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How to Choose Your Bespoke Software Development Company

In the world of business, it is quite often that you can hear the term ‘bespoke development’. This concept is rather new but already widely used in different fields. What are bespoke application development or bespoke software development services, you might ask? Well, basically bespoke software development means that it is made to satisfy the needs of a specific project. You can say that any type of development is ‘bespoke’ if it was created for a unique purpose of some sort. In this article, we will look how to hire bespoke software house to match your needs. When selecting a bespoke software development company, businesses should consider the different types of outsourcing available, such as onshore, nearshore, and offshore, and evaluate the strengths and capabilities of a Ukraine web development company, which has gained a reputation for delivering quality, cost-effective solutions.

What Is Bespoke Application: Learn the Basics

Usually, businesses and other organizations turn to bespoke software development vendors when they are not able to find the already existing capabilities they need. Bespoke application software refers to software that is developed from scratch, with the needs of a particular organization in mind. The level of personalization is beyond what you might find in an off-the-shelf software package designed for many organizations. As a result, a bespoke software agency poses unique challenges.

If your organization has found itself frustrated with the limitations of a key software application deveyoutulopment (for example Salesforce application development), it might be time to find a bespoke software agency to get custom solutions. You should not underestimate, however, the challenges of developing bespoke software applications from scratch and to estimate your budget to count bespoke software development cost. You must find the right developers because, according to popular programming blog, CodingHorror, going with inexperienced programmers can result in poor quality software.

Bespoke software agency is often used by customers who have unique needs in software to run their businesses. For example, a digital shop might require bespoke software because the quality of software directly impacts their business profitability. Some scenarios that call for the use of bespoke software include:

  • eCommerce merchants
  • Website development for businesses
  • Software for business process automation
  • Other special requirements, especially for large enterprises
  • Software for colleges and universities

Let’s get deeper into details on bespoke software advantages and disadvantages, how to choose a software development company and other specifics.

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Bespoke Software Development Services: Pros and Cons

Developing bespoke software might be a little trickier than you thought. However, some specialists claim that it is absolutely worth the struggle. Whether it is true or not – it is up for you to decide, however for you to make that decision you should know about all major advantages and flaws of bespoke software development. Let’s now talk about the benefits of bespoke software and development first:

  •       Personalization. As we already mentioned, bespoke software services allow you to have a personalized solution for your business or even a particular project, which in many ways is a huge advantage. Therefore, now instead of trying to put up with the fact that already existing solution is not perfectly suitable for your needs, you get a complete match for your business. Not to mention that bespoke app development will make your business much more competitive on the market and will make your products have their own signature.
  •       Frequent updates. In case of personalized development, you are the one who demands the update and more than that – you can specify what kind of an update you want. You just tell your bespoke web development team about your expectations from the final product or maybe already existing flaws – and wait for results.
  •       Accessible support. Bespoke applications are developed and maintained alongside your business, or in most cases, within the company. This approach allows close monitoring and support, in cases of bugs, updates, and feedback. Maintenance and support for the company and the software are more accessible for users and are focused on meeting the needs of the business.
  •       Security. If you are using the same product that everyone else does, there is a high chance that you might become a victim of a hacker attack. You see, the more generalized the product is, the easier it is to hack it. In this case getting involved into bespoke application development might make your business a lot more protected from possible intrusion.
  •       Easier adjustment. Considering that bespoke software development process goes gradually, you can make changes on every step along the way.
  •       Increased Operational Efficiency. What is bespoke software that developers are also aiming to build? It is a software that meets the majority of business processing needs, both internal and external to the company. Because it is a specifically built software, companies also have more control over data, processes, and transactions. This makes it more adaptable to changing needs and improving company efficiency and productivity.

Now that you know what is bespoke development and what are its biggest advantages, let’s get to the less satisfying but nevertheless important part – its flaws. So the main cons of bespoke software development services are:

  •       The amount of time and effort. Even though bespoke software solutions are often beneficial for any type of business, you cannot neglect the fact, that the creative process of such product often takes a lot of time, effort and money.
  •       High expenses. As we just mentioned, bespoke software services are not the cheapest ones. On the other hand, it might be a smart move for you to invest in those, as it will most likely pay off in the future.

Bespoke Software Services Cost: Factors to Consider

Chief among the challenges of bespoke software development vendors is the cost. Since a high degree of personalization is involved, all of that bespoke web application development has to be paid for. Buying a software package off-the-shelf would typically be a much cheaper proposition. Mass-market software such as accounting packages and timesheet software is sold to wide bespoke bases. Consequently, the cost per customer goes down drastically. The result is lower prices for the business. On the other hand, with a bespoke package targeted at just one company, the entire bill falls to that one customer.

There are a few things to be considered when talking about cost, the first of which is the scope. The scope of the system can range from a simple invoicing system to a full-scale organizational software. Scope – which includes the design and complexity of the system – dictates a large part of how much does bespoke software development vendors costs.

The second factor is the willingness to invest in bespoke software for your company. Hiring bespoke developers for your development project will be costly, more so if you were to hire a team of dedicated developers. However, the skills and experience that these developers have will be more than worth the bespoke software development cost.

To provide a perspective on how much it will cost to hire bespoke software developers below is a table outlining the cost of hiring software developers and UI developers from countries all over the world. These are of course net salaries, so the final price would be a bit higher than pointed above.

 Software Developer            UI Developer
United Kingdom£30,700 ($39,700)£28,950 ($37,400)
United States$69,600$68,647
AustraliaAU$68,000 ($50,200)AU$70,600 ($52,100)
CanadaC$63,400 ($48,700)C$56,900 (43,700)
New ZealandNZ$62,800 ($42,300)NZ$60,500 ($40,700)

Hiring bespoke software developers may be costly in the beginning but this decision can prove to be a great asset later on. Getting in touch with one of the top bespoke software development company, and reviewing some examples of tailor-made software can provide a better picture of how much bespoke software services cost.

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Bespoke Software Development Company: How to Choose the Best One

Choosing your ‘perfect’ bespoke software development company is often a tough thing to do. There are so many factors to consider, that if you are all new to this, it might be a bit overwhelming at first. Below we give you 7 characteristics to check for when evaluating a bespoke software company.

A study by Pricewaterhouse Coopers found that using project management software improved project success. If the company that conducts your bespoke development services is not using project management software, they are lowering the chances that the project will be completed satisfactorily.

A Capterra study found that project management software improved a significant number of factors in a project. These include:

  • Project completion time
  • Budgetary compliance
  • Communication within the team

With Mobilunity this is not a problem. We are really flexible in terms of project management software. We always follow the suggestions and requirements of the client. Thus, each of our dedicated teams is using the project management software, that the customer is the most comfortable with.

  • Check the Typical Delivery Time for Actual Projects

Bespoke web applications development is a highly technical undertaking. The potential for time and cost overruns cannot be ignored. To mitigate this, ask for delivery schedules for recent projects that the company has implemented. This information helps you compare how long it would take different providers to design and develop a solution for your needs.

Speaking of Mobilunity, we always try to deliver the tasks on time. Of course, there can be some blocking issues, but communication is one of the main points for us. We make sure we report about it to you as soon as possible with the compromises of solving problems.

  • Discover How Often Does the Company Complete Projects on Budget?

If you are paying by the hour, estimates for how much your project costs will only be accurate if the project takes as many hours as you thought it would. This is why it is important to probe into your development firm’s history of completing projects on budget. If they have been able to stay within budget on their completed projects, chances are good your project will not break your budget.

The good thing, that in Mobilunity you do not pay for the project itself, you hire dedicated developers who you pay on permanent basis for their work. You always take control on your remote employees and always aware of what they are working on.

  • Examine a Software Development Provider’s Talent Roster

Going bespoke means that you want special capabilities not found in off-the-shelf software packages. Developers are primarily responsible for designing and creating these solutions. You need to examine the expertise of your preferred team to ensure they can deliver a superb solution. A roster with deep talent in your software stack often indicates that the team can adequately handle your product requirements.

One more advantage of Mobilunity is that we are located in the most developers populated country – Ukraine. There is a huge pool of various talents of any level of expertise you could wish. That is why finding the right match for your project would be very easy here.

  • Compare Successful Project Completion Rates

Data on a software provider’s successful project completion rate might be hard to find unless the company is forthcoming. You can mitigate this by looking at online reviews of different bespoke software developers. Pay special attention to how frequently past customers report that the project was not completed successfully. This will give you a metric on which to compare various providers and settle on the one that has the best completion rate.

Taking Mobilunity as an example, you can easily contact our customers who can provide the info about the bespoke company and answer any questions regarding the cooperation with bespoke development company you have.

  • What Are the Software Support Provisions?

Unlike with off-the-shelf software, with bespoke solutions, you have to work out software updates individually with the software provider. A mass market software provider might release updates on a regular schedule, say, once or a few times every year. Sometimes there are no costs for future updates. With a bespoke solution, it is up to you to negotiate with the bespoke software developers and see how they prefer to support the software they develop.

Again, with Mobilunity it is up to you to choose your software support provision. Of course, we have our in-house project and resource managers. And having a lot of years of experience we can suggest the best one to you. However, if you have your own way of software support, we will gladly to deploy it.

  • Have They Implemented a Product Similar to the One You Have in Mind?

In developing bespoke software, past performance is a good predictor of future implementations. You have to carefully analyze the performance of software development bespoke services providers on projects similar to yours. Take a look at examples of bespoke application software that the company has to offer.  If your chosen provider has not worked on a project in your industry, the gap in their experience could cause problems down the line. You need a balanced view so that, for instance, you do not overlook capable firms with fewer projects under their belt. However, the provider should show other strong signs that they are able to implement the type of project you have in mind.

The only thing you need to do is to share your project requirements and ideas before hiring developers. We as a company have a project background, so we do understand your processes, and this allows us to source developers that will understand your needs as well. Once we understand your needs thoroughly this will all be taken into account in regards to providing a team that understands each and every process you would like to use.

Bespoke Software Development Examples: How to Make a Choice

Because of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, there are a number of successful examples of bespoke software on the market. Depending on the goal of the company, a bespoke software can be tailored to certain business processes. Below you can see the different types of bespoke software and some examples of tailor-made software.

#1 Business Process Automation Systems

To address the concerns with the traditional approach of business management, companies are using business process automation systems to streamline and centralize their methods. This approach can lead to higher productivity, reduced errors, and increased transparency in business processes. Basecamp is a very popular example of bespoke software and project management system.

#2 (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning

Collaboration and communication among the various departments are paramount to a company. Enterprise Resource Planning systems facilitate the smooth and streamlined communication and collaboration among the different departments of a company. This helps ensure optimal use of resources and organizational efficiency. SAP and Oracle are the two biggest and most popular ERP systems available.

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#3 (CRM) Customer Relationship Management

A Customer Relationship Management system enables users, or companies, to manage vendors, clients, referrals, and prospects. Businesses are strengthened by the quality of the relationships they foster and establish with the customers and potential clients. CRM mostly work on customer service, contacts, and appointment management, as well as identifying trends and patterns. One of the most popular tailor made software examples under this category is Salesforce.

#4 E-Commerce

E-commerce enhances the shopping experience, expanding the platform for buying and selling on a global scale. E-commerce software and application automates the complex processes of customer service, managing stocks, and accounting. Successful e-commerce applications such as Amazon and eBay have become staple household outlets and continues to grow and reach more household all over the world.

#5 (CMS) Content Management System

Quality content attracts users and potential customers online. Content Management Systems offers user-friendly tools to manage and organize website content without requiring any programming skills. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the most used content management systems in the market.

Examples of bespoke application development prove how great tailor made software can be for companies and their processes.

Talking about the high popularity of Bespoke Software Development will not be superfluous to reviewing an approximate cost of such service in different countries with detailing compare. In the table below we have submitted expenses for short- (about 3 months), medium-(about 6 months) and long-term (about 9 months) projects in the different countries.

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Price/Quality Ratio of Bespoke Software Development

In this table, you can see the approximate cost of bespoke software development in different countries.

 Short-Term ProjectMedium-Term ProjectLong-Term ProjectQuality ratio

An important component of the assessment is an average developers’ rate in the different countries. Bespoke model development in Switzerland thus has the highest cost than other European countries. The small project will cost $77,760, medium $155,520 and large respectively $233,280. Bespoke software Development France proposes a slightly lower cost $61,920, $123,840 and $185,760 for small, medium and large projects.

$47,520 – for a small project, $95,040 – for the medium project and $142,560 for the large project are prices you may pay for bespoke software development in Belgium. Bespoke software development in Sweden is a little cheaper – $43,200 for a small project, $86,400 for medium size and $129,600 for the large.  Also, we have reviewed bespoke software development in Spain. The cost would be following $30,240 small project, $60,480 -medium and $90,720 – large. The bespoke software development Italy you can buy with the next prices – $24,480, $48,960 and $73,440 for short, medium and large projects accordingly. One of the top tech countries worldwide is Israel. Bespoke software development in Israel will cost you from $31,680 for the small project, $63,360 medium-term project, $95,040 for the large.

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Mobilunity Helps In Delivering Bespoke Software

Mobilunity is here to help customers like you get up and running with expertly crafted bespoke software solutions. The company has a stellar track record developing bespoke in the E.U., North America and other parts of the world. For bespoke software projects that demand highly skilled design and developer talent, Mobilunity will deliver great value. Our schedule compliance, on-budget completion and success rate are among the highest in the industry. To access a diverse pool of talent and cutting-edge technologies, businesses looking to hire coders should consider partnering with Cyprus developers, who offer a wealth of experience and expertise in bespoke software development.

For a long time, Ukraine remains as a popular provider for the development services. This has happened due to the low prices, excellent quality of developers, very suitable location and high-level training of the technical specialists. Creating a Bespoke Software in Ukraine will cost the following prices: $17,280 for the small project, $34,560 for medium and $51,840 for the large.

Find Your Bespoke Software Development Company with Mobilunity

Now that you know what is bespoke application development you probably want to implement that into your business strategy. One key takeaway is the importance of carefully selecting eCommerce developers for hire to ensure they align with your specific needs and goals for custom software development. We surely advise you to do so. However, before that, you might want to pay attention to the pros and cons of bespoke development as a concept. You should also be careful about developers’ rates – note, that Ukrainian specialists usually deliver better results for a lower price. Finally, we collected short info for you on how to find your perfect bespoke development company. In fact, Ukraine has lots of those and one of the best out of all of them is Mobilunity, check them out.

You need reliable and trustworthy bespoke software development company? Let’s discuss the opportunities and options in details.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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