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Hire Yii Developers for Your Project

A lot of web projects still use raw PHP and PHP frameworks as a back-end part. Companies hire remote dedicated php developers for the diverse tasks because of the technical opportunities of this language while the discussion upon adoption of other technologies is still going, there is very little competition when it comes to back-end programming. Being one of the most popular programming languages, PHP has numerous frameworks and today we would like to discuss Yii as one of the common choices from medium to large projects.

Yii Overview

Delivered from a Chinese, the name of Yii framework means ‚Äėsimple and evolutionary‚Äô. Primarily, this framework is used for large-scale projects, such as CMS, E0commerce websites, portals, etc.

Installation. The are two ways one can install Yii Framework. Either by using a composer and running a single command or via an archive that can be downloaded from the website. Upon installation, Yii will offer a basic template of a web-app.

Yii Default Templating System. Unlike other PHP frameworks, Yii doe not come with a pre-defined templating system. It allows a developer to have a freedom of choice while choosing the system that will work better with the tasks given. Two of the most common choices are Twig and Smarty.

Performance. According to GitHub.com benchmark tests, Yii has a relatively good performance rate amongst all PHP frameworks and some of the great tests results for top frameworks. D

Database Support. Yii has relatively great database support,  especially with relational DBMS, such as SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, as well as built-in support ActiveRecord ORM. One can also find third-party packages to work with MongoDB and Microsoft BI.

API support. Like most modern PHP frameworks, Yii was designed to have API routes and support oAuth 2 and JSON data inputs. However, it is an add-on that can be excluded when not needed.

When it comes to Yii development, businesses can benefit from offshore IT resources to hire CRM developers and hire Unity developers, who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, resulting in the creation of high-quality, scalable, and engaging applications that meet their unique requirements.

Yii Framework Usage Statistics

Even though this framework was first introduced back in 2008, its common adoption reached its peak in 2015. Despite common misconception, the popularity of Yii is growing to its scalability, elasticity, and architectural agility.

Another aspect that makes Yii a great choice, is its ability to provide protection in terms of cybersecurity. According to the recent report from OpenHub, Yii has almost 91% security confidence index, which allows big projects trust Yii with data storage and maintenance.

Yii Cost of Development

Based on the location and type of employment used, the cost of development can vary from $12 (for outsourcing specialists) up to $29 per hour pro mid-level developer. Unlike other PHP frameworks, Yii does not have its own deployment and hosting platforms, so the costs will depend on the cloud or dedicated servers price range. Additional costs should be foreseen for the research phase, as well as further maintenance.

Yii Benefits

Regardless of the number of developers (whether there is a Yii team or a single dedicated developer), Yii as a framework has several important aspects that make it perfect for specific projects.

  • Open-source and object-oriented programming language, along with simplified security from Yii itself.
  • MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern and CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) generators.
  • Latest static binding and anonymous functions are implemented by default.
  • Integration with CodeIgniter makes it easier to provide unit and functional tests
  • Numerous ready-to-use solutions and extensions make the development process faster.
  • Easily scalable for different purposes, a well-documented framework with a great community.

Partnering with an offshore software development Belarus or Ukraine and hire UI designer can provide businesses exploring Yii development with access to cutting-edge technologies and design expertise, ultimately resulting in visually appealing and user-friendly applications that meet their specific needs.

Yii Use Cases

As a framework, Yii is used for web projects primarily. There is a whole gallery that presents Yii-based projects. According to BuiltWith.com, main domains that utilize Yii for their technical needs are Business And Industrial, Technology And Computing, as well as Art And Entertainment. Overall, there are around 410 thousand websites on the Internet. Amongst companies whose website are powered by Yii are:

  • www.technicolor.com
  • 17nightmovie.org
  • Control4.com
  • www.tours4fun.com
  • www.ceridian.com
  • www.trimble.com

These examples clearly show the diversity of Yii web development projects. It means that virtually any business entity can benefit from the adoption of this technology.

Demand for Yii Developers

Yii web development has its fair share of pthe roject that keeps the demand for developers high enough. Based on the search results extracted from Indeed.com, most projects that require the assistance of Yii framework developers, will either need development of the complex large-scale system from scratch or support of the existing project (for detailed numbers on the current Yii projects, please see section Yii Framework Usage Statistics).

Yii Developer Resume

Companies that are looking to hire Yii developer, are typically looking for the following skills and knowledge in their candidates:


  • Proficiency in PHP
  • Strong knowledge of OOD
  • Strong knowledge of SQL
  • Strong knowledge in REST principles
  • RPC(remote procedure call) if needed.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • Basic knowledge of HTTP


  • Yii related projects
  • Developing web applications
  • Web application testing(unit, functional, End to End)
  • DB development(normalization/denormalization)
  • Deploying application

Education: Bachelor/Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Dedicated Yii Developer?

There are many aspects that define the salary of each particular developer, such as knowledge level, experience, ability to work long hours, etc. However, let’s take an average mid-level developer and in different counties and see how much are they paid.

Period USA Canada UK Switzerland Ukraine
1 Yii developer



£45,000 CHF88,437 (~$89,923) $30,047

Yii dev team rates

(5 yii developers) annual








Data provided for a mid-career PHP developer, as Yii rate fall under the same category

One may wonder whether the change in compensation influences the quality of the final product. No, it will not! Moreover, saving money on development they can be used for quality assurance and support.

While comparing the Yii salary in various countries, we have to draw attention to the fact that hiring an in-house expert is always more expensive than outsourcing, as the company has to take care of:

  • employee benefits;
  • sick leaves and vacations;
  • a work station (computer, rent, bills);
  • training, etc.

It is a general rule to add 30-35% to the salary to cover the costs for the company. If you are looking for Yii developer, use the inquiry form below to contact us.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire Yii Developers in Ukraine

While looking for a developer or a dedicated team, one will be searching for an expert in the field, who possesses both knowledge and experience that can contribute to the project. And if you are wondering why Ukraine is a great alternative to hiring an in-house developer (apart from the financial benefits), here is the list of five aspects to consider.

  1. Time Zone Convenience. For our partners in Europe, the difference is one or two hours, meaning it will be easy to synchronize the working process. The team (or a single developer) will be in place once you get to work. For our partners in North America, your Yii developer will be ready to present some results of work once you get to the office, while still giving you two to three hours to connect and pick up the process. It is extremely convenient in terms of projects that are up and running and need live-time maintenance and support.
  2. Great Tech Talent Pool. Let us remind you that Ukraine is one of the biggest countries in Europe (both by land and population), and we are also proud to say that the pool of developers available is not only huge but also diverse. We can help you find an expert with the skills and knowledge, as well as the specific background.
  3. English Speaking IT Community. Since the number of companies that partner up with companies all over the world is growing, many developers understand the need to communicate well with the customers and distributed teams, so most of them have a profound level of English.
  4. High Standards. Being an outsourcing expert, Ukraine has set the highest standards for the industry. We are proud to share and implement recent tendencies and adopt best the practices of software development.
  5. Extensive Tech Community. Understanding the need for development and growth, the Ukrainian IT community holds numerous conferences, forums, and seminars to share knowledge and grow the network. It also allows younger developers to consult with their mature colleagues and find the best solutions to their problems.

Apart from an extensive knowledge base, reasonable compensation rates, and numerous benefits, those who chose to hire dedicated Yii developer at an outsourcing company, rather than Yii development company, will also experience.

Why Choose Mobilunity as Your Yii Web Development Partner?

If one is looking to hire Yii developers, Mobilunity has multiple benefits over any other Yii web development company. We have vast experience in numerous fields, which allows us to bring the best practices to your project. Mobilunity has worked with clients from USA, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Israel and many others.

What can we offer?

Contact us and get the professional Yii developers only for your project!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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