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Offshore Software Development Company in Vietnam

These days IT industry is thriving more than ever. However, as the industry grows – it becomes more competitive and some companies are forced to look out for new solutions to keep up with those changes and withstand them. Usually, it all narrows down to finding new ways to conduct business faster but with lower expenses. This is especially relevant for the software development niche due to its complexity.

Unveiling the Tech Surge in Vietnam

Vietnam’s Information Technology (IT) scene is buzzing! With an impressive growth rate of 12.68% this year, it’s clear that the digital wave has fully embraced this vibrant region. Did you know there are close to 4,900 software development companies in Vietnam now? That’s a testament to the nation’s dedication and prowess in the tech domain.

And it’s not just about the companies. A whopping 430,000 IT enthusiasts and professionals call Vietnam home, working diligently to drive this industry forward. Dive into the tech stacks of software outsourcing companies in Vietnam, and you’ll frequently come across familiar names like Javascript, SQL, Java, CSS, and .NET. These aren’t just popular choices; they reflect global tech trends and the demand in Vietnam’s IT sector.
But that’s not all. Vietnam has been flexing its tech muscles on the international stage too. How? Well, consider the striking 101 billion USD worth of tech exports. It’s a clear sign that Vietnam isn’t just consuming tech but creating and sharing it with the world at a remarkable scale.

Vietnam’s Software Development Landscape: A City-by-City Analysis

Vietnam’s technological landscape is gently evolving. From the serene neighborhoods of Ho Chi Minh City and the historic charm of Hanoi to emerging tech hubs in Da Nang and Bien Hoa. The essence of software outsourcing Vietnam isn’t limited to bustling cities; it’s finding its roots across the nation, attracting thoughtful investors and dedicated professionals. It’s a quiet, yet profound transformation reflecting Vietnam’s diverse and rich heritage.

  • Ho Chi Minh

Often referred to as the tech capital and Vietnam offshore software development center, Ho Chi Minh City boasts a vibrant IT ecosystem. As home to some of the best software development companies in Vietnam, the city has firmly positioned itself as a nexus for IT firms and startups. Notably, the demand for roles such as Android developer Ho Chi Minh city and database developer Ho Chi Minh is high. Though the exact number is continually evolving, Ho Chi Minh City houses 1300 Vietnam’s software developers. On the remuneration front, the average salary for a software developer in this city stands at approximately $2100, mirroring its position in the country’s tech hierarchy.

  • Hanoi

With numerous tech parks and incubators, Hanoi is Vietnam offshore development center. It’s no wonder that Hanoi is a preferred location for outsourcing software development Vietnam initiatives. The city’s educational institutions consistently feed the local tech industry with fresh talent, including web developer Hanoi and Java developer Hanoi specialists. The number of software developers in Hanoi is estimated to be around 1300, and they earn an average salary of $2000.

  • Da Nang

Recognized for its scenic beauty, Da Nang is emerging as a potential tech hotspot. Balancing urban development with serene life, the city is gradually gaining the attention of software development company Vietnam groups and startups. Da Nang’s developer community, though smaller in comparison to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, is growing. The average software developer in Da Nang earns an average of $1800, with around 915 developers currently working in the city.

  • Haiphong

Positioned in northern Vietnam, Haiphong’s strength traditionally lies in its port and industrial capabilities. However, recent years have seen a spike in its tech endeavors, especially with the rise of IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam choosing Haiphong as their base. With a developing tech sector, the city has around 235 software developers, who earn an average salary of $1300.

  • Bien Hoa

Located in proximity to Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa benefits from its nearby tech giant neighbor. As an industrial hub, the city is witnessing a rise in Vietnam software development outsourcing activities tailored to its core sectors. Bien Hoa’s tech community, though nascent, houses approximately 284 software developers, with the average salary standing at $2100.

Vietnam Offshore Software Development

Vietnam offshoring services is a relatively new term that not all European business owners are familiar with these days but at the same time Vietnam software development offshoring has a big potential and already became very popular in Asia. Offshoring is just a type of it, as there are also nearshoring and onshoring. The main thing that distinguishes Vietnam software offshoring from nearshoring is the big distance that you outsource your tasks to. While with the onshoring and nearshoring you practically find a contractor nearby in your own country or in Europe, in case of offshore development Vietnam you delegate your tasks to the other end of the world. Sounds a bit inconvenient at first, however, do not let that fool you, as Vietnam software outsourcing company has undeniable benefits for almost any type of business:

  • Bigger HR opportunities. With Vietnam offshore development company, you are no longer limited to your city’s or country’s talent pool and can expand your search party overseas, greatly enlarging your chances of finding a truly outstanding specialist.
  • Costs reduction. The main reason most companies involve themselves with Vietnam software outsourcing services is the way it allows you to reduce your expenses. With hiring specialists from countries with lower rates you can significantly save your budget.
  • No shifting your focus. You just let your Vietnam software developer do the routine job and you can dedicate your full attention to your company’s urgent tasks.
  • Do not stop your work. With a chosen Vietnam software development company, you can allow yourself to provide services for your clients without breaks, 24/7.

All these benefits shine out the most when you choose offshore software development Vietnam for something as complex as software development which is currently one of the most in-demand jobs in the IT world.

Offshore Programming Services in Vietnam: The Rise of the Demand

Even though offshoring is an amazing chance to reduce expenses, the prices for it and specialists’ rates still vary. That is why most companies are constantly monitoring the market searching for a place that would provide the best specialists for the lowest price. As we already understood, one of those options is offshore software development in Vietnam. Not that long ago offshore programming services in Vietnam became highly popular with foreign companies.

Lately offshore development centers in Vietnam became the spot of interest for major companies like Intel, Samsung or Microsoft that decided to invest in offshoring development in Vietnam a great deal of their money. No wonder, as latest reports claim this country to be among the best emerging spots for doing business in the world.

Currently, offshore software development services in Vietnam are thriving as the country has over 80,000 IT graduates that make any offshore web development company in Vietnam a great talent pool.

What can Web Development Companies in Vietnam offer?

Offshore web development services in Vietnam is a steadily growing industry. It develops the same way as the whole IT market in the country. The rapid and dynamic growth started in 2007 when Vietnam joined WTO. Since then, the country’s economy has been increasing from year to year and the IT industry contributes to it. In 2014 Vietnam was named one of the 3 emerging Internet markets and has only got bigger after that. The amount of internet users has increased greatly, which led to more demand for web programming specialists. As a result, web development outsourcing Vietnam has become quite a popular destination in the last decade.

It is now pretty easy to find a reliable offshore web development company in Vietnam as there are many high-quality professionals there. According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, there are around 6,000 companies that offer web design and programming services. Of course, not all of them are working with outsourcing partners, but this number shows the huge talent pool that the country has to offer.

Many organizations all over the world choose to invest in web development companies in Vietnam because they provide outstanding services for low prices. And the amount of specialists and teams grows as more educational programs are adopted. Overall, government support and invests in the IT market, and almost any web development company Vietnam can comfortably operate.

The main benefits to build tech team in Vietnam include:

  • Huge talent pool
  • Lower rates for professionals and other related disbursements
  • Governmental support of the industry
  • Competitive nature on the market
  • A growing number of service providers

Overall, web development is a huge part of the IT industry of Vietnam and contributes hugely to the local economy. That’s why it is a supported field with a lot of talent and competition to perform great services.

Software Engineers’ Salaries in Vietnam: A Breakdown by Experience

Vietnam’s burgeoning tech scene, bolstered by top software development companies in Vietnam, has influenced the demand and remuneration for software engineers. Here’s a brief look:

  • Junior Software Engineer: Freshly entering the industry, these professionals earn an average of $1800 in Vietnam.
  • Middle Software Engineer: With added experience, their typical salary stands at $2180.
  • Senior Software Engineer: The industry’s linchpins, their average compensation is $3000.

These figures underscore the promising and lucrative career paths software engineers can expect in Vietnam, with a clear trajectory of growth in both responsibility and remuneration as they progress in their careers.

Hiring an Offshore Software Development Company in Vietnam: Benefits

As we already mentioned before, offshore programming services in Vietnam are in high demand these days and provide many benefits. Let’s talk about those with more specifications. So the biggest benefits of the offshore development services in Vietnam are the following:

  • Location convenience. Being located in Southeast Asia, any offshore outsourcing software development company in Vietnam turns out to be equally distant from major companies that often require outsourcing.
  • Low rates. Offshore web development services in Vietnam are so in demand because of the low rates of Vietnamese programmers. Because of the difference in the currency rate, prices for Vietnam IT outsourcing are way lower than, for example, those of European ones.
  • Time zone convenience. Outsourcing implies a high level of communication with your vendor, which means that you will have to be able to contact your offshore software outsourcing company in Vietnam at any time. Luckily, Vietnam’s GMT +7 time zone is convenient for many countries, which makes IT outsourcing Vietnam beneficial.
  • Big talent pool. Vietnam has over 80,000 IT graduates, as we already mentioned, so there is no problem in finding the perfect Vietnam software developer for your project among them. Any offshore software development company in Vietnam will be able to give you a choice between several candidates.
  • Great quality for the low cost. Partnering with an offshore software development company in Vietnam might give you the opportunity to find the ‘golden middle’ between price and quality. Vietnam is not single in it. Offshore software development company in Pakistan also offer low costs.

With a list of benefits like that, there is no wonder, that software outsourcing Vietnam became a popular destination for many foreign companies who tend to include outsourcing practices into their business strategies. These days most clients that an offshore software development center in Vietnam has – come from the US or Europe. This increases attention to outsourcing software development in Vietnam and massive corporations like Intel, Microsoft, LG, and Samsung. Vietnam offshore development center service opens before them a wide scope of opportunities and costs savings. But are there any alternatives to Vietnam offshore software services that will be placed closer?

Hire developers in other Countries

Access a wide range of specialized skills and fresh perspectives by hiring developers from different countries. Expand your team’s capabilities and drive innovation by tapping into the diverse global talent pool.

Offshore Software Development Services Vietnam vs. Ukraine

Software development Vietnam outsourcing started actively gaining popularity lately. Another country that is worth your attention is Ukraine. There could be a lot said about it but we figured it would be better to compare these two in terms of their benefits.

Number of developers400,000+200,000+
Number of companies3,000+4,000+
Most popular cities for IT outsourcingDa Nangi, Can ThoKyiv, Lviv
An average monthly rate$1,800$2,500

After taking a quick look at this chart it becomes obvious, that Ukraine might (and actually is) an even more beneficial offshoring destination than Vietnam. Good thing is that there are plenty of companies in this country, that provide such services. However, which one do you choose?

Benefits of Outsourcing the Hiring Process to Professionals

In the swiftly evolving digital landscape, securing the right talent can be both challenging and crucial for business success. Engaging with professionals in the recruitment arena, particularly those affiliated with top software development companies in Vietnam, offers a strategic advantage. Below are the undeniable benefits of placing your trust in these expert hands.

  • Expertise in Selection

Entrusting the hiring process to entities like software outsourcing companies Vietnam ensures a precise candidate match, thanks to their profound market understanding and recruitment expertise.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency

Partnering with a software outsourcing company in Vietnam can drastically reduce the time-to-hire and associated costs, allowing businesses to channel resources to core operations.

  • Access to a Wider Talent Pool

With links to numerous professionals, top software development companies in Vietnam provide businesses with an expansive and diverse pool of candidates, often exceeding the reach of in-house recruitment teams.

  • Reduced Operational Burden

The administrative tasks tied to recruitment — from interview arrangements to background checks — are efficiently managed by a software outsourcing company Vietnam, easing operational pressures on the business.

  • Cultural and Technological Fit

Leveraging their profound industry insights, these professional entities can help ensure candidates are not only skilled but also align with a company’s culture and technological orientation.

  • Risk Mitigation

By relying on seasoned professionals for hiring, companies can mitigate the risks associated with bad hires, ensuring that only qualified and suitable candidates are brought onboard.

Mobilunity – Reliable Offshoring Provider

In the diverse landscape of over 100 outsourcing firms in Ukraine, our company, Mobilunity, proudly stands out as a paramount figure. Our enduring presence in the market testifies to our expertise and reliability. Leveraging our profound expertise in recruiting and providing the finest developers from Vietnam, we’re committed to fulfilling your tech requirements with unmatched precision and commitment.

If you are still looking for reasons to engage in business, here is the list of benefits of an application outsourcing services with Mobilunity:

  • All day customer support. 24/7 support from Mobilunity’s dedicated team is something you can always count on.
  • Fast hiring process. You will not have to wait longer than 4 weeks before your teams start working for you.
  • Convenient location. Mobilunity’s location gives easy access to companies from all around the world, making the communication process easier than ever.
  • Convenient time zone. You do not have to worry about getting in touch with your team anymore.
  • Transparent and low prices. You will not pay much for your services and you will always know what exactly you are paying for.

Our Pioneering Service Models at Mobilunity

Mobilunity combines technological prowess with client-centric solutions in the ever-evolving outsourcing arena. Our curated services, spanning dedicated teams, consultancy, and recruiting, are crafted to empower businesses. Explore our transformative service models and see how Mobilunity can catalyze your growth.

  • Dedicated Development Teams

This remains our premier service model, tailored to those seeking a seamless extension of their in-house capabilities. By choosing a Dedicated Team model, clients gain the authority to directly manage a full-time resource. However, they are freed from the intricacies of HR, accounting, and help desk functions, as these are adeptly handled by us. 

  • Consultancy Services

This model caters to organizations that require expert insights and interventions on a part-time basis. Clients maintain the prerogative to manage these part-time resources. Yet, akin to our dedicated team model, we alleviate clients from any burdens tied to HR, accounting, and helpdesk issues. 

  • Recruiting Services

As experts in ‘recruiting-as-a-service’, we hold a distinctive edge in bridging talent gaps. Our prowess isn’t just confined to local hiring in Vietnam. We excel in tapping into the rich talent pools of Eastern Europe, bringing aboard candidates that perfectly resonate with your requirements. Our success isn’t just words; it’s exemplified in our achievements, such as our triumph in the intricate Japanese market. Here’s a detailed Case Study that delineates how we navigated the challenges of local hiring in Japan, underscoring our global competency. With Mobilunity, you can be assured that whether it’s local or global talent, we find the best fit for you.

FAQ: Hiring Developers in Vietnam

  • Why is Vietnam emerging as a choice location for hiring developers?

Over time, Vietnam has steadily enhanced its IT foundation and has invested wisely in tech-focused education. Given its reasonable cost structure and the presence of a dedicated, tech-aware younger generation, Vietnam is naturally becoming a considered choice for businesses in search of dependable software development expertise.

  • Which programming languages and technologies are Vietnamese developers commonly familiar with?

Vietnamese developers possess a diverse skill set in terms of programming languages. Traditional staples like JavaScript, SQL, Java, CSS, and .NET are well-represented. Alongside these, there is a measured interest in modern technologies, such as AI, blockchain, and machine learning.

  • In terms of salary, how do Vietnamese developers compare internationally?

When it comes to compensation, Vietnamese developers have a competitive standing, especially when viewed alongside other Southeast Asian countries. While their compensation might be more modest than developers in some Western nations, the value proposition in Vietnam—balancing cost with quality—is compelling for many businesses looking for efficient talent acquisition.

  • Are there language barriers when working with Vietnamese developers?

While Vietnamese is the primary language, English proficiency among the young and urban population, especially IT professionals, is on the rise. Many developers and software development companies Vietnam prioritize English communication to cater to international clients, reducing potential language barriers.

  • How does the Vietnamese work culture align with international standards? 

Vietnam’s work culture is a blend of traditional values and a drive for modernization. Developers here are known for their strong work ethic, adaptability, and commitment to delivering on time. With an increasing number of IT firms and startups adopting international standards, practices in Vietnam are aligning more with global expectations.

Ready to elevate your business with top-notch talent? Reach out to Mobilunity’s experts today for premier outsourcing software development Vietnam solutions that are tailored to your needs!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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