern companies want to be relevant in the market, which requires them to constantly come up with new decisions and strategies to keep their business competitive. Though not all companies can afford to be in this competitive rush. This is especially relevant for startup companies that are low on a budget. In this case, outsourcing is your best shot and you can do that by hiring an overseas startup engineer.

If this sounds like your case then you might want to start thinking about how to hire dedicated team for startup as soon as possible. Outsourcing is one of the best business practices out there, especially for startup owners as it allows to significantly reduce one’s expenses. Another reason for having an overseas team would be the great opportunity to find the exact match of skills that you would need for your project, that you would not be able to find anywhere in your country. As you see, outsourcing is a great thing for any type of business and is worth checking out.

However, why would you need precisely a dedicated team for startup? There are plenty of other options, like hiring a shared team. The thing is that with a dedicated team you will be able to get the best service possible. Your developers, unlike in the ‘shared’ option will be dedicating all their time to your project only, while the shared team developers are usually working on a few projects at the same time. Sure, a dedicated team will be a bit more expensive than the shared one, however, if you decide to outsource it – you will not have to pay that much in the end. Web development is just one of the more sought after careers and projects in our technological age. With everything being accessible through the Internet, quality websites have the capability of elevating businesses on a worldwide scale. Having skilled developers on your development team contributes to developing quality websites, however, the majority of web development costs are from web programmer salary.

This is mostly felt when hiring developers for startup development projects. To mitigate the costs, businesses find various avenues, one of which is to hire overseas startup developer for startup web development projects. This can either be through outsourcing or offshoring entire or parts of their projects. For this venture to be indeed advantageous, reviewing how developer rates have progressed and are projected to perform can be necessary.

Main Reasons to Hire a Website Developer Overseas

Overseas hiring or as it is now called, outsourcing, is a common practice these days. Surely, you have seen this term at least once. Outsourcing means that you or your company delegate part of tasks to an outside executor, for example when you decide to hire overseas startup developer. However, you have to clearly understand the difference between outsourcing and a one-time support case. If you hire overseas startup engineer to be ready to sign a contract with him, your collaboration will last for a while. However, hiring a single remote engineer is not the only option. Some projects require more than just one contractor and that is when you might want to start thinking about a dedicated project team for startup.

Business owners often think about such an opportunity when they have a big project on their hands that needs extra attention from the executor. The thing is that some business owners might think that this option would be far too expensive for their wallet when in reality it might be far from true. Hiring from another country might in many cases be cheaper than looking for a contractor within the borders of your homeland. Usually, the main reason for overseas hiring is the desire to save up some time by outsourcing some of the monotonous tasks to your overseas startup engineer. In the meantime, you can point all your attention towards major tasks that cannot be delegated to anyone else.

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With the increased need for IT specialists, more and more companies pay tribute to the outsourcing model of work instead of local hiring. Modern trends in the software development industry include:

#1 Alternative outsourcing options

New IT outsourcing destinations are popping up in Eastern Europe. Such countries like Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Belarus, and the Czech Republic are becoming a vase for software development outsourcing. The trend shows, that the main outsourcing centers are moving away from the Asian countries.

#2 Multiple partners

Overseas app developers are more focused on the narrow specialization, so they have required technical skills for business operations. If your in-house team doesn’t fulfill the demands of a business, you can reinforce it with the remote specialists. Under such conditions, the outsourcing companies, providing a wider range of expertise, have a competitive advantage. For this exact reason most companies these days are looking for an offshore dedicated team for startup. Not only this is a convenient way to delegate routing development tasks to outer contractors, but it also saves a great deal of money, as it has been mentioned previously.

Another option would be to arrange a collaboration between an in-house team of developers and an offshore one. Such an option would be a great one for those, who want to reach the best possible result, so you definitely should give it a try. However, there might be cases, when you will not need a whole team for a project. This is when it might be a smarter move to start looking for a remote developer for startup. This is a great option if you are only starting with your start-up and do not have that much money. In this case, a single but well-skilled developer is probably the greatest option as he will deliver the necessary result without making you broke. In this case, if you, after all, will decide to hire remote developer for startup, you will need to dedicate some time to do thorough research on your potential candidate.

#3 Human-driven relationship

Cost reduction has always been the main reason for development outsourcing, but for today it is not a final factor. Choosing the offshore development partner, companies rather pay attention to the process, than to the price. The relations between the client and the performer become less oriented for being cost-effective.

#4 New contract models

Overseas web developers and their clients are looking for new contract models. It makes outsourcing more interpersonal and value-driven. The new contracts are aimed at the work outcomes, and the developers become service integrators. The companies choose the coders, who deliver results, adding value to the business.

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Benefits for Your Business of Having in Your Team Overseas Programmers

As we already said, if you own a startup, overseas outsourcing is a great option for you. Let’s quickly get through the list of advantages that business startup overseas hiring can offer:

  • Cost reduction. By hiring an overseas startup developer, you can significantly reduce your expenses. You will be able to pay smaller rent and taxes which is especially relevant for startup owners.
  • Setting your focus on primary tasks. By outsourcing easier and more monotonous jobs to your overseas startup programmer, you are freeing your time to take care of more urgent tasks and give them your full dedication.
  • Finding new talents. Programming and software development is the field, where sometimes creativity counts even more than skills. This way, hiring specialists for your startup overseas might give you a chance to find some truly spectacular employees on the other side of the world.
  • Improving the technological side of your project. Overseas startup engineering allows you to use a more thorough approach to the technological side of your startup. Eventually, this might be the very thing that distinguishes you from competitors.

Skills to Look for When You Need to Find a Programmer for Startup

When you are looking for an overseas startup programmer, you clearly will not be able to interview him or her personally. That is why you have to pay extra attention to their CV and portfolio. These are some crucial skills to look for:

  • Deep knowledge of at least two programming languages. In this case, the more – the better. In most cases, overseas startup programming requires the developer to be able to switch between languages.
  • Experience with different software tools. A great thing about overseas startup development is that most of these specialists have worked with various tools on different projects before you hired them. That makes them versatile in terms of getting used to your project and operating within it with a wider spectrum of tools.
  • Ability to manage their time efficiently. Any overseas startup programmer for hire is a freelancer, so you will not be standing behind his or her back and checking their every action. That is why your future employee has to know how to manage his time on his own without breaking the deadlines.
  • Great communication skills. This is essential for any overseas startup developer for hire to be able to communicate with the rest of the team to finish the job as fast and with as much quality as possible.

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Top 5 Websites to Hire Skilled Website Programmers

Finding the right programmers to develop your website is crucial. You want to make sure you find the best website coders for hire to ensure your site is easy to navigate and attracts the right audience. However, it can be challenging to find suitable website programmers for hire with the right knowledge, skills and experience locally. Therefore, many businesses turn to sourcing talent online. 

If you’re wondering where to hire developers for your new website project, here are five of the top websites to source talent: 

  • GitHub

This is a Microsoft-owned platform that hosts software development sessions and assists with version control exclusively using Git. Currently, more than 50 million developers use GitHub, so the platform has a large pool of talent available. GitHub is so popular because it has programmers available for all kinds of development needs. 

  • Fiverr

Fiverr allows freelancers to make profiles introducing who they are and what type of services they offer. Here you can find talent from all over the world. As the website’s name suggests, it is very affordable to hire developers on Fiverr. All you need is to pay a fee of $3, or a 3% rate, whichever is greater for a one-time, fixed-price project, or 3% of the payment for hourly work. It is important to note that while Fiverr is very affordable, it can be tricky to prove the skills and experience of talent available on the platform. 

  • UpStack 

As a platform featuring a large network of engineering talent, UpStack asists specifically small businesses to expand their development team. Each candidate listed on the platform is well vetted to make sure they are experienced in the areas they list online. This results in only 1% of applicants being accepted on UpStack. 

  • Gigster

Gigster is designed to help businesses find development talent fast and affordably. The platform can help connect any type of business with a qualified team of developers. Billed as an on-demand solution, Gigster enables businesses to build tech projects without having any development talent on hand.

  • Upwork

Upwork is a popular freelance service that works with clients all over the world, assisting with the whole hiring process. It starts with posting adverts looking for talent and ends with payment through the platform once a job has been completed successfully. 

If you’re looking for rent a coder alternatives, you can also consult with outsourcing companies. These companies help to source the best talent for businesses around the world. 

Overseas Startup Development Cost

Now that you learned about the benefits of overseas startup programmers for hire on your team, it is time that you learn about overseas startup cost. In the US, the overseas startup development cost averages around $70/hour, or over $100,000 annually. Although it is projected to increase by 15% from 2026, the demand for developers will be affected by very high web developer rates. Aside from the US, Australia and Switzerland are among the top 3 countries that have the highest overseas startup developer salary. In contrast, India, Pakistan, and Ukraine belong to the countries with the lowest overseas startup development cost. Due to this average overseas startup engineer salary, startup development companies or projects would instead hire overseas developers, offshore or outsource, for their development needs. To manage web development costs, businesses engaged in startup development projects would prefer to employ the services of overseas developers for startup; maybe through outsourcing or offshoring their projects.

Overseas Startup Developer Salary: How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Website Developer Overseas

As we already mentioned, the primary reason for business and startup owners to get involved with overseas hiring is to reduce costs. Obviously to do that successfully one would have to check out rates for such services first. Given the competitive and rising web developer prices around the world, it is even prudent to better understand how high web development costs can be. To aid you in this, outlined below are just some of the average web developer salary rates of major countries with web developers for hire overseas.

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

From the web developer rates listed above, evidently, it is most cost-effective to hire overseas developers from Ukraine. Evidently, Ukraine offers the most economical rates for developers compared to hire developers in India. This is the most helpful and advantageous for startup development businesses or projects.

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Where to Find Overseas Software Web Developers

If you need a remote software development team, there are three main ways to find the programmers for the outsourced work:

  1. Hire from the locals. In your city, you will probably find specialists who can become a part of your team. However, it might be difficult to find a person with relevant experience and skills. This variant is also fine if you have time and money for employee training. In this case, you will be able to create the specialist you need.
  2. Find the freelance developer. In this case, you have access to the world’s talent pool. You can look for the programmers in any country. But you will have to recruit the specialist on your own. It is effort and time-consuming: prepare for having endless interviews and search.
  3. Hire web developers overseas with the development of service providers. Software development companies offer not only dedicated teams but also single developers. They are searching for candidates who meet your requirements. There is also an option to hire coders with relocation or get a team with the project manager. It is a safe and comfortable option with guaranteed quality.

To achieve the best result, you should be attentive not only during the hiring process. The result will always be better if you will manage to build effective communication with the developers overseas. These 3 tips will help you to build a strong team and achieve goals:

  • Share the vision of your product with the development team. Random assigning different tasks to the outsourcing development team don’t give the expected result. To help the programmers in making the software, provide them with the overall product vision. It will help to understand, what exactly is going on, and what is the final goal.
  • Communicate effectively. The project management tools cannot give the full image of the things happening in the project. At this point, over-communication is important: talk to your team not only during the scrum-meetings. Engage them in helping other team members and informal communication as well.
  • Overlap the work schedules. Different time zones dictate some rules for cooperation. The most comfortable time for communication is usually in the afternoon or late in the evening. The shifted working hours can also be an advantage: you can concentrate on the important tasks during the day, and cooperate with the development team only in the evening.

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Being one of the best sources for offshore developers in Eastern Europe, Ukraine possesses quality education, high-level programming capability, as well as great English skills. You can find quality web developers from Ukraine. Mobilunity, an IT development services provider in Ukraine, can provide you with highly skilled dedicated web developers for your startup development project. And at manageable developer rates, which would surely lessen development costs! For you to make the decision making the process easier we prepared a list of advantages, that Mobilunity can give you:

  • Low and transparent prices. You always know what you pay for.
  • 24/7 customer support. Do not be worried – your questions regarding your project will be answered at any time, be it night or day.
  • Competent specialist. Mobilunity is the place where you can hire excellent programmers and developers with profile high education and numerous years of experience.
  • Lots of choices. If you decide to hire your overseas startup developer from Mobilunity, you can be sure that there will be more than two or three options to choose from.
  • Convenient location. Mobilunity is located in the heart of Eastern Europe, which gives you a convenient time zone to communicate with its specialists and your potential employees.
  • Quick hiring process. At Mobilunity the comfort of the client comes first, so you will not have to wait long until your team of developers starts working on your project.

Final Thoughts on How to Hire Web Development Team Overseas

As you can see now, overseas development is an extremely helpful practice that can save you lots of money and nerves these days. Just make sure that you checked out your potential candidate’s resume first and found all those essential developer’s skills in it. Besides, hiring your developer from the Ukrainian company is a great idea, as this country offers low prices and a high quality of results. Make sure you check out Mobilunity as well, it is one of the best Ukrainian outsource companies out there. They will make sure that your project is handled the best way possible and by the most skilled specialists.

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When it comes to hiring an IT workforce in a foreign country, it’s important to find a local IT services provider with a proven track record of successful collaborations and extensive experience working on the global market. Luckily, Mobilunity has got it all.

With 10+ years of operating with companies of different sizes all over the world, we at Mobilunity mastered the sourcing, hiring, and management methodology that allows us to meet the needs of every business and provide the high-quality solutions you deserve. Our clients note our dedicated approach to work and attention to detail, and we are happy to work with 40+ companies around the globe, including a Danish trading platform Byg-E and a Canada-based social media management agency ICUC.

Should you need a single developer skilled in a specific field or a dedicated team of versatile IT experts, you can rely on Mobilunity in finding the right IT professionals for your business and providing you with the top-level services needed. Get in touch with our representatives, and let us help you build a high-end IT solution for your project.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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